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Words By Leonard Cohen

Words By Leonard Cohen is a popular category of Cohencentric posts. The majority of these entries feature quotations from Leonard Cohen interviews with the source of each identified; this classification also includes comments made onstage, song lyrics, and excerpts from his poems and novels, again with the source of each identified. Each Words By Leonard Cohen offering also contains one or more tags that indicate the topic(s) of the quotation, comment, lyric, etc.  The current list of topics follows:

Leonard Cohen On His Songs

Leonard Cohen’s comments on his songs, organized by song title, are collected at Leonard Cohen On His Songs

The Leonard Cohen-Bob Dylan Interface

Leonard Cohen’s and Bob Dylan’s comments on each other and their interactions are collected at

5 Replies to “Leonard Cohen Quotations By Topic”

  1. Michael

    A number of years ago I found an interview with Leonard from the 60s on
    YouTube. I’m sure that it was on Canadian TV. The interviewer was a woman
    with long blond hair and a very short dress. She asked him how he decided
    which poems to turn into songs and which not. He answered that the lesser
    poems became songs. I’m pretty sure that it’s not the interview with Beryl
    Fox because she doesn’t show her legs. The one I’m looking for also
    includes the question of whether Cohen has ever considered changing his
    name, to which he also replies that he has thought of September, September
    Cohen. Any ideas?

  2. Ellen Flaherty

    I am a fabric artist planning to enter an art quilt in a project called ‘Threads of Resistance.’
    I would like to include the following lyrics from’ Anthem’-crediting Leonard Cohen, of course.
    ‘There is a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in’
    Can you tell me how I go about getting permission to do this?Who exactly do I contact? I need documentation of permission in order to do this.
    Thank you for whatever help you can provide!

    1. DrHGuy Post author

      Business Manager: Robert B. Kory, Esq.
      Kory & Rice, LLP
      5455 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1701
      Los Angeles, CA 90036
      Tel: 310-285-1630 ext.601
      Fax: 310-278-7641

  3. Dell Knox

    Farewell Tour…It is undoubtedly a great shame that Cohencentric is to close.
    It has been a constant source of wisdom and news – not to mention being a part of my daily ritual for many years.
    Thank you for helping to keep the Flame Alive.
    Best wishes


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