Leonard Cohen & Greek Politics: The Regime of the Colonels 1967-1974

Greek Military Junta Of 1967–1974

After the April 21, 1967 Greek coup d’éta which signaled the start of the oppressive Regime of the Colonels, many foreigners, especially foreigners who were celebrities, who lived in or even visited Greece were criticized for implicitly supporting the military junta. Leonard Cohen was among those denounced because of his ownership of a home in Hydra.

From Various Positions: A Life of Leonard Cohen by Ira Nadel:

At the 1970 Leonard Cohen Aix-en-Provence concert, some in the audience called Cohen a fascist, accusing him of condoning The Regime of the Colonels” in Greece because Cohen had lived and continued to own a residence on Hydra. Cohen’s reply follows:

I have not spent much time when The Colonels were there. Most of the time I spent there was in the 60’s, but I had friends there for it all, and I had a life. It is not a question of supporting the so and so or something like that!1

Earlier during the 1970 tour, however, at the May 12 Paris show, Cohen had included a “tribute to the opposition to the Greek colonels.” This excerpt is from Leonard Cohen Scores In Paris by Tim Creery (Montreal Gazette: May 14, 1970):

After the intermission he dedicated an anti-Nazi song aux etudiants assassines in the U.S. and the show ended with a tribute to the opposition to the Greek colonels.


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Video: Leonard Cohen’s Advice To Basia Bulat On Writer’s Block

“If you stick with the song long enough, it will yield — but long enough may not be a reasonable duration.”

Leonard Cohen

From ‘Yes, I know the condition well’: Leonard Cohen’s advice to Basia Bulat on writer’s block by Carrie Haber (CBC Arts: January 24, 2018)

Dominique Issermann On Leonard Cohen As A Photographer’s Model

Is Leonard is a good model for a photographer?

He is a very good model. I’ve always wanted to photograph him. I find him very elegant, and he is quiet enough for the camera. He is there. It does not require seductive maneuvers to reach the goal.quotedown2

Dominique Issermann

Original French:

Est-ce que Leonard est un bon modèle pour une photographe?

Je le trouve très élégant, et il est assez calme devant l’appareil photo. Il est là. Il n’entreprend pas des manoeuvres de séduction par rapport à l’objectif.

Excerpt from “Leonard par Dominique” (Le Nouvel Observateur: January 26, 2012). Contributed by Dominique BOILE with translation by his friend, Denis Losier. Originally posted November 14, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

I’m Your Thief: Invoking Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man To Explore Writers Using The Lives And Arts Of Others To Generate Their Own Literary Creations

If you want a writer, I’ll rhyme anything you ask me to.
And if you want a liar-kind of poet, I’ll break my heart for you.
If you want some real hope, take my hand;
Or if you want a robber of good lines, then, here I steal:
I’m your man.

Excerpted from I’m Your Thief by Felipe Munhoz. Huffington Post: October 18, 2013

Felipe Munhoz has written an autobiographical narrative based on “a stolen structure from Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man” in order to explore issues involved in writers using the lives and arts of others to generate their own literary creations. It’s a thought-provoking, worthwhile read. The entire piece is available at I’m Your Thief by Felipe Munhoz

French ad for I’m Your Man atop this post contribute by Dominique BOILE.

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“Mon, that Leonard Cohen – he be cool mon. He be the Bob Marley of Canada”

The Back Story: Michael Bromfield writes that he was a guest in the studio for two hours of “Roots Reggae” with two Jamaican DJs on the Vancouver Community Radio Station, talking not only about reggae but about subjects as diverse as Vladimir Putin and Leonard Cohen. In the midst of the broadcast, one respected Elder of the Jamaican Community in Vancouver rang up to say “Mon, that Leonard Cohen, he be cool mon. he be the Bob Marley of Canada.”

I am in accord with Michael, who concludes “I have never heard Leonard described so brilliantly.”

Bob Marley photo by Eddie / monosnaps

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