Leonard Cohen Talks About Poetry As A Way To Win Women’s Hearts, Country Music, His Chop, His London Landlady, L.A. & Catastrophe, Performs Democracy, The Future, & Dance Me To The End of Love On Later With Jools Holland – 1993

Featuring Julie Christensen & Perla Batalla

This video offers the complete Later With Jools Holland show (BBC), taped May 12, 1993 and broadcast May 14, 1993, featuring Leonard Cohen. It includes an informative and entertaining interview with Leonard, a 1967 clip of Leonard & Julie Felix performing Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye, and Leonard’s stellar performances of Democracy, The Future, and Dance Me To The End Of Love with Julie Christensen & Perla Batalla.


Credit Due Department:Thanks to Linda Sturgess, who alerted me to this video

Video: 45 Seconds Of 2008 Leonard Cohen Soundcheck Fun

A Leonard Cohen Teaser

This brief video shows Leonard Cohen and his musicians rehearsing “Ain’t No Cure For Love” on a sweltering July day in 2008. The location and exact date are not given, but based on the month and year provided (July 2008) and that stage platform with the white markings, I suspect this rehearsal took place before the July 1, 2008 Leonard Cohen concert in Oslo.

Seeing Leonard and company in civilian clothes, The Webb Sisters & Sharon Robinson moving to the music, and Leonard rehearsing kneeling before Javier Mas is a treat.

Note: The first 27 seconds of the video is a 2007 Lou Reed soundcheck. The video player should automatically begin 27 seconds into the film with Leonard Cohen rehearsing; if not, simply advance the video to that mark or enjoy Lou Reed.

Video by monod erika

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“Thank you friends, for climbing to those high places… Thank you friends, for endangering your household budgets” Outstanding Video: Leonard Cohen Performs The Future – Amsterdam 2013

Leonard Cohen – The Future
Amsterdam: Sept 20, 2013
Video by albertnoonan

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Video: Leonard Cohen & The Cohen Chorus Line Perform Save The Last Dance For Me – Paris 2012

This wonderful photo of the big finish with chorus line to Save The Last Dance For Me at the final 2012 Paris show was taken by Ute Egle.

Leonard Cohen – Save The Last Dance For Me
Paris : Sept 30, 2012
Video by

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The 2013 “Everybody Knows” Video Pro-Am: Leonard Cohen’s Live In Dublin DVD Video Vs Audience Recordings

Everybody Knows from Leonard Cohen’s Live In Dublin DVD (Dec 2, 2014) provides an opportunity to compare the professionally shot and edited video of this performance produced for the official concert DVD with the recordings of the same song at other 2013 tour venues made by amateur videographers in the audience. It’s worth keeping in mind that the latter group operates under rather rigorous conditions: shooting from a single location determined by ones luck and cash on hand (a seat inevitably located just behind the winner of the Tallest Leonard Cohen Fan In Existence and next to the Cohenites Singalong Ensemble), and filming while eluding the concert hall’s camera police.

While each of the audience videos are flawed in some manner and I am clearly at risk for observer error, I would argue that these imperfect offerings are indeed how the light gets in. But, hey, judge for yourself.

The Professional Video

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Dublin: Sept 12, 2013
Video from LeonardCohenVEVO

The Audience Videos

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Brussels: June 30, 2013
Video by albertnoonan

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Amsterdam: Sept 20, 2013
Video by schnugsy

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Bercy: June 18, 2013
Video by Aurélie F

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Rome: July 7, 2013
Video by 30gallina72

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Rome: July 7, 2013
Video by Wirebirds

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Vienna: July 27, 2013
Video by glauxath

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Quality Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Heart With No Companion – Montreal 2012

Leonard Cohen – Heart With No Companion
Montreal: Nov 28, 2012
Video by leonardcohenvideo

This rendition of Heart With No Companion makes me happy. Leonard Cohen singing a song Leonard Cohen wrote, the guys in the band showing off a bit on solos (that’s tour manager Mike Scoble on harmonica), even a little dancing by the ladies – what’s not to like?

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Video: Leonard Cohen Starts Sligo Show With Sprint, Smile & Song – Dance Me To The End Of Love (2010)

Featuring Dino Soldo On Instruments Of Wind (& Rafael Gayol On Camera)

In addition to an excellent performance of Dance Me To The End Of Love, this video displays Leonard Cohen opening the concert by running onto the stage and flashing an especially broad smile. (He closes the song with another beaming smile.) The screenshot atop this post also captures drummer Rafael Gayol photographing the audience photographing Leonard Cohen and the band.

Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love 
Lissadell House, Sligo: Aug 1, 2010
Video from albertnoonan

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