Leonard Cohen Fluffs, Then, “Like Any Real Man,” Restarts Closing Time – Victoria 2013


At March 6, 2013 Victoria Concert, Leonard Cohen Is Funny, Bawdy, And – When He Errs – Gracious

The first set passed much like the previous young days of this tour and the second set is where the laughs begin. As per the congregation in Oakland, Victorians shower the master pianist with praise for his tinkerings in Tower of Song. The response from a stunned Leonard: ‘Are you humouring me? Taking advantage of an older chap?’ Anyhow is ‘got’ here in Victoria; the bawdy number fosters wolf-whistles and hoots from the islanders who also revelled in the lines from I’m Your Man: ‘If you want a doctor, I’ll examine every precious inch of you.’ It’s likely each one of us in the venue was stunned at the rarest of occurrences, the full-on stop of Closing Time; early in the song, Leonard seemed to fluff the lyrics and like any real man who takes his medicine, halted proceedings; from the top and with a grin the song was restarted to a flawless finish with I Tried to Leave You.

From Mar 6: Victoria, Show Day by Leif Bodnarchuk. Posted March 7, 2013 at No Ideas.

This was not the first time Leonard Cohen re-started a song in concert. See Leonard Cohen