2012 Leonard Cohen Lisbon Concert Photos – Neil Larsen’s Accordion Hands Close-up, Alex Bublitchi’s Tie Inspection, & More

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of shots showing Leonard Cohen in concert standing erect, kneeling, crouching, etc. And, it’s easy to find images of classic scenes – e.g., Javier Mas performing his dramatic solo at the beginning of “Who By Fire” or Sharon Robinson powerfully singing “Alexandra Leaving.” But only on Cohencentric can one count on finding these and other popular photos alongside such rarely published but endearing images as a closeup of Neil Larsen’s hands playing the accordion on “The Partisan,” Alex Bublitchi, the intense violinist, who appears to be either carefully examining his necktie or performing the magic pencil illusion with his bow, and some wonderful looks at Roscoe Beck and Mitch Watkins in action. All of these photos, both the conventional and wonderfully idiosyncratic poses, were taken by Martine Nevens.

Note: Originally posted Oct 12, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Photo: Confirmed Sighting Of Neil Larsen & His Keyboards At 2012 Leonard Cohen Madrid Concert

OK, there are a few other folks in this photo (click on image to enlarge) as well as Neil Larsen. And, rumor has it that Neil Larsen has performed at every Leonard Cohen concert since the 2008 Tour. Still, an unobstructed view of  him at work surrounded by his keyboards, such as in the photo of  the Oct 5, 2012 Madrid show displayed above, is a noteworthy rarity, as can be inferred from the titles of the two Cohencentric posts offering an overview of his career, Neil Larsen – The Impeccable & Nearly Invisible Leonard Cohen World Tour Keyboardist, Part 1 and Neil Larsen, BC (Before Cohen), Part 2.

The high quality photo, which would have been blog-worthy even had Neil been camouflaged into obscurity as usual and is stellar with him in the picture, is by Sergio Perea at Sergio Perea Photography. Originally posted Apr 26, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Photos: Remembering The Leonard Cohen 2009 Madrid Concert

These evocative photos of Leonard Cohen performing in concert at Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid on September 12, 2009 as well as shots of the Tour logo, a ticket to the show, and a selection from the Tour Booklet were taken by SolMur

Note: Originally posted Feb 19, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Outstanding Photos – And Lots Of Them: 2012 Leonard Cohen Madison Square Garden Concert


Brooklyn Vegan provides 61 (that’s not a misprint) photos of the Dec 18, 2012 Leonard Cohen show at Madison Square Garden.  More significantly, the photos include not only those classic Cohen concert poses that every professional photographer favors but also shots of the audience inside and outside the theater, and the merchandise stand.  And, there is an outstanding (and rare) photo of Neil Larsen at work on the keyboards, a black and white study of Leonard Cohen dispersing flowers to the backup singers, and a couple of stellar views of Javier Mas and violinist Alex Bublitchi. All of these photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin can be viewed at Leonard Cohen played Madison Square Garden.

Credit Due Department: The photo atop this post was taken by and posted with the permission of James Finch. Please do not repost photos or use photos for commercial purposes without the specific permission of the photographer. This photo is part of a set of shots taken at the Dec 18, 2012 Leonard Cohen Madison Square Garden concert, all of which can be accessed at Leonard Cohen 2012 12 18 Madison Square Garden.

Note: Originally posted Dec 19, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen & Crew Mount Second Regina Expedition – 2013

Photo by Leif Bodnarchuk at No Ideas

Taking Manhattan & Berlin Is One Thing – Taking The Regina Stage Is Another

On April 27, 2013, the intrepid Unified Heart troupe, led by Field Commander Cohen, began a second attempt to perform in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Photo by Joey Carenza

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