Best Tweet From 2013 London Concert: “The weird thing about my date with Leonard Cohen tonight is that all these other people seem to have come too.” Lail Arad

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Q: The adulation of hipsters, [Rebecca De Mornay] helping him with errands – is this the brooding lifestyle most people would associate with Leonard Cohen? Leonard Cohen: “Solid-gold artists would kill for this kind of anguish.”

Sitting with De Mornay in his kitchen as snow sprinkles his patio, Cohen suddenly utters a phone number. It’s the number of Air Canada; they need to fly to Toronto tonight — Cohen for more media flesh-pressing, De Mornay to return to the set of her next movie, Sidney Lumet’s Beyond Innocence. ‘Is that my cue?’ De Mornay says. Cohen calmly states, to no one in particular, ‘Well, we should make reservations.’ She goes over to the phone. The adulation of hipsters, a lovely woman helping him with errands — is this the brooding lifestyle most people would associate with Leonard Cohen? He smiles grimly and says, without missing a beat, ‘Solid-gold artists would kill for this kind of anguish.’ Need any more reasons?

From 7 Reasons Leonard Cohen Is the Next-Best Thing to God by David Browne. Entertainment Weekly, Jan 8, 1993. Rebecca De Mornay (1993), Photo by Christof Graf (taken from Christof`Graf`s new Leonard Cohen book “Zen & Poetry” – The Cohenpedia Series Vol. 1).

“Yes, Showtime the network has commissioned my script…. means nothing. Seeing Leonard Cohen is bigger.”Mary Karr

Yes, Showtime the network has commissioned my script…. means nothing. Seeing Cohen is bigger. I saw Leonard Cohen in an LA restaurant when I was having lunch with my agent (look for news about me and SHOWTIME and CHERRY this summer). I gave him a copy of KIN, and he said, ‘I’ve heard of this….’ Died and gone to Heaven.quotedown2

Mary Karr


From Mary Karr’s Facebook page.

You have to admire a woman who has her priorities straight.

DrHGuy Note: Mary Karr is a poet and essayist best known as the author of the 1995 New York Times best-seller “The Liar’s Club.”  She also teamed up with alt-country singer Rodney Crowell on the album, “Kin: Songs by Mary Karr and Rodney Crowell.” Photo by Kara Hayes Smith – St. Louis County Library – St. Louis County Library, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link.
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Leonard Cohen Considers Canada “The Beating Heart Of His Career” – Adam Cohen At 2013 Junos

Seventy-eight year old Montreal troubadour Leonard Cohen also had a good weekend in the Saskatchewan capital, wresting his second Juno of the year — fifth of his career — for songwriter of the year after releasing his platinum-certified Old Ideas, a pitch-black rumination on mortality, aging and faith that topped the charts in Canada. The award was accepted by his son, singer Adam Cohen, who said his father considered Canada “the beating heart of his career.”

“I’d like to say I haven’t had much contact with my dad recently because he’s been on tour in Canada,” Cohen said of his father, who also won artist of the year. “He only called the other day to say, ‘What’s the user name and password at the house?’ But I know that he has deep, deep fondness for the love that Canada has always expressed to him.”

From Juno Awards by Nick Patch. The Star: April 21, 2013. Photo by Eddie Janssens –, CC BY 3.0, Link Originally posted June 6, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

“I am aware my passionate love affair with Leonard Cohen in my Paris days is at least partly responsible for the dissolution of my then relationship. But I don’t hold it against you, Leonard.”


Leonard is, no doubt, relieved to be forgiven. A nice piece about the relationship between Leonard Cohen and his fans, many of whom are sacrificing their budgets, risking their jobs, and straining their relationships to attend the 2008 Tour concerts. “He’s my man” by Julian Tompkin (The Australian: June 7, 2008). Photo by Michael Bromfield.

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Q: Were you a creeper outside of Leonard Cohen’s house? Bobby Long: “Yeah, all the time”

British musician and poet, Bobby Long talks about his sophomore record, Wishbone, his book of poetry, and hanging outside of Leonard Cohen’s house. The video automatically begins at his comments about Leonard Cohen (2:25).

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Great Lists Of Our Time – Leonard Cohen Nickname List Cited By International Institute of Modern Letters Newsletter

DrHGuy’s Dream Fulfilled – Thanks To Leonard Cohen

This is one of those stories that begins, “Long ago in a land faraway, … .”

