Photos: Leonard Cohen Engages With St John’s Audience – April 20, 2013

Philip Hiscock., the photographer responsible for these shots, writes about the physical and sociological perspective from which these photos were taken:

I wasn’t placed really well for pictures, but it wasn’t too bad: on the main floor in Row X, so about 25 rows back. Or perhaps 30, after the “VIP” section. It was a well-behaved crowd so I wasn’t about to stand up a lot and take pictures.

So, there are no closeups. On the other hand, I think these images more than compensate by effectively providing a sense of the connection between Leonard Cohen and the audience as well as the excitement of that event.

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High Quality Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Hallelujah – Hamilton 2013

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah (clips)
Hamilton: April 9, 2013
Video by Toronto Kirtan Community

Linda Sturgess spotted this video of clips from Leonard Cohen’s performance of Hallelujah at the April 9, 2013 Hamilton concert. Originally posted April 25, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Photos By Pete Purnell: 2013 Leonard Cohen Rotterdam Concert

When I first heard from Pete Purnell, he wrote that his goal was to take concert photos that would “capture moments and subtle gestures” of the sort that are rarely caught in the shots favored by sources such as newspapers and magazines. These photos from the 2013 Leonard Cohen Rotterdam Concert are evidence that he remains committed to this mission. His shots from this show are also a dandy addition to one my favorite photo themes: When Bad Seats Happen To Good Photographers.

I especially like the shot below that catches Rafael Gayol’s drumstick at the apex of his ritual toss.

And I’m fond of this view of the stage and audience.


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Gwen Langford’s Photo Gallery: 2013 Leonard Cohen Radio City Music Hall Concerts

Gwen Langford, web master of Gwen’s Leonard Cohen Journey, graciously allowed me to filch photos from her own 2013 Radio City Music Hall Leonard Cohen concert albums. Worthy of special note are lovely photos of Charley & Hattie Webb, the shot of Mitch Watkins that not only shows him at work but also displays his 2013 upgrade to a red velvet chair, three impressive images of Alex Bublitchi, and the sequence of photos depicting Leonard Cohen’s elbow keyboard run.

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Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 2013 Stockholm Concert Poster

An in situ poster promoting the Aug 15. 2013 Leonard Cohen concert’ held in Stockholm. Photo taken by Svetlana Bolonova. Special thanks to Roman Gavrilin aka Hermitage Prisoner, who forwarded the photo to me. Originally posted August 21, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric.

Artifacts From 2013 Radio City Music Hall Leonard Cohen Concerts & Soundchecks

These graphic displays from the April 6 & 7, 2013 Leonard Cohen shows at Radio City Music Hall are too interesting not to offer to viewers just because I couldn’t come up with rationalizations to post them separately.

Soundcheck. Photo: Leif Bodnarchuk

Soundcheck. Photo: Leif Bodnarchuk

Photo: Joey Carenza

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