Quebec French Edition Of Sylvie Simmons’ Leonard Cohen Biography To Be Published

Sylvie Simmons writes

The (extremely) long-awaited French edition of my Leonard Cohen book comes out next week. This is the Quebec French edition.


This edition will be the first to include an Afterword that covers the period from the end of the original biography in 2012 to Leonard’s death in 2016.

More information about this edition can be found at I’m your man : la vie de Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen: Stylish Anti-Idol & “A Moody, Magnificent Son Of A Bitch”

In  Kill Your Idols: A Big Black Book Essay (Esquire, April 5, 2011), Josh Peskowitz offers, as an antidote to “a lot of men dressing like Steve McQueen circa The Great Escape, or a young Paul Newman or Marlon Brando,” the examples of men who are “anti-idols, … who took risks, developed their own style, and didn’t care two licks what other people had to say about it.”

This excerpt describes one of those anti-idols – Leonard Cohen:

Leonard Cohen, too, has a signature — a collared shirt buttoned at the throat, a double-breasted suit, and a fedora. Now, is a fedora for everybody? Certainly not. But Cohen, still a moody, magnificent son of a bitch at 76, doesn’t really care. He puts it on day after day, night after night because that’s just how he rolls.

Credit Due Department: Photo from Leonard Cohen website.

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The Record Poet Paul Muldoon Would Take To A Desert Island: Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker

Muldoon also chooses “Leonard Cohen and his final touring band” as his Fantasy Wedding/Birthday Party Band.

From Arts Q&A: Paul Muldoon on Leonard Cohen, Ben Hur(s) and John Donne by Jenny Lee (Irish News: Sept 7, 2017). Photo by summonedbyfells – originally posted to Flickr as PAUL MULDOON. Reading in the Chapter House at Durham Cathedral., CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia Commons

“Leonard [Cohen] used his music and his words to plumb the depths of his soul and … to find his place in the universe” Lenny Kaye


From Josh Ritter, Lee Ranaldo, Richard Thompson and More Pay Tribute to Leonard Cohen by Jonathan Bernstein (Village Voice: January 26, 2017)

Credit Due Department: Photo by CGAphoto from Miami – Originally posted to Flickr as patti smith at kidza, CC BY 2.0, via Wikipedia Commons

“Leonard Cohen is simply a hero of mine!” Photos of a Thoughtful Leonard Cohen by Nima Taradji

12112119_10153683781939644_4521438307081279692_n 12074515_10153683781934644_4463609511359831456_nNima Taradji describes his session with Leonard Cohen that resulted in these striking images.

I photographed Leonard Cohen back in 1994 during a break he was taking while touring. If memory serves, the break had become necessary due to a lot wine drinking by everyone involved and he saw the necessity to take a break and re-group before going on.

A mild mannered man, Cohen was just a delight to work with. As usual, I had about 10 minutes or so to get the shot. I had set up my halogen light in an adjacent studio and was ready to get him seated as soon as his radio show was over. Once over, he just walked with me to his seat and knew exactly what to do. All I told him was that I wanted simple portraits. He knew what I meant and delivered exactly what I was looking for.

Leonard Cohen is simply a hero of mine!

Photos ©Nima Taradji Photography