Video: Images & Music Of Leonard Cohen – Light As The Breeze

Gwen Langford, webmaster of Gwen’s Leonard Cohen Journey, offers this well crafted video comprising a slideshow of photos she took at the 2012 Leonard Cohen Ghent, Dublin, Montreal and Toronto shows set to an audio recording of Light As The Breeze from the August 14th 2012 Ghent concert.

Leonard Cohen – Light As The Breeze

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“Only Leonard can assume the dual role of wise old sage and raging sex beast” – Leonard Cohen & Anjani Perform Never Got To Love You – Joe’s Pub 2007


They [Leonard Cohen and Anjani] concluded with “Whither Thou Goest,” a song that had a pleasant, hymn-like quality, but of course, true to Leonard’s libido, had overtones of intimacy and romance. I don’t know how he does it. I swear he was making eyes at every lady in the house. I suppose only Leonard can assume the dual role of wise old sage and raging sex beast.

From | 8 pm: Near the Astor Place Subway Stop – Review of April 24, 2007 Anjani Concert at Joe’s Pub in New York

Video: Leonard Cohen & Anjani – Never Got To Love You
Joe’s Pub, NYC: April 24, 2007

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Leonard Cohen Beefcake Video: The Ladies’ Man Keeps His Hat On

Warning: Leonard Cohen Veneration At Dangerous Level

The 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour concerts have repeatedly been associated with acclamations of religious experiences, cosmic significance, and mystic ecstasy.  In short, Leonard Cohen has (deservedly) been immersed in respectful adoration and is now treated with a degree of genuine reverence unmatched by any living pop music artist.

Ongoing readers know what that means.

Yep, it’s once again time for Cohencentric to rescue Leonard Cohen from his self-inflicted veneration overdose.

The Ladies’ Man Video Project

Now, DrHGuy does not go for the cheap laugh at the expense of others — unless it’s really, really funny.

In any case, the intent of this video is not ridicule; rather, the  goal is furnishing a valid alternative to the current tsunami of hyper-reverence. After arduous and prolonged seconds of deliberation, the path became evident.  Consequently, Cohencentric offers – as an antidote to all those recent reviews and videos portraying Leonard Cohen as a musical deity – a video presentation of Leonard Cohen As A Hunk1 (DrHGuy has been advised by usually reliable sources that many women consider Mr Cohen somewhat attractive).

The Ladies’ Man Keeps His Hat On
Soundtrack: You Can Leave Your Hat On by Randy Newman, performed by Etta James
Video by Allan Showalter

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  1. Admittedly, this aspect of Leonard Cohen may hold disproportionate interest to the ladies.  But, that seems fair – one can’t very well be a Ladies’ Man without the participation of the ladies. []

Video: Webb Sisters Perform If It Be Your Will – Dec 2, 2013 Leonard Cohen Sydney Concert

Leonard Cohen, Featuring Webb Sisters – If It Be Your Will
Sydney Opera House: Dec 2, 2013
Video by alanm5049

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Video: Leonard Cohen’s 1st Live Performance Of Banjo – Ghent 2012

This video from the August 14, 2012 Leonard Cohen Ghent concert  was the first recording available online of Leonard Cohen’s first live performance of “Banjo.”

Leonard Cohen – Banjo
Ghent Aug 14, 2012
Video by


Credit Due Department: Photo of St Peter’s Square showing the entire venue taken by Eddie Janssens, Brussels. Photo of Cohen kneeling on stage taken by Kristiaan Cloots via Twitter.

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Video: Leonard Cohen’s Electrifying Performance Of First We Take Manhattan – Auckland 2013

Linda Sturgess writes about this performance:

Electric – Roscoe’s is “wired” from the kickoff to the end- J And Henry captures at 4:18 – Roscoe’s turns his bass into a percussive instrument.    And Sharon – she is always fully and totally into this song …

Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan
Auckland: Dec 21, 2013
Video by Henry Tengelsen (aka Wirebirds)

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