Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 1997 French Ad For Radio Interview and More Best of Leonard Cohen

French ad for October 6, 1997 France Inter radio program “Synergie,” featuring an interview with Leonard Cohen by Jean-Luc Hees and for the More Best of Leonard Cohen album, which was released October 7, 1997.  A transcript of the interview, translated from French into English by Nick Halliwell, can be accessed at Synergie With Jean-Luc Esse And Leonard Cohen,

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Leonard Cohen On The Marquee: Chicago Theatre 2013

The marquee of the Chicago Theatre advises viewers of the March 13, 2013 Leonard Cohen concert to be held at that venue. Originally posted February 11, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 1970 University Of Wisconsin “Bring Them Home” Homecoming Concert Poster

Of course, who else would the University of Wisconsin hire to play for their 1970 “Bring Them Home [from Vietnam]” Homecoming Concert other than Leonard Cohen?  See The 1970 Leonard Cohen University of Wisconsin-Madison Concert, The Anti-War Movement, & Joe Way

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