Video: Leonard Cohen’s Only Performance Of “Beloved Comrade” + Hear Complete Leonard Cohen Fête de l’Humanité Show – Paris 1974


Beloved Comrade

On Sept 7, 1974 at the Paris, Parc de la Courneuve concert, Leonard Cohen performed “Beloved Comrade” for the only time in his career. It is significant that the concert was part of the annual Fête de l’Humanité organized by Parti communiste français (French Communist Party). Cohen’s opening words (in French) were “Good evening friends, citizens, spies… angels of peace and violence.”

“Beloved Comrade” was written in 1945 by Lewis Allan (lyrics) and Fred Katz (music) in response to the death of Franklin Roosevelt or as a tribute to fallen Abraham Lincoln brigade soldiers in the Spanish Civil War (sources vary). In any case, the song has been performed many times from both perspectives.

Leonard Cohen first learned the song as a teenager during summer camp from The People’s Songbook, which was also his source for “The Partisan,” “Kevin Barry,” “Solidarity,” & other songs.

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Entire Concert Now Online


01. (Introduction)
02. So Long, Marianne
03. Vivre Seul (Serge Lama/Leonard Cohen)
04. Lover, Lover, Lover
05. Beloved Comrade (Josh White)
06. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
07. Diamonds In The Mine
08. There Is A War
09. Suzanne
10. The Partisan (Anna Marly/Emmanuel D’astier De La Vigerie/Hy Zaret)
11. Is This What You Wanted
12. The Stranger Song (Aborted)
13. The Butcher
14. Sisters Of Mercy

Listen To Complete Nov 30, 1974 Leonard Cohen Bottom Line Late Show

This excerpt from  Leonard Cohen: The Romantic in a Ragpicker’s Trade by Paul Williams (Crawdaddy: March 1975) describes one of Leonard Cohen’s Bottom Line shows (not the Nov 30, 1974 concert):

It was standing room only. There was a line of people a city-block long, huddling against the side of the building, fooling with broken umbrellas, waiting for a chance to buy tickets to get into the second show.

The crowd inside was terrific. So was Leonard and his group of musicians. The new stuff, arranged by Leonard’s new producer and piano-player (“John Lissauer is fantastic, people are going to know about him way beyond the contribution he makes to my scene”), is the best stuff musically that Cohen has ever done. Lyrically, it doesn’t measure up to the astonishing, penetrating cleverness and word-trickiness of Cohen’s earliest songs, but it appeals to me on a different level–the maturity of the vision, the appropriateness of the imagery and irony for our newly non-apocalyptic (but still struggle-filled) lives.

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The musicians at this gig were Leonard Cohen (vocals, acoustic guitar, hand whistle), Emily Bindinger (vocals), Erin Dickens (vocals), John Lissauer (keyboards, saxophone, woodwinds), Jeff Layton (banjo, guitars, mandolin, strings), and John Miller (bass, electric bass)


1.Bird On The Wire
2.So Long Marianne
3.Love Calls You By Your Name
4.There Is a War
5.Who By Fire
6.Lady Midnight
7.Chelsea Hotel
8.Hey That No Way To Say Goodbye
9.Diamonds IN The Mine
10.Seems So Long Ago Nancy
11.Border Song
12.You Know Who I Am
13.Story Of Isaac
14Tonight Will Be Fine
15.Famous Blue Raincoat
16.I Tried To Leave You
17.Sisters Of Mercy
18.Lover Lover Lover
19.Take This Longing
21.Is This What You Wanted
22.Passing Through
23.The Butcher
24.Bird On The Wire

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Print Ad – New Skin For The Old Ceremony & 1974 Tour

“From a man who has a lot inside:
Leonard Cohen”

Full page ad for Leonard Cohen’s New Skin For The Old Ceremony album and the September portion of the 1974 Tour published in the September 7, 1974 issue of New Musical Express.

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Hear Complete Sept 24, 1974 Leonard Cohen Berlin Concert Online

Christopher Allard, aka ALB123Videos on YouTube, has posted the complete audience recording of the September 24, 1974 Leonard Cohen Berlin Concert staged at the Berlin Philharmonie. (Note: this is an audio-only presentation; the only visual element is a still photo accompanying the audio file.)

The embedded video player atop this post is set to play the entire concert, i.e., after the first song, Bird On The Wire, is completed, the next song will begin automatically.  Individual songs from the set-list can be played at Leonard Cohen – Berlin 1974:

1) Bird on the Wire
2) So Long, Marianne
3) Love Calls You by Your Name
4) One of Us Cannot Be Wrong
5) Diamonds in the Mine
6) Why Don’t You Try
7) Joan of Arc
8)Who by Fire
9) Lady Midnight
10) Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye
11) Tonight Will Be Fine
12) Chelsea Hotel #2
13) The Stranger Song
14) A Singer Must Die
15) You Know Who I Am
16) The Partisan
17) Story of Isaac
18) Famous Blue Raincoat
19) I Tried to Leave You
20) Sisters of Mercy
21) Lover Lover Lover
22) Take This Longing
23) There Is a War
24) Suzanne
25) Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
26) Is This What You Wanted
27) The Butcher


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Leonard Cohen Appears At Bottom Line; Harry Chapin Drops In – 1974



Note: Leonard Cohen performed at the Bottom Line in New York City on Nov 29, Nov 30, and Dec 1, 1974 (two shows each night). And, Harry Chapin wasn’t the only celebrity musician to visit; Judy Collins & Janis Ian also came by (see photo at link).

Credit Due Department: Clippings are from Jem Treadwell’s Leonard Cohen Scrapbook