Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything – MAC Exhibition Monograph

The folks who put together the Montreal MAC Leonard Cohen Exhibition “A Crack In Everything / Une Brèche en toute” have also published a handsome, 160 page color monograph (in either French or English) featuring the works of the artists involved as well as Sylvie Simmons’s review of Leonard’s career. Released 1 Feb. 2018, Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything by John Zeppetelli and Victor Shiffman is available at Amazon and other retail sites. I’ve included images of a couple of page spreads to provide a sense of the offerings.

John Lurie Hangs Up On Leonard Cohen

AD: Were you surprised at all about the positive response you received about the first Marvin Pontiac record from the likes of folks like Leonard Cohen and Iggy Pop and David Bowie? Is it an easy thing to temper your ego after getting pats on the back from legendary figures like those gents?

John Lurie: I suppose that they agreed to give me the quotes at all was a positive nod toward the Marvin music or my music in general. But, I knew all of them in varying degrees and explained to each of them what I was doing and they all played along. The only person I didn’t know was Leonard Cohen. When Bob Dylan said he wouldn’t do it and he was the only person who refused, I wanted someone in that general ballpark of music. I was on the phone with my travel agent, Barb, booking a house in South Carolina at the last minute. I remembered, during the call, that she was Leonard Cohen’s travel agent and asked if she would mind giving me his number. Barb said she wasn’t comfortable about doing that. And we went back to hurriedly trying to book this house for the next day. An hour later, Barb called back and said, “Here is the number.” I call thinking I am calling about the house, when a very deep, mellifluous voice answers the phone. A voice just like how you would imagine Leonard Cohen to sound on the phone. My mind took a moment to register that I was now talking to Leonard Cohen. Then I started to laugh. Then I hung up. Because how would that have gone after laughing? I waited a couple of days and called him back. And he was very generous with me.

From Catching Up With John Lurie (Aquarium Drunkard: Feb 1, 2018). Photo by Ray Henders – http://archinect.com/features/article/65557450/fishing-for-architecture-with-john-lurie someone, Pubblico dominio, Collegamento


Why I Celebrate Leonard Cohen’s Birthday


I Celebrate Leonard Cohen’s Birthday Because

Leonard Cohen offers the possibility of living with grace, dignity, and integrity, without submitting to illusions, without succumbing to indifference, and without indulging in denial of our own failures and flaws, in a world that is too often corrupt & malevolent.

Janet Maslin, NY Times: “Ms. Simmons’s ‘I’m Your Man’ is the major, soul-searching biography that Leonard Cohen deserves.”

Reviews Of  “I’m Your Man -The Life Of Leonard Cohen” by Sylvie Simmons

Yep, Janet Maslin has fallen in line with my own assessment of “I’m Your Man,” the Leonard Cohen biography written by distinguished music journalist, noted ukuleleist, revered rock chick, and erstwhile girls’ teenzine writer1 Sylvie Simmons.  Of course, so has every other reviewer.  Check it out yourself:

  • Another Cohen bio? Hallelujah! – Marshall Duke: Paste Magazine
    Clearly, we have here more than a simple biography. Simmons’ carefully researched work feels definitive. It can be trusted. Even better, Simmons is a wonderful writer. She describes events with engaging clarity and a command of language that oftentimes enthralls.
  • I’m Your Man – Kirkus Reviews
    An elegant, deeply researched life of the Canadian musician, poet and novelist.

The US edition of “I’m Your Man” by Sylvie Simmons is available Sept 18, 2012. The Canadian publication date is Oct 23, 2012. In the UK, the release date is Nov 1, 2012, and in The Netherlands, October 16, 2012.

Originally posted Sept 17, 2012 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

  1. Ms Simmons was renowned in her occupational sphere for  asking  deep, soul-penetrating questions of, among other, David Cassidy (while sitting in Mr Cassidy’s lap),  the Jackson 5, the Bay City Rollers, and David Bowie. See Leonard Cohen In Seventeen Magazine – 1968 []

Leonard Cohen’s Take On Nico’s Opinion Of Him “He’s completely unnecessary”

Leonard Cohen: Yes. Nico gives the most outrageous and interesting interviews of all. She’ll put Lou Reed down, she’ll put me down …

Interviewer: She seems to hate everyone.

She did not hate me until I saved her life 2 to 3 weeks ago. I met her in London. You never know where you stand with her, because she is deaf. Her reactions are always fascinating, usually because she didn’t hear what you were saying. I have not taken a metaphysical view of my life. It was all very physical. I had to take her to the hospital.


From Leonard Cohen – All culture is nail polish by Bert van de Kamp, OOR magazine No.21, October 23,1974. [Via Google Translate]. Photo of Nico by Inn7516 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons. Thanks to Gordana Stupar, who alerted me to this article.

Q: What was Leonard Cohen’s mission? Alberto Manzano: “To transform the hearts of people with his work, with his songs. It was messianic! And… I believe that he fulfilled his mission.”

“Cohen entró en la muerte sabiendo dónde pisaba” by Víctor-M. Amela. La Vanguardia: Sept 14, 2018. Via Google Translate. Photo by Fundación Cajasol. Thanks to Chema of Barcelona, who alerted me to this article.

Leonard Cohen & The Stormy Clovers Appear At The Village – Waterloo, Ontario 1967

The article about the anticipated March 13, 1967 show at The Village (Waterloo, Ontario) featuring Leonard Cohen & The Stormy Clovers (the first band to perform his songs) appears on page 9 in The Chevron (the official newspaper published by the Federation of Students at the University of Waterloo).

More about this performance can be found at Waterloo, Ontario Anticipates Leonard Cohen & Stormy Clovers March 13, 1967 Show (Admission $1).