Listening Recommendation: 1985 Leonard Cohen Hannover Concert & Soundcheck

Jo Meul writes

This recording is particularly interesting

  • The sound quality is way above average
  • Some of the songs are quite rare,livewise. (Memories, anyone?)
  • In my opinion Cohen is at his artistic live peak
  • Some songs are given original arrangements. (The Partisan)
  • There are hardly any annoying audience sounds, nor any After-half-a-minute-I-recognize-the-song-that’s-being-performed-so-I-think-I-should-react-by-clapping-my-hands-handclaps
  • And for the true die-hards there’s the recording of the soundcheck

Anyway, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Leonard Cohen Live At Kuppelsaal, Hannover
March 13. 1985
Uploaded by Joao Miguel Figueiredo Silva

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Vietnam Version Of Leonard Cohen’s Diamonds In The Mine – Montreux 1985

I told you all about it in the days of Vietnam
when your poets marched for Uncle Ho
And your sons for Uncle Sam
But which side you’re gonna take now,
which song you’re gonna sing?
With the mega stench of corpses that is blowin’ in the wind

Diamonds In The Mine was released on the 1971 Songs Of Love And Hate album. By 1979, Leonard Cohen’s live performances featured additional lines referencing Vietnam. A version of the song that begins with verse shown above (with the reference to Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ In The Wind) became the standard in his 1985 concerts. Tom Sakic once told me the 1985 Montreux performance was Leonard’s best ever – and, that’s good enough for me.

Update: See Video: Leonard Cohen’s More Country Version Of Diamonds In The Mine (Vietnam Version) – Warsaw 1985

Leonard Cohen – Diamonds In The Mine
Montreux: July 9, 1985
The video should automatically begin with Diamonds In The Mine

For comparison, the album version can be played below.

Credit Due Department: Photo by Dominique BOILE

Hear Feb 2, 1985 Leonard Cohen Wiesbaden Show aka “Songs of a Serious Old Man”


Songs of a Serious Old Man is a two-disk  vinyl unauthorized album recorded at the Leonard Cohen concert in Wiesbaden on February 2, 1985. Sound quality is acceptable.


1. Bird On The Wire
2. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
3. The Law
4. Coming Back To You
5. Who By Fire
6. There Is A War
7. Night Comes On
8. Dance Me To The End Of Love
9. Diamonds In The Mine
10. The Gypsy’s Wife
11. So Long, Marianne
12. Avalanche – solo
13. Talking
14. Talking and Chelsea Hotel #2 – solo
15. The Stranger Song – solo
16. Story Of Isaac
17. Famous Blue Raincoat
18. Lover Lover Lover
19. Band Introduction
20. Sisters Of Mercy
21. Passin’ Through
22. Suzanne
23. I Tried To Leave You
24. Memories
25. The Guests
26. Bird On The Wire (2)

27. Unidentified Song, Probably Improvised
28. Tennessee Waltz
29. Bird On The Wire
30. Joan Of Arc
31. Hallelujah
32. There Is A War
33. There Is A War
34. If It Be Your Will
35. If It Be Your Will
36. Avalanche

“This is a new song about everything” Leonard Cohen Performs Night Comes On – Copenhagen 1985

The Leonard Cohen 1985 Copenhagen Concert

Night Comes On is one of the six songs from the February 9, 1985 concert in Copenhagen, Denmark that were broadcast on Danish TV.1 Backing Cohen are Anjani Thomas (vocals and Keyboards), John Crowder (bass), Ron Getman, & Mitch Watkins (guitar), Richard Crooks (drums).2

While the visual elements of this video are suboptimal, the audio is quite good. A bit of banter precedes the performance of the song.

Leonard Cohen – Night Comes On
Copenhagen: February 9, 1985
Video from messalina79

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  1. Diamonds In The Mine []
  2. Source: Leonard Cohen Video Database []

Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day: Dance Me To The End Of Love + Interview – Australian TV 1985


Leonard Cohen Sings, Explains Origins Of Dance Me To The End Of Love

This video offers not only an outstanding performance of Dance Me To The End Of Love but also a six minute interview, which, thanks to the host’s miscues, offers key explanations of the origins of  Dance Me To The End Of Love and the distinction between Suzanne who  feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China and Suzanne who is the mother of Leonard Cohen’s children.


Cohen1 sets off laughter as he deadpans his way through corrections.


In response to the host observing that the film clip (from Dominique Issermann’s Dance Me To The End Of Love video) was shot in a “mental hospital,” Cohen points out

No, it was just an ordinary hospital where people get sick and die

And when Mr Walsh notes that Cohen “attracts” emotions like moroseness and sadness, the Canadian singer-songwriter opines

That’s what they say … My friends think I’m a barrel of laughs.

fullbandThe screenshots, including views of Mitch Watkins, who also played in the 2012 Tour, and Anjani Thomas, are a  wonderful bonus.


Leonard Cohen –  Dance Me To The End Of Love
Mike Walsh Show – Australian TV: 20 May 1985
Video uploaded by a1000kissesdeep

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  1. Note that Mr Cohen sports slicked back hair, a dark suit, plaid shirt, and cowboy boots.  Do not try this at home unless you, like Leonard Cohen, are a professional dapper dresser. []