First We Take Manhattan, Then We Go Vegas – The 2009 Leonard Cohen Girls! Girls! Girls! Las Vegas Revue


Leonard Cohen World Tour – Playing The Odds In Las Vegas

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed

From “Everybody Knows”
By Leonard Cohen1

A mid-level manager at a regional advertising agency, whose child has now been returned to him safe and sound, has revealed the special marketing campaign submitted for the 2009 Leonard Cohen Las Vegas concert.

Webb Sisters Sublime In Latex

The theme, touted in the marketing memos as “classic, classy cabaret,” is apparent in the alterations made in the portion of the show featuring “The Sublime Webb Sisters” – who will be presented at the Las Vegas gig as “The Sublime Webb Mistresses.” The tentative script for Leonard’s introduction of them begins, “Confuse them with the Sisters Of Mercy at your own risk … ”

Their customized for Vegas version of “If It Be Your Will” – renamed for the occasion “That’s ‘If It Be Our Will,’ Biatch” – will be the first performance of that song to feature handcuffs, a variety of leather implements, battery cables, and a volunteer from the audience.2

Leonard Cohen Las Vegas Concert TV Ad

Even more thematically indicative, however, is this rough cut of the TV ad being produced to promote the World Tour Las Vegas concert.

Leonard Cohen – Las Vegas Concert Ad


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  1. The most Las-Vegasy of Leonard Cohen’s songs []
  2. Hattie’s harp is apparently still part of the act but, according to a stagehand who has witnessed one of the secret rehearsals, “It isn’t the harp getting plucked, if you know what I mean.” []

“You think that’s all I can do… don’t you? How about this?” Leonard Cohen Performs Tower Of Song: Melbourne 2013

“Thanks For Not Going Home, Too. I Appreciate That.”

Leonard Cohen – Tower Of Song
Melbourne: Nov 20, 2013
Video by alanm5049

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Delightful Video: 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck Version Of Dance Me To The End Of Love

Nuances Of Note

None of these items, one could argue, is important; that is, I would counter, why they are fun.

  • Hattie Webb’s hat
  • Leonard Cohen sans suit but equipped with fedora
  • Leonard Cohen absolutely focused, singing about dancing to a “burning violin” while kneeling at the feet of Alex Bublitchi, undeterred by the violinist attending to his instrument or the crew member hustling across the stage
  • A possible kneeling version of the Bercy Back-Flap at 2:00, followed by an OK signal at 2:20
  • The toothpick expertly wielded by Rafael Bernardo Gayol
  • A whispered remark to Mr Cohen at 3:42 evoking broad smiles
  • The song ending, atypically for a soundcheck, with applause to which the Canadian singer-songwriter responds with a bow, another smile, and a wave

Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love
Lucca Soundcheck: July 9, 2013
Video by 30gallina72

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High Quality Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Hallelujah – Hamilton 2013

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah (clips)
Hamilton: April 9, 2013
Video by Toronto Kirtan Community

Linda Sturgess spotted this video of clips from Leonard Cohen’s performance of Hallelujah at the April 9, 2013 Hamilton concert. Originally posted April 25, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen Dedicates 2009 Concert To Belgian Artist Yasmine

“With your permission, I would like to dedicate this concert to the memory of Yasmine …”

Leonard Cohen dedicated the July 4, 2009 Antwerp Concert to Yasmine,1 a well known Belgian singer-songwriter and television personality, who had translated and covered many Leonard Cohen songs.

Yasmine took her own life on June 26, 2009, apparently in the wake of a recently ended marriage to Marianne Dupon, winner of the reality TV show De Mol (The Mole) between August 2003 and April 2009. On 9 March 2007 she had a daughter Ella-Louise. The couple divorced early in 2009. A few months later, Yasmine was found on 25 June 2009 near her sister’s home where she had hanged herself from a tree.2

Video: Leonard Cohen – Closing Antwerp, July 4, 2009

May the spirit of Jasmine rest peacefully

Leonard Cohen

This video of the closing of the Antwerp show features the entire crew singing “Whither Thou Goest” as well as Leonard Cohen’s closing comments, including his invocation of Yasmine’s memory.

Video by Ingrid Van Daele

Video: Yasmine – Dans me

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