Hear Complete Leonard Cohen 1985 Montreux Concert

High quality recording of Leonard Cohen’s July 9, 1985 appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival, including stage banter. Worthy of special note are Tennessee Waltz, which was used on the Dear Heather album; the excellent “Vietnam version” of Diamonds In The Mine; a lovely rendition of There Is A War; and Anjani joining Leonard on Joan Of Arc.

Setlist: Bird On The Wire – The Law – Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye – There Is A War – Who By Fire – Dance Me To The End Of Love – Diamonds In The Mine – Night Comes On – The Gypsy Wife – Hallelujah – Avalanche – A Singer Must Die – The Stranger Song – Chelsea Hotel #2 – Story Of Isaac – Famous Blue Raincoat – Lover Lover Lover – Tennessee Waltz – The Partisan – Sisters Of Mercy – Memories – Passing Through – If It Be Your Will – Heart With No Companion – I Tried To Leave You – Suzanne – Coming Back To You – Joan Of Arc – Dance Me To The End Of Love

Musicians:  Leonard Cohen – vocals, guitar; Richard Crooks – drums; John Crowder – bass, vocals; Ron Getman – guitar, pedal steel, vocals; Anjani Thomas – keyboards, vocals; Mitch Watkins – guitar, keyboards, vocals

Classic Images Of Leonard Cohen & Crew 1985: Distinctive Clothes, Soulful Singing, Familiar Faces

All of these images are screenshots from Video: Leonard Cohen’s Brilliant Performance Of “Coming Back To You” – Australian TV 1985.

Worthy of special note are views of

  • The sartorial splendor of Leonard Cohen in the 1980s: dark suit, plaid shirt, cowboy boots, slicked back hair (Do not try this at home unless you, like Leonard Cohen, are a professional dapper dresser.)
  • Mitch Watkins (also in plaid shirt), who also played in the 2012  – 2013 Leonard Cohen Tours
  • Anjani Thomas

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Leonard Cohen’s “Byronic Bullfrog” Response & Other Delights From 1985 Boston Show


New Songs & Intriguing Stage Banter: Leonard Cohen At Berklee Performance Center 1985

The May 4, 1985 Leonard Cohen Concert at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston is an extraordinary enjoyable an interesting albeit little-known show. While the only available recording is far from pristine, it is sufficient unto our needs. I have chosen a few excerpts from the concert for your listening pleasure. (The transcriptions are from a bootleg site no longer online with several corrections by Alan Mawhinney.)

Dr Heck How About That Note: Anjani Thomas attended the Berklee College of Music. Leanne Ungar is an Associate Professor in the Music Production and Engineering department at Berklee.

Leonard Cohen – Byronic Bullfrog

Note: The review referenced by Leonard Cohen is Pop/Rock: Leonard Cohen At Walnut Street Theater by Ken Tucker The Philadelphia Inquirer: May 1, 1985; more about this review at the link.

Before A Singer Must Die


Thank you very much. It’s been a long time since I played in this country, and it is a real pleasure to be able to understand… understand the reviews that I get for the concerts. I read my first American review in ten years the other night after my very first concert in this country in Philadelphia. And then it’s genuine wit. I say this without any sense of irony. The first half of the column he reviewed my suit. I’m going to relate this news to my tailor. But I bear no grudge. He also called me a ‘Byronic bullfrog’. That man has his finger at the very heart of things.

Leonard Cohen Defies Curfew & Changes Tennessee Waltz

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Leonard Cohen Plays Madrid 1985 – Photo By Daniel Bastida + Take This Longing – Hannover 1979

Daniel Bastida, who took this photo of Leonard Cohen in concert in Madrid 1985, pairs it with the great version of Take This Longing performed in Hannover 1979.

Leonard Cohen – Take This Longing
Hannover: Nov 11,1979
Video uploaded by ALB123Videos
Note: The woman Leonard references in the introduction is Nico.

Listening Recommendation: 1985 Leonard Cohen Hannover Concert & Soundcheck

Jo Meul writes

This recording is particularly interesting

  • The sound quality is way above average
  • Some of the songs are quite rare,livewise. (Memories, anyone?)
  • In my opinion Cohen is at his artistic live peak
  • Some songs are given original arrangements. (The Partisan)
  • There are hardly any annoying audience sounds, nor any After-half-a-minute-I-recognize-the-song-that’s-being-performed-so-I-think-I-should-react-by-clapping-my-hands-handclaps
  • And for the true die-hards there’s the recording of the soundcheck

Anyway, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Leonard Cohen Live At Kuppelsaal, Hannover
March 13. 1985
Uploaded by Joao Miguel Figueiredo Silva

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