OK, the faraway land was Joplin, Missouri, but it was, in fact, a time so ancient that DrHGuy was simply HGuy, a college student anticipating graduation from Missouri Southern College1 with a BA in English, credentials which would entitle him not only to attend the commencement ceremony featuring an address by Dennis Weaver (of “McCloud” fame) but also to spend the next few years in graduate school reading AE Housman, Yeats, and other dead poets, offering erudite, witty pronouncements on the diminution of literature in this benighted age, and arguing the necessity of rebellion against repressive sexual mores to besotted, invariably attractive female undergrads.

Eventually, in this vision of events, HGuy would become DrHGuy – albeit a “Dr” of the PhD sort. In pursuing this path, the incipient DrHGuy aspired to the two trappings classically associated with success in an academic literary career: (1) the wherewithal to appear on the back cover of a  book jacket wearing a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches and smoking a pipe without looking preposterous and (2) an esoteric article published in a prestigious, equally esoteric, professional journal.

As it turned out, in those days, earning a BA in English actually entitled young, healthy American males to wade through Southeast Asian swamps in full combat gear. In the nick of time, DrHGuy discovered he actually aspired to improve not the cultural enlightenment but the physiological and mental health of his fellow man and preferred the fashion statement produced by a clinician’s white coat to that of the academician’s tweed jacket. Hello, University Of Missouri Medical School.

The desire to be published in a scholarly journal, however, endured.

And now, that dream has been (sorta, kinda) fulfilled. Read on.

The International Institute of Modern Letters Occasional Newsletter

The tale unfolds in this Feb 2010 post at Books In The City:

I’m still waiting for my copy of Umberto Eco’s The Infinity of Lists which I wrote about at the end of last year (someone out there seems to be enjoying the Infinity of Reading an Umberto Eco Book), but in the meantime I want to applaud this List of Nicknames for Leonard Cohen which Graham Beattie posted on his blog this month after coming across it in the newsletter of the International Institute of Modern Letters

I like this list because it’s funny, but also because of how … dedicated it is, like its compiler, Dr. H. Guy, whose website 1HeckofaGuy (where the list is posted) is not just about Leonard Cohen, but mostly it is. I wonder if Umberto Eco knows about the list, perhaps I’ll find a mention of it in his book, possibly in Chapter 9, “The rhetoric of enumeration”.

He would certainly appreciate Dr. Guy’s use of scholarly footnotes. Myself, I had a moment of confusion due to mixing up the footnote numbers with the nickname numbers, which made it seem as though “The Master of the Egg Salad Sandwich” appeared in a Jewish newspaper whereas it actually came from Leonard Cohen’s girlfriend. This did give me a chance to learn about Montreal’s Jewish literary scene and LC’s views on Israel, though, while I was trying to figure out the Jewish connection with Egg Salad.

The website contains many other Leonard Cohen gems – quotes and photos old and new, plus things like how to know if you’re at a Bruce Springsteen concert or a Leonard Cohen concert, not to mention a commemorative video made by Dr. Guy in celebration of LC’s 2008-2009 World Tour, with the fantastic title:

Dear Leonard Cohen – Thanks For The Tour.
I Hope It Was Good For You, Too.

That post led to the following excerpt from the February 7, 2010 submission of the afore referenced Beattie’s Book Blog

Nicknames for Leonard Cohen:

It must be about a year ago that I attended the wonderful Leonard Cohen Concert in Auckland’s Vector Stadium, the best live concert I have ever attended. So I was interested to come across the following item on the International Institute of Modern Letters occasional newsletter on Friday.

The post goes on to offer the entire (then-current) nickname list and, graciously, the link to the Heck Of A Guy (now, Cohencentric) web page, Leonard Cohen  – The Nicknames.

Following the link to the International Institute of Modern Letters occasional newsletter, one discovers, under the undeniably impressive letterhead displayed atop this post, the astutely worded heading, “Great Lists Of Our Time,” which introduces the list of Leonard Cohen aliases found at Leonard Cohen – The Nicknames.

DrHGuy is humbled but otherwise unaltered by this honor.

Update:  Since this post was originally published on Feb 22, 2010 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric, the Leonard Cohen Nicknames List has more than tripled to 359 entries, the most recent of which is “Sultan of Seduction.” Perhaps the Institute should be notified.


  1. Missouri Southern College was formerly Joplin Junior College and is now Missouri Southern State University. []