Leonard Cohen Lyrical Map: Locations In Songs Written Or Covered By Leonard Cohen In Concert

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Other Leonard Cohen Lyrical Maps

Clicking on a map marker reveals the pertinent excerpt from the lyrics, the song title, the album on which it was released, a link to the complete lyrics, and and a link to a video of the song (when available).

Map Markers And Information

All geographical locations (e.g., cities, streets, bodies of water) are shown by the standard Google marker shown below).

markerBuildings (e.g., Chelsea Hotel, Bill’s Bar) are indicated by representative images. such as the cathedral icon for Our Lady Of The Harbour shown below.


The blue circles with numbers indicate more than one marker in the same area. Zooming in on that area reveals the separate markers.

stacked3The same area after zoom shows one marker in Berlin and two in London.

Caveats: This is a work in progress. More references to locations in Leonard Cohen’s songs may be discovered and added to the map. The format of the map and markers may also change.

The Leonard Cohen Lyrical Map Project

More information about the Leonard Cohen Lyrical Map Project, including lists of songs and locations, details about the criteria employed, and future phases involving mapping of locations in Cohen’s poetry and prose is available at the constantly updated project page, Leonard Cohen Lyrical Map: Locations In The Songs & Poems Of Leonard Cohen (A Work In Progress)