Leonard Cohen Identifies Himself As “One Of The First Punks,” Tells Bovine Sex Joke, Talks About Roshi, Nick Cave, Jennifer Warnes, Dominique Issermann, & More – 1988 Video Interview

Topics Covered In Interview With Christian Eckert (Munich 1988):

  • Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man album
  • Post-Modernist Disco
  • Leonard as one of earliest Punk Rockers
  • His young bull/old bull joke
  • Book of Mercy
  • “I don’t have time to think about politics”
  • How Jennifer Warnes’ Famous Blue Raincoat rehabilitated him
  • Leonard’s attitude covers of his work
  • Nick Cave rescuing his song “to let it fall apart again”
  • His computer
  • Living in a Portuguese section of Montreal\
  • Roshi
  • Gap between public and private life
  • Critics being on trial
  • Concerns about next tour
  • Dominique Issermann’s direction of First We Take Manhattan video

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The Astonishing Dominique Issermann Cover Photo For Nick Cave’s Push the Sky Away Album

push-the-sky-awayNote: This post originally appeared Feb 22, 2013 on DrHGuy.com. I’m republishing it now on Cohencentric because – well, because it’s way cool.

Dominique Issermann’s Incidental Photo: Nick Cave & Susie Bick Cave

In addition to receiving accolades for its music, the just released Push the Sky Away album by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is being lauded for its cover art. This description from Reeling Us In Once Again. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Push the Sky Away by Josh Holliday (posted at Dots And Dashes) is representative:

Not only is Jubilee Street the figurative centre of the album and one which reflects Cave’s persistent past as a devious post-punk miscreant (alongside his present as a local hero of his adopted South Coast), but its unabashed openness also comes across in the album’s sleeve artwork – an incidental photo taken by Dominique Issermann of Cave pushing open the Georgian shutters of his seafront home to expose his disrobed wife Susie Bick, her hair clouding her every feature. Despite its sepia quality and the ambiguity to surround the otherwise exposed Bick, it’s an astonishingly warm and radiant depiction that directly replicates the open lucidity of the song itself.

The Leonard Cohen Connection

Nick Cave has long acknowledged the influence of and his admiration for Leonard Cohen. This excerpt is from Cave’s June 1994 interview in “Les Inrockuptibles:”

I discovered Leonard Cohen with Songs of Love and Hate. I listened to this record for hours in a friend’s house. I was very young and I believe this was the first record that really had an effect on me. In the past, I only listened to my brother’s records. I liked what he liked, followed him like a sheep. Leonard Cohen was the first one I discovered by myself. He is the symbol of my musical independence. I remember these other guys that came to my friend’s house that thought Songs of Love and Hate was too depressing. I’ve realized that this ‘depression’ theory was ridiculous. The sadness of Cohen was inspiring, it gave me a lot of energy. I always remember all this when someone says that my records are morbid or depressing.

Dominique Issermann and Leonard Cohen, of course, have a long history together, including being romantically paired for a period. Issermann has photographed Cohen innumerable times for magazine spreads an publicity photos photos and has produced music videos for his work.

Leonard Cohen fans may have recently seen Susie Bick in Dominique Issermann’s “Moments Of” film:

Susie Bick Cave, another one of Dominique’s favorites model who is now married to Nick Cave, was shot in her garden in Brighton for “Darkness” [Source: Dominique Issermann’s “Moments Of” For Leonard Cohen posted Sept 28, 2012 at Purple Diary]


Leonard Cohen “Moments of” Old Ideas by Dominique Issermann
“Darkness” begins at the 5 minute mark.


And others may have seen Ms Bick in one or another fashion magazine. That’s her in Dominique Issermann’s cover photo for the Fall 2012 issue of Stiletto.