“I will remember this concert for the rest of my days” – Uwe Schrade On The 2013 Leonard Cohen Berlin Concert

Uwe Schrade of Switzerland writes about the July 17, 2013 Leonard Cohen show in Berlin:

Just back from Berlin…. what an incredible night we had!

After Hamburg, which was (from my point of view) an outstanding performance from Leonard and all of the band members, I wouldn’t – no, I thought – I couldn’t expect more ….

But last night, Leonard delivered a touching, very warm, very exciting evening!
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“Have no words. Hypnotized by Leonard Cohen’s voice live tonight. I am done. Completely. Standing ovation. <3" Tweet Following 2013 Lodz, Poland Concert

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Pristine Video: Leonard Cohen Performs The Future – Lucca 2013

futurelucaPristine clarity and color along with great sound make  this one of the best videos from the 2013 Tour.

Leonard Cohen – The Future
Lucca: July 9, 2013
Video by robytex69

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Video: More Delights From The July 9, 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck

Remember “The Pitch,” the 43rd episode of Seinfeld, in which George Costanza promotes the idea that “Jerry,:” the show he and Jerry Seinfeld are pitching to NBC, would be “a show about nothing” (i.e., no plot, no stories)? Well, this is the “Leonard Cohen soundcheck video about nothing.” And, it’s delightful.

Index Of Video Scenes

  • Leonard Cohen plays last part of Tower Of Song
  • Leonard Cohen performs flawless thumbs-up gesture (0:18)
  • After multiple sightings of that guy who carries Leonard Cohen’s guitar, at 0:35, we finally see the guy who carries Leonard Cohen’s keyboard

  • Leonard guitar commences guitar pickin’ (1:10), providing soundtrack for our panoramic viewing of the venue
  • Roscoe Beck gets wired
  • Charley (Webb) chats
  • Leonard Cohen masterfully swigs from a water bottle
  • Demonstrating this feat was no fluke, Leonard Cohen performs an encore sip
  • Javier Mas wanders by

Note: For more of the 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck, see

July 9, 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck
Video by 30gallina72 (Szilvia Szanto)

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Photos Of Interest: Leonard Cohen Montreux Concert – July 4, 2013

Leonard Cohen: Montreux Jazz Festival July 4, 2013

I’m taken by the photo sets by AlexServant2009 in large part because they include not only the standard action poses that were routinely featured in the media during the tour but also shots that capture spontaneous moments that are sweetly evocative rather than heroic (for an example of this category, see the final shot of the group below).

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