Photos Of Note: 2012 Leonard Cohen Toronto Concert

These photos of the Dec 5, 2012 Leonard Cohen show, all taken by googoojue, are especially effective in evoking the audience member’s experience of the show – a quality often absent in the portfolios presented by press photographers. Worthy of special note: the efficaciously bowing Leonard Cohen, drummer Rafael Gayol hard at work, a beaming Sharon Robinson, a set list again referencing the mysterious, yet to be performed “Blues In C,” and 19,800 entranced audience members at the Dec 4, 2012 show.

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“I thought that Naked Lunch [by William Burroughs] was hilarious… When I find something that makes me laugh I think it’s good.” Leonard Cohen Reading List

Do you know anything about William Burroughs? Have you ever read any of his work?

I’ve read a lot of his stuff. I thought that Naked Lunch was hilarious. It isn’t in my nature to examine consciously the wide implications of a piece of writing. I don’t look at these things in a sociological context, nor even in a literary context. You know, when I find something that makes me laugh I think it’s good.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


An Interview with Leonard Cohen by Michael Harris. Duel: Winter 1969.

The Leonard Cohen Reading List

This is the latest entry to the Leonard Cohen Reading List, a compilation of books commended by the Canadian singer-songwriter.

“The only thing that differs in those writers [Celine, Burroughs, Gunter Grass, Sartre] and myself is that I hold out the idea of ecstasy as the solution.” Leonard Cohen 1967


The only thing that differs in those writers [Celine, Burroughs, Selbe, Gunter Grass, and Sartre] and myself is that I hold out the idea of ecstasy as the solution. If only people get high, they can face the evil part. If a man feels in his heart it’s only going to be a mundane confrontation with feelings, and he has to recite to himself Norman Vincent Peale slogans, ‘Be better, be good,’ he hasn’t had a taste of that madness. He’s never soared, he’s never let go of the silver thread and he doesn’t know what it feels to be like a god. For him, all the stories about holiness and the temple of the body are meaningless.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From After the Wipe-Out, A Renewal” by Sandra Diwa, published in The Ubyssey (the student newspaper of the University of British Columbia), February 3, 1967. The photo is from York University Libraries, Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections, Toronto Telegram fonds, F0433, Photographer: John Sharp, ASC01708. Originally posted August 3, 2016 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Video: Leonard Cohen & The Cohen Chorus Line Perform Save The Last Dance For Me – Paris 2012

This wonderful photo of the big finish with chorus line to Save The Last Dance For Me at the final 2012 Paris show was taken by Ute Egle.

Leonard Cohen – Save The Last Dance For Me
Paris : Sept 30, 2012
Video by

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Brian Fogh’s Photos Of Leonard Cohen – And The Guy Who Carries Leonard’s Guitar

Brian Fogh writes:

The one with Cohen streetwalking is from a concert in Odense in Denmark where I met him earlier the same day. When he left his bus he arrived in he stood and waited on the sidewalk so people could go on … he didn’t wanted anyone to stop for him. Such a gentleman.

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“This is a painting that Suzanne [Elrod] did… That’s me playing guitar and being comforted by her. It’s the consolamentum, the kiss of peace.” Leonard Cohen


From the Armelle Brusq documentary, Leonard Cohen, Spring 96, A Portrait.

More about the consolamentum can be found at Video – The Consolamentum of Leonard Cohen: An Introduction by David Peloquin