Video: Leonard Cohen Recites W.B.Yeats – Lissadell House 2010

Leonard Cohen Recites Lines From “In Memory Of Eva Gore-Booth And Con Markiewicz” By William Butler Yeats
Lissadell House-Sligo: July 31, 2010
Video by albertnoonan

The light of evening, Lissadell,
Great windows open to the south,
Two girls in silk kimonos, both
Beautiful, one a gazelle.
But a raving autumn shears
Blossom from the summer’s wreath;
The older is condemned to death,
Pardoned, drags out lonely years
Conspiring among the ignorant.
I know not what the younger dreams –
Some vague Utopia – and she seems,
When withered old and skeleton-gaunt,
An image of such politics.
Many a time I think to seek
One or the other out and speak
Of that old Georgian mansion, mix
pictures of the mind, recall
That table and the talk of youth,
Two girls in silk kimonos, both
Beautiful, one a gazelle.

Dear shadows, now you know it all,
All the folly of a fight
With a common wrong or right.
The innocent and the beautiful.
Have no enemy but time;
Arise and bid me strike a match
And strike another till time catch;
Should the conflagration climb,
Run till all the sages know.
We the great gazebo built,
They convicted us of guilt;

Bid me strike a match and blow.

“Here’s a song for the people of New Orleans” Leonard Cohen Performs Banjo – Amsterdam 2012

Featuring Neil Larsen, Alex Bublitchi, & Sharon Robinson

Leonard rarely performed Banjo in concert. In fact, the only other videotaped performance I’ve found was at the Aug 14, 2012 Ghent show: Video: Leonard Cohen’s Touching Performance Of Banjo – Ghent 2012

Leonard Cohen – Banjo
Amsterdam: August 21, 2012
Video by vpmusicblog

“And I never got to tell you just how beautiful you are – And I mean it, goddamnit, I really mean it” Leonard Cohen Bids Farewell – Dublin 2013

Leonard Cohen’s Heartfelt, Emphatic Parting From Dublin

The notable remarks begin at 1:14, but Leonard Cohen’s facial expression, his voice, and his movements are most intense beginning at 1:43.

Leonard Cohen – Final Portion of Closing Time & Final Comments
Dublin: Sept 12, 2013
Video: Gwenluvsmusic

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Outstanding Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Heart With No Companion – Ghent 2012

This video of Leonard Cohen performing Heart With No Companion at the August 14, 2012 Ghent concert is an underappreciated delight. The videographer, Tim Dale, has accomplished what has proven a rare feat at this venue – a high quality recording of the actual onstage performers rather than a video of the giant telescreens on either end of the stage. The picture is a tad shaky at first but soon stabilizes. In addition to the considerable virtues of the song itself, there are also solos by Mitch Watkins on guitar, Alex Bublitchi on violin, and Neil Larsen on keyboards.

Leonard Cohen –  Heart With No Companion
Ghent: Aug 14, 2012
Video by Tim Dale

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