Is The Leonard Cohen Online Unified Heart In Danger Of Flatlining? – The Redemptive Role Of The Unified Heart Seal & The Blessing To End Disunity

Embracing Leonard Cohen Online

There is a kind of surrender about it, not in the sense of giving up but the kind of surrender that involves an embrace.1

Leonard Cohen

Introduction: This is the followup to Is The Leonard Cohen Online Unified Heart In Danger Of Flatlining?, which has ironically become one of the most popular Cohencentric offerings. In that post, I set forth the hypothesis that Leonard Cohen’s online presence is diminishing and, consequently, we are in danger of losing a vital element of Leonard’s legacy. I also wrote

The best case scenario is that I’m wrong. Persuade me that my assessment is inaccurate, i.e., that Leonard Cohen’s online presence is growing or remaining stable rather than diminishing, and I will happily publish a celebratory acknowledgment. Really – this isn’t a rhetorical flourish; if you believe all is well online, send your reasoning to me at the email address listed at the “DrHGuy Info” tab on the top right of every Cohencentric page. And, if it’s a convincing argument, I’ll post it.

While a few thousand folks viewed that post since its publication last week (Aug 2, 2018), I have yet to receive a single response reputing my notion of an downtrend in online Leonard Cohen references.2 So, onward ever, to…

Resolving Dissension

There are multiple causes for the deterioration of Leonard Cohen’s online presence, some of which cannot be directly addressed. For example, short of divine intervention, there is little to be done about the fact that there will be no new Leonard Cohen poems or songs created.3

On the other hand, at least one issue is potentially repairable. While I am not privy to the intrapsychic processes of all the folks on Facebook, LeonardCohenForum, Instagram, etc. who have decreased their participation on those platforms, I have spoken to a handful of friends who fall into those categories, and based on their experiences and my own, it is clear that many contributors to Leonard Cohen sites have been disheartened by the derogatory responses to their efforts.

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  1. From Tortoise-Shell Hero by Biba Kopf. New Musical Express, March 2, 1985. []
  2. OK, that may mean that no one disputes the downtrend OR that those who disagreed with my findings simply didn’t fully read the post. []
  3. It’s worth noting, however, that the death of an entertainment icon does not necessarily end his or her online popularity; fan interest in figures such as Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, and Bob Marley has continued since these stars left this vale of tears. []

“That’s why I speak in my songs about marriage – because I believe that any human being who acquires that commitment is someone with an authentic monastic spirit.” Leonard Cohen

In Cohen’s songs there are repeated allusions to marriage.

Leonard Cohen: Last year I was traveling in the service of a monk [Roshi], carrying his luggage. We went to several monasteries in America, and I remember he once told the monks of a Trappist monastery that the life they led was very easy in their setting. To know what a hard, difficult life was, they had to know what marriage was. In their environment, it was very easy to get up at three in the morning and pray. But leading a life of commitment with another person was the most difficult thing in this world. It is in marriage that a man is tested, where his manhood, his dignity is proved. That’s why I speak in my songs about marriage – because I believe that any human being who acquires that commitment is  someone with an authentic monastic spirit.

Are you married?

Leonard Cohen: I live with a woman [Suzanne Elrod]

And do you do it in the spirit you’re talking about?

Leonard Cohen: Yes, although I think it’s very difficult. Anyway, it’s worth trying.

Leonard Cohen Words And Silences by Constantino Romero (1974). Republished in Rockdelux 356 (December 2016). Via Google Translate.

Warning Sign #36: You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If…

You are adamant that no cover of a Leonard Cohen song improves on the original – and you own every available cover.

Since the publication of the official criteria for the prototypical Leonard Cohen Fan Diagnosis, 301.LC Cohenphilic Personality Disorder, the Cohencentric Leonard Cohen Fan Disorders Asylum and Sanitarium has received numerous messages asking if one or another behavior is a symptom characteristic of a Leonard Cohen fan. Consequently, Cohencentric is publishing, as a public service, signs which indicate that one is at high risk of being a full-fledged Leonard Cohen fan.

All published You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If … entries can be found at the You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If … Page

Originally posted October 10, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Are You Someone Who Wants To Win An Advance Copy Of Leonard Cohen’s The Flame AND Who Gets Off On Lots Of Rules? Well, My Friend, It’s Your Lucky Day

Enter to win one of an advance copy of THE FLAME, Leonard Cohen’s final book. You can find instructions, rules, & regulations at The Flame Sweepstakes.

Background information at The Flame – Leonard Cohen’s Final Book

Q: Are you still so eager to write if… your appetite for love is satiated? Leonard Cohen: “Marianne and I didn’t think of it as a love story. We just thought we were living together.” Leonard Cohen On Love And Creativity

Are you still so eager to write if some of your desire, your appetite for love is satiated?

Marianne and I didn’t think of it as a love story. We just thought we were living together. I understand the belief that if your desire for love is satisfied, you no longer have the motivation to write, but I’ve never felt that way, it’s not a mechanism that applies to me. If anything, it was the opposite: there was a woman, she had a child, meals on the table, order in the house and harmony. It was precisely the moment to start one’s own work. I could work a lot because of Marianne, I wrote Beautiful Losers and more. She brought tremendous order to my life. [Interviewer: A material order, in the way of everyday life?] If you want to call that material, okay. But the material is the spiritual, that’s the real order, there is no other. When there is food on the table, when the candles are lit, when you wash the dishes together and when you put the child in bed together – that’s the order, that’s the spiritual order, there is no other.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From Comme Un Guerrier by Christian Fevret (Les Inrocks: Aug 21, 1991). Via online translation. Originally posted Feb 22, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

“The first music I remember was the liturgy in the synagogue and the Russian songs of my mother…” Leonard Cohen On His Early Musical Influences


The first music I remember was the liturgy in the synagogue and the Russian songs of my mother, who had grown up in Lithuania. After the war, I mostly listened to popular music: country, blues, the tunes from the jukebox in the French cafés in Montreal. The fact that French was the dominant language in Montreal made me aware that I belonged to a minority. Thus, I have come to appreciate the peculiarity and the beauty of my own language, English.

Leonard Cohen


From ‘Gesprek met Leonard Cohen, de boeteprediker van de popmuziek; Het Oude Testament is mijn handboek’ [Talk with Leonard Cohen, the philosopher of pop music; the Old Testament is my guide] by Pieter Steinz, NRC: December 4, 1992. Photo “Leonard Cohen, 1988 01” by GorupdebesanezOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Credit Due Department: Contributed & translated by Anja Deelen