Leonard Cohen & Crew Mount Second Regina Expedition – 2013

Photo by Leif Bodnarchuk at No Ideas

Taking Manhattan & Berlin Is One Thing – Taking The Regina Stage Is Another

On April 27, 2013, the intrepid Unified Heart troupe, led by Field Commander Cohen, began a second attempt to perform in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Photo by Joey Carenza

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Photos Of Interest: Leonard Cohen & Company Perform In Toronto 2012

The Unified Heart Touring Company, Starring Leonard Cohen

There is a lot to like about these photos taken by -Astin- at the Dec 4, 2012 concert in Toronto, but I’m most impressed with those shots showing Leonard Cohen performing in the context of the other musicians on stage.

Photos Of Revelation: Nov 5, 2012 Leonard Cohen Los Angeles Concert

To my eye, these photos taken at the Nov 5, 2012 Los Angeles Leonard Cohen concert by Shannon Burns capture more of the expressiveness and effort of Cohen and his musicians than the galleries generated by professionals. Because press photos are allowed only during the first song of each concert, the images published at news sites have, for the most part, been indistinguishable clones of one another. Leonard Cohen kneeling beside Javier Mas, for example, is a powerful scene but viewing a dozen versions of that tableau taken by a dozen talented professionals in three venues significantly attenuates the dramatic tension. On the other hand, the wider variety of shots taken from the perspective of the audience, as is seen in the selection below, feels fresh and evocative.

Note: Originally posted Nov 7, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

While The Audience Waits In The Street – Leonard Cohen’s 2012 Ghent Concerts

Erik Soberon, who took these photos, writes

When I went back to listen to the concert again from behind the fences in the street, I was not alone, hundreds filled the streets to hear his voice, many like me (as I overheard) for a second time. Also many students who couldn’t afford a ticket, or get one in time.  There were chairs and cushions brought, there was sing-along, waltz-dancing, women were swaying their hips on the music, all looking into the black night. It was a very unusual experience which I enjoyed.

I wonder if this happens in every town…

Video: Betty Vercauteren Meets Leonard Cohen & Roscoe Beck – 2012

Betty Vercauteren’s slideshow of her memories of meeting Leonard Cohen and Roscoe Beck  during the 2012 Tour includes elements from at least half of the DrHGuy headings:

  • A Leonard Cohen performance (I Can’t Forget soundtrack)
  • Leonard Cohen On Tattoos (see screenshot above)
  • Kissing Cohen
  • Leonard Cohen Memorabilia (Lanyards, T-shirts, Poster)
  • Leonard Cohen Bracelets (Saint’s Bracelet)
  • Shades of Leonard Cohen
  • Hats of Leonard Cohen
  • Meeting Leonard Cohen
  • Leonard Cohen Autographs
  • Drinking With Leonard Cohen (with Mr Beck serving as proxy for Mr Cohen)

I Can’t Forget
Video by Betty Vercauteren

Note: Originally posted February 6, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric