Nine Leonard Cohen Songs Translated Into French

Sabine Huynh’s translations of nine of Leonard Cohen’s songs into French appeared in Terre à ciel, a French poetry magazine..

Traductions de Sabine Huynh des chansons suivantes de Leonard Cohen:
– Bird On The Wire
– Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
– So Long Marianne
– Suzanne
– Sing Another Song, Boys
– I Can’t Forget
– Famous Blue Raincoat
– I’m Your Man
– You Want It Darker

These translations can be found at

Bye-bye, Leonard Cohen (traductions de Sabine Huynh)


Sabine Huynh website: presque dire

Leonard Cohen Montreal Crescent St Mural In Progress Oct 16, 2017

“Leonard would play his guitar and sing. My father would play the harmonica… He and my father would laugh. They’d drink whisky.” Kid Marley’s Son, Cody, Talks About Leonard Cohen In Franklin TN, c. 1970

Cody Marley Shares Memories Of Leonard Cohen

DrHGuy Note: Cody Marley is the son of Ray “Kid” Marley, the cowboy who lived near Leonard Cohen when the Canadian singer-songwriter resided from 1968-1970  on a 1,200-acre homestead near Franklin, Tennessee1 (rented from the writer of Bye, Bye Love for $75 a month). Kid” Marley is described in this except from I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen by Sylvie Simmons:


I’ve included excerpts from both posts but the complete pieces are accessible at the links.

Excerpt from Leonard Cohen Gave Me Candy By Eight-year-old Cody Marley

Once, my father went to the bank with Leonard because they wouldn’t give him any money. My father told the bank Leonard had money and everything was OK.

Leonard wanted to be a cowboy. He liked cowboy songs. My father sold Leonard a horse but Leonard didn’t ride good. He was from the city.

Except from Cody Marley LeonardCohenForum Post:

My father also became friends with Bob Johnston (he did Bob Dylan’s Nashville stuff) and, as I recall, that’s how Leonard came to rent the house on the same place as us. Mr. Johnston worked with Leonard. First of all, my memory of every one of these folks is that of being very nice and quick to laugh. Sorry if that crushes you suicidal Leonard Cohen fans. He and his gal (Sue, I think) would come over and he would literally sing for his supper. We’d eat then he’d pull out the guitar and do some cowboy/country songs. It seems if I remember correctly he’d always wanted to be a cowboy singer. Heck, a cowboy in general. My father (Kid Marley, not a music guy, he was a cowboy) would pull out his “french harp” (harmonica) and they’d play “Red Wing”, “Little Brown Jug”, or whatever. Man, that would be great to have on tape.

Yep, Leonard Cohen gave me candy. I remember riding my horse up to his house. He’d come outside or invite me in. Heck, I could just walk in. I don’t know what kind it was but I can still taste it to this day. It was great. My father was a good guy and a good judge of people. He liked Leonard. Me too. Thanks for the candy, Leonard.

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Photos: Leonard Cohen – “A Real Gentleman” At Ease In London Ontario 2009

These photos were taken May 23, 2009 in London, Ontario by Bill Birtch, who writes about the event:

Leonard Cohen was playing the John Labatt Centre that evening. I was on my way downtown for a coffee and passed by Scotts Corner, a small bar on the main street, and as I rolled by (I use a power wheelchair to get around) I realized that I’d just passed within a few inches of Leonard Cohen.

My first thought was of my camera which I’d neglected to grab on my way out the door. I stopped down the street a ways and called my daughter, also an avid photographer, to tell her of my find but she was unable to get away to take advantage of this opportunity. So, I continued on, had my coffee and headed home after an hour or so. Much to my surprise Mr. Cohen was still sitting on the patio of the bar.

I stopped briefly, said “Welcome to London.” He thanked me, at which point I decided to rush home, grab my camera and come back, a 20 minute round trip, in the hopes that he would still be there.

Obviously, and much to my delight, he was. I caught the eye of one of his companions, a band member I believe, and held up my camera with a questioning look on my face – my way of asking permission to take some shots. He nodded so I snapped a dozen or so shots from a distance of a three of four meters.

At one point Leonard looked at me and removed his glasses to accommodate my picture taking. When I was done I nodded, mouthed the words “Thank you” and returned home to process my images.

I should add that he was most gracious and accommodating to people who stopped to talk, a real gentleman.

Note: The description of the first shot in the above series (the photo of Cohen with his glasses in hand) included this explanation: “The lighting was less than ideal so it took some serious photoshopping to come up with this.”

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Property Wanted: Farm Near Nashville – Contact Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Intends To Settle Down

This May 23, 1969 press release from the London office of CBS Records for the single of Bird On A Wire and Seems So Long Ago, Nancy from Leonard Cohen’s second album, Songs From A Room, not only expounds on Cohen’s “unique and distinctive compositions, “his wry, gentle and unforced interpretations,” and the “tremendous amount of interest” he has generated, but also discloses that

Leonard is currently searching for a small suitable farm near Nashville on which he intends to settle permanently.

As far as I can determine, Leonard did not purchase that small suitable farm near Nashville, and it is uncertain whether he is still in the market for such a property.

Note: Leonard did, however, manage to rent a place in Tennessee.  “Song From A Room” and “Songs Of Love and Hate” were taped in Tennessee, where Cohen lived on a 1500 acre farm he rented for $75 fro Boudeleaux Bryant, who wrote “I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover” and “Bye Bye Love.” (Source: The Portable Leonard Cohen by Scott Cohen. Spin, August 1985)

Credit Due Department: This press release was contributed by Maarten Massa. Originally posted Dec 4, 2011 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric