Marc Roed Photo Of Sharon Robinson Featured In Gragjanski Magazine

Sharon Robinson’s Facebook Page offers a scan of an article about her in Gragjanski, a Macedonian magazine. I’m told the text is appropriately laudatory but I’m most interested in that spectacular photo of Ms Robinson.

That photo looked familiar.

Turns out it looked familiar because three months ago it was posted on this site at “Photographer Of Two Superb Sharon Robinson Photos Identified.” The occasion for the posting was the discovery that this shot (and one other favorite Robinson photo) were taken by Marc Roed at the Aug 26, 20012 Leonard Cohen Aalborg concert.

The magazine flipped the photo horizontally to look like this.

My ability to read Macedonian isn’t strong – or existent, so I don’t know if Marc received credit for the photo or not. Regardless, I certainly want him credited on Cohencentric.

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Signs Of Leonard Cohen: The Magnificent Minneapolis Marquee 2009

The May 3, 2009 Leonard Cohen Concert At The Minneapolis Orpheum Theatre

Any ongoing reader who has been paying attention knows of my fondness for marquees. And this specimen on the Minneapolis Orpheum Theatre is beautiful; it’s unrepentantly gaudy, vertigo-inducing, and so outsized that the theatre’s primarily architectural function appears to be serving as a base for this spectacular signage.

This set of three pristine photos by vwvortexer (please do not repost without photographer’s permission) advertising the May 3, 2009 Leonard Cohen show is not only impressive in quality but also includes a rarely seen perspective of the entire theater facade in the third photo

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Leonard Cohen’s Boasts Of Readers’ Response To His Novel In Postcard To is Publisher, Jack McClelland

Thanks to Lauren Woods

“People say my vision of the future is bleak. The future is here. I think the landscape that I describe in all the songs is here.” Leonard Cohen (1993)

People say my vision of the future is bleak. The future is here. I think the landscape that I describe in all the songs is here. It is that landscape which provokes these cries. Those are not my personal politics, these are the kinds of cries that arise in response to the catastrophe in which we find ourselves. Human beings have always found themselves in a catastrophe. The human predicament is catastrophic, but these are the cries: ‘Give me back the Berlin Wall, give me Stalin and St. Paul…lie beside me baby, that’s an order’. This is the mind shattered by the predicament. So that mind which says ‘give me crack and anal sex’, also says ‘I’ll be loving you always’. In other words, all kinds of expression, irresponsible, shattered, broken, fragmented, passionate, indifferent; all these cries arise from this shattered heart, that is the heart that I confess I have, and in bars, guys occasionally confess they have.

Leonard Cohen


From Leonard Cohen…What’s Your Problem? Doom and Gloom by Patrick Humphries (Vox: February, 1993),

Engravings On Unwritten Snow / Two / For Leonard Cohen / Montreal / Jan 14, 2018

Oana Maria Cajal, whose graphics and videos inspired by Leonard Cohen are familiar to this site’s ongoing readers, has begun a series of Poems and Picto-Impulses dedicated to the Canadian singer-songwriter. The above image and the following poem constitute the second entry of this series.

Engravings On Unwritten Snow / Two
For Leonard Cohen

Je me cache dans l’encre
D’une chanson que tu rêvais d’écrire
L’instant même de ta mort
Le silence glacé, énigmatique,
Enflamme mes rêves d’adolescente
Pour entendre ta voix d’or pur
Illuminer le néant aveuglant
De l’éternité
Mon coeur se perd alors
Dans l’avalanche du futur
Boule de neige incrédule
Qui te cherchera à jamais

I am hiding inside the ink
Of a song you were dreaming to write
The very instant of your death
The frozen, delphic silence,
Sparks my adolescent reveries
To listen to your golden voice
Illuminating the blinding abyss
Of eternity
My heart gets lost then
In the avalanche of the future
Incredulous snow ball
Searching for you evermore

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Leonard Cohen – Back In The Motherland Bootleg On Vinyl

While the content of this bootleg has been available for some time (see 1988 Leonard Cohen Toronto Concert Bootlegs: Leonard Cohen – Back In The Motherland, Dominique BOILE alerts us that has been released on vinyl. Information is from the French Amazon site.

Side 1
1. Suzanne
2. Take The Waltz
3. Bird On A Wire
4. Whither Thou Goest
5. Coming Back To You

Side 2
1. Tower Of Song
2. Joan Of Arc
3. Jazz Police
4. First We Take Manhattan

Album Vinyl (1 June 2017)
Format : Import
Label: Cult Legends Source 1 Media