Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Old Ideas Album & 2012 Ghent Concerts Street Posters

When Dominique BOILE wasn’t attending the Leonard Cohen show with his wife Annie (those tickets at the bottom of this post belong to the Boiles) or photographing Sharon Robinson or the Webb Sisters in Ghent, he was taking these shots of concert & album posters on the streets of that city. (I may have mentioned that I am taken with the look of posters actually displayed as posters on the street rather than graphics on a web site.)

En route to the venue

A Storefront on Nederkouter Street

And just to show Leonard plays well with others

2012 Ghent Concert Tickets

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Leonard Cohen Fans Reading The Sandusky Register 1970 Strawberry Fields Festival Article Were To Be Disappointed

Notwithstanding the rather detailed article from the July 25, 197 Sandusky Register (Sandusky, Ohio) displayed below [bolding mine], Leonard Cohen was not to perform at the Strawberry Fields Festival held August 7, 8, and 9, 1970 “in the Canadian Maritime Province of New Brunswick at Moncton” aka “lobster capital of the world.” For one thing, the Festival was moved to Mosport, Ontario. And, more to the point, Leonard Cohen (and Led Zeppelin), while scheduled, did not appear. For more information, see 1970 Leonard Cohen Shows That Weren’t.

Rock Festival Slated – Canada

Four hundred acres of wild berry bushes and unspoiled beaches mark the site for the First Annual AlterNation Rock Festival, “Strawberry Fields,” to take place in the Canadian Maritime Province of New Brunswick at Moncton, August 7-9.

Scheduled to feature such top acts as Eric Burdon & War, Cactus, Leonard Cohen, Delaney & Bonnie, Grand Funk Railroad, Procol Harum, Melanie, Mountain, Sly & the Family Stone, Youngbloods and Led Zeppelin, the three-day musical meeting will run each day from low to high tides. The bill will also include such Canadian talent as M a n i t o b a , C r o w b a r , Luke & the Apostles, and others.

NOTED AS the lobster capital of the world, this site is bordered by white beaches, wild strawberry fields, peach trees and contains salt and fresh-water spring rivers, and miles of pure white and untouched sands. Campers will have full access to clean, clear salt waters and a bay whose tide goes out for one and one half miles each day. Fresh water from n a t u r a l wells will be pumped for drinking purposes, e l i m i n a t i n g the casualties of broken pipes and rusty water.

Food concession  prices will be controlled in accordance with festival policy and fresh-caught lobster and fish from this primarily vegetarian state will be available in abundance. Free rice kitchens will be manned by Toronto’s Penny Farthing.

Medical staff and hospital tents will be located at each camping area and at all ends of the site. The Clinic, Canada’s equivalent of the Hog Farm, will patrol the site and provide special hospital facilities and rest areas. Traffic, information and services will be handled by tribal members under the direction of Clinic members.

Seating will be arranged amphitheater style on a graded slope. Adequate units of toilets and showers have been stationed throughout camping grounds, beaches and stage area.

Three-day festival tickets are available at $15, and may be purchased at all Ticketron outlets or by mail order to Strawberry Fields, Suite 700, 720 Filth Avenue, New York, N.Y

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