Leonard Cohen September 25, 2010 Lille Concert – Videos, Photos, Review

On With The Show

Leonard Cohen’s concert in Lille, France generated outstanding photos, videos, and reviews. (Update: more videos & photos from this show are online at 2010 Leonard Cohen Lille Concert Redux – New Photos, Videos Plus “When Leonard Met Ruth”)

A Songwriter Of Supreme Elegance

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2010 Leonard Cohen Lille Concert Redux – New Photos, Videos Plus “When Leonard Met Ruth”

Quality videos by messalina79 aka Ruth Pietroni and photos by Ros Pan from the Sept 25, 2010 Leonard Cohen Lille Concert (see previously posted Leonard Cohen September 25, 2010 Lille Concert – Videos, Photos, Review) have become available. Enjoy.

Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel #2
Lille: Sept 25, 2010
Video from messalina79

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Hear Leonard Cohen’s Live Performance Of The Butcher – Toronto 1975

Leonard Cohen – The Butcher
Toronto: January 31, 1975

messalina79 (aka Ruth Pietroni) showcases a performance of The Butcher by Leonard Cohen that is vastly different from the studio version featured on Songs From A Room (1969), which is available below for comparison.

Originally posted Feb 13, 2010 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Hear Leonard Cohen Read From Beautiful Losers


You plagued me like the moon. I knew you were bound by old laws of suffering and obscurity. I am fearful of the cripple’s wisdom. A pair of crutches, a grotesque limp can ruin a stroll which I begin in a new suit, clean-shaven, whistling. I envied you the certainty that you would amount to nothing. I coveted the magic of torn clothes. I was jealous of the terrors I constructed for you but could not tremble before myself. I was never drunk enough, never poor enough, never rich enough. All this hurts, perhaps it hurts enough. It makes me want to cry out for comfort. It makes me stretch my hands out horizontally. Yes, I long to be President of the new Republic. I love to hear the armed teenagers chant my name outside the hospital gates. Long live the Revolution! Let me be President for my last thirty days.

Originally posted May 16, 2010 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

May 14, 2012: Leonard Cohen Becomes Ninth Laureate Of Glenn Gould Prize

Leonard Cohen Honoured At Glenn Gould Prize Gala

Leonard Cohen, the Canadian singer-songwriter, poet, novelist, icon, and ace award ceremony speaker acknowledged being named Ninth Laureate of Glenn Gould Prize with this message thanking the Glenn Gould Foundation:

It is a great honour, sweetened by my love of the work of Glenn Gould and our collective appreciation of his invigorating and enduring presence in the world of music and imagination.

Excerpts from The Glenn Gould Foundation press release describing the prize and the reasons Leonard Cohen was chosen as recipient can be found at the end of this post.

The $50,000 Donation

Leonard Cohen accepted the Glenn Gould Prize May 14, 2012 and donated the $50,000 that accompanied it to the Canada Council for the Arts.

The Speech: Leonard Cohen interviews Glenn Gould

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