Noteworthy Photos: 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Concert

These compelling shots were taken at the July 9, 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca concert by Ciarán Dorr. Worthy of special note are the photos of

  • Leonard Cohen on guitar (atop this post). Most recent concert photos of Cohen on guitar suffer from the severe stage lighting; this one is impeccable.
  • Hattie Webb’s visage captured with unusual delicacy
  • Neil Larsen in action on accordion
  • Backup singers Charley & Hattie Webb and Sharon Robinson (final photo) looking like the confident, competent women they are

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Canadian Expatriates Meet At 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour Rehearsal

J.S. Carenza posted this photo July 25, 2012 at the Camp Cohen site with the caption, “One never knows who might show up to have a look around camp.” While neither individual in the shot is identified, the woman on the couch is, of course, Arlene Dick. The fellow in the sunglasses is that singer – oh, you know who I mean, he’s from Canada, used to write poems about sex until he began writing songs about sex, he’s got a rep as a ladies’ man, the one with all the nicknames, always wears a fedora…

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Photo: Leonard Cohen And Paul Berger – 1980s

The official Canada Library and Archives catalog title of this photo is “Leonard Cohen et Berger (?).” The institutional indecisiveness notwithstanding, the big guy with his arm around Leonard appears to be Paul Berger, who was President of Sony Music Canada and “worked very closely with Canadian Leonard Cohen with whom he began working in Europe in the late ’80′s.”1

Photo taken 1984-1988 by Dee Lippingwell

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Photos Of Note: 2013 Leonard Cohen Hamburg Concert

These striking photos were taken at the July 14, 2013 Leonard Cohen Hamburg show by Uwe & Susanne Schrade. A report on that concert by Uwe Schrade is available at “Outstanding And Very, Very Beautiful” – Reporting On The 2013 Leonard Cohen Hamburg Concert From The First Row.

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