“‘I don’t trust my inner feelings / Inner feelings come and go’… I think that is my favorite line” Leonard Cohen On The Benefit Of Surrender

What’s a special day like in the monastery?

There are no special days. The whole idea is that nothing and everything is special at the same time. There is only the routine to which you surrender. If you can’t do that, you become very unhappy. Everything is arranged to happen by the sound of bells or clapping. If you feel defiance every time you hear these signals, which mark that you have to do something particular, you become very unhappy after a while. That happens to some people and therefore they leave… You have to surrender in order to stay there. You follow the routine no matter how you feel, and this has the advantage that you stop being dependent on how you feel. As it says in one of the songs: ‘I don’t trust my inner feelings / Inner feelings come and go.’… I think that is my favorite line.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From Leonard Cohen Gave Me 200 Franc by Martin Oestergaard (Euroman, Denmark September 2001).

Note: The referenced lyrics, “I don’t trust my inner feelings / Inner feelings come and go,” are from That Don’t Make It Junk.

Animation: Leonard Cohen Demonstrates Komboloi Technique #3

Leonard Cohen has used komboloi, worry beads which resemble prayer beads but have no religious significance, since living on Hydra. Compare with Leonard Cohen Displays Komboloi Technique and Leonard Cohen Animation: Komboloi Gymnastics Exhibition.

Source Video: The Future – Conversations with Leonard Cohen – 1993

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The Cars Of Leonard Cohen: «Autophonie» au MAC – 1963 Chevrolet Impala

Cars Of Leonard Cohen

is a series of posts about actual automobiles owned by or associated with Leonard Cohen, metaphorical cars he employed in his songs, and his thoughts about cars. All posts in this series are collected at as they go online.

MAC’s Leonard Cohen Autophonie Exhibit: 1963 Chevrolet Impala

The MAC’s ongoing Leonard Cohen exhibit will, according to «Autophonie» au MAC, ambiance sonore inspirée de Leonard Cohen by Ismaël Houdassine (HuffPost: March 13, 2018) via Google Translate  include a 1963 Chevrolet Impala1 listening station:

Autophonie is illustrated by two original proposals. The first, a telephone booth transformed into a recording studio, is installed inside the museum. Visitors are invited to enter to pick up the receiver to reveal a memory or testimony related to Cohen, who died in November 2016. The other, located outside the walls, is a Chevrolet Impala 1963 car with the function of listening station. Indeed, sitting on the seat of the vehicle, one can choose the stations on the radio which captures the rhythms coming from the telephone booth.

DrHGuy Note: It’s worth noting that Leonard liked to use his car as a listening station as well. See The Cars Of Leonard Cohen: 1990(ish) Honda Sedan & Screening Studio


  1. Note: the Impala pictured atop this post is representative only; it is not the Impala used by the MAC []

“They understand I’m not Depeche Mode, but I think they take the measure of it” Leonard Cohen Talks About His Teenage Kids’ Opinions Of His Music And The Prospect Of Adam Becoming A Musician (1988)

Now that they’re teenagers, what do your kids think of your music?

Leonard Cohen: I just spoke to my son — he’s 15 — on the telephone and he said, “Dad, I’ve just been listening to Various Positions and I want you to know I really respect your writing.” It was pretty nice. I gave him a cassette of I’m Your Man before it came out and both my children recited all the lyrics to me.

So they’re fans.

Leonard Cohen: They are very judicious. They understand I’m not Depeche Mode, but I think they take the measure of it. My son has started to write lyrics, so he knows what some of the problems are.

Does he want to be a musician?

Leonard Cohen: I don’t think so, but he happens to be gifted in that realm, so there’ll always be that temptation. He’s a very good singer – a real singer. His pitch is good, he could do it.

He could sing your songs.

Leonard Cohen: He could, but I don’t think he’s interested in the business, in a career in showbiz. I never was. I never thought I was until I had the revelation that I was a songwriter living in L.A.

From Leonard Cohen’s Nervous Breakthrough by Mark Rowland, Musician, July 1988

Leonard Cohen – Fashion Influencer

“The truth about this pair of shoes : Leonard Cohen was trying on them when I walked into the boutique. I asked for the same shoes as him…”

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Camp Cohen Shows The (Chicago) Flag

Keep Calm Chicago graphic based on Chicago flag posted by Joey Carenza

Credit Due Department: Chicago flag photo by Danny Huizinga, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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