Suzanne Elrod (Mother Of Adam & Lorca Cohen) On Leonard Cohen’s Mother: “She was [Leonard Cohen’s] most dreamy spiritual influence. The only thing that bothered me was that she always called me Marianne.”

From left: Adam Cohen, his mother Suzanne Elrod, his father Leonard Cohen & Leonard’s mother Masha Cohen – Montreal 1972 . Posted Feb 13, 2014 by Adam Cohen at Leonard Cohen Facebook page

From The Face May Not Be Familiar, but the Name Should Be: It’s Composer and Cult Hero Leonard Cohen by Pamela Andriotakis & Richard Oulahan. People: January 14, 1980.

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Hear The Webb Sisters Talk About Koala Cuddling, B6, Chicken Soup, & Leonard Cohen As Well As Sing A Song or 3 On Radio Interview

Charley & Hattie Webb were interviewed 20 December 2013 by Kirsten Johnstone on Radio New Zealand. They also sang Missing Person, If It Be Your Will, and Momentary. The broadcast is now available at Webb Sisters In Session – Radio New Zealand

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“Leonard Cohen just … covered Jeff Buckley’s hallelujah” – Uh Oh, Someone’s gonna get coal in his stocking

Leonard Cohen just blew my mind, destroyed my soul and covered Jeff buckley’s hallelujah… Amazing show. What a band, what a man!

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“Cohen made the hall a sacred space” From Here It Is – Letters To Leonard Cohen: An Evening with Leonard Cohen in Austin


“Here It Is – Letters To Leonard Cohen,” a book presented to the Canadian singer-songwriter in celebration of his 80th birthday, comprises stories and essays by fans that put their experience of Cohen’s music into words. Kim Gorsuch, who has long admired Cohen, came up with the idea and organized the project, gathering the pieces and photos online for printing into a hardbound volume. Because the stories are too significant and too moving not to be shared, is posting a few selections. Today’s offering is Kim Gorsuch’s own contribution: An Evening with Leonard Cohen in Austin.

An Evening with Leonard Cohen in Austin

Until this particular evening, I thought I was Leonard’s biggest secret fan. Until I looked around in wonder at the packed Long Center, full of thousands of fans of all ages and all walks of life. All of us enraptured by Cohen.

Sitting in this concert, way up in the sky seats, you could feel and almost touch the emotion in the room. Cohen made the hall a sacred space, and we sat enthralled by the man who sang for us for hours, as if we were his first and last audience ever; as if we were his best, most intimate friends. He kept thanking us for being there, when all we wanted to do was offer up our own thanks for his gift of greatness. Not just for the wonder of his lyrics, but the power they have to open us up to ourselves, to throw a light into dark and lonely corners, to show us a glimpse of our best selves… and our worst. Continue Reading →