The Sweetest Little Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 2012 Dublin Concerts

Éva Mártonyi took these photos of the signature signs at the Sept 11, 2012 Leonard Cohen Dublin concert. Éva’s photos were originally posted in her Dublin, 9-11-2012 Facebook album, which contains many more photos of the show.

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Quality Photos: Dec 2, 2012 Leonard Cohen Quebec City Concert

Leonard Cohen hailing a cab
Leonard Cohen miming calf roping

Webb Sisters looking especially sweet & innocent1

Webb Sisters & Sharon Robinson looking suspiciously innocent


Photos by Patrick Dubé, Quebec City. Originally posted Dec 9, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric


  1. My apologies to the Sisters Webb and their fans for perpetuating this cliche, but that’s how the photo looks []

“Leonard Cohen Geliyooooo!” Signs Of Leonard Cohen (+Notes): 2012 Istanbul Show

A poster, well-worn but stubborn as those garbage bags that time cannot decay, for the Sept 19, 2012 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour Istanbul Concert. Tweeted by Lerna Iramoglu.

Original caption:
Leonard Cohen geliyooooo! Butun konser hallelujah soylese bile sikilmam lagn

Google’s English translation:
Leonard Cohen geliyooooo! Even if they lagn sikilmam hallelujah all the concerts

Because Google’s translation was suboptimal, I requested the help of Kutay Onaylı, the official DrHGuy Turkish-English translator, who was good enough to provide a literal rendering that is itself far more comprehensible:
Leonard Cohen is coming! I wouldn’t be bored even if he sung Hallelujah through the entire concert!

He also, however, offers an empathic interpretation which I find even more helpful:
Leonard Cohen is comiiiiiiiin’! Duude, I wouldn’t be bored even if he sung Hallelujah the entire concert!

Where else are you gonna find this kind of service?

Fascinating Photos: Sept 2, 2012 Leonard Cohen Helsinki Concert

These shots from the September 2, 2012 Leonard Cohen Helsinki Show are striking not only because of their superior technical qualities and their compositional aesthetics but also because they capture meaningful moments of the performance that are often missed in the press coverage of these concerts.

These photos are the work of Aarno Sundgren, Finland (fi.), who has more photos of Leonard Cohen and others on display at that link.

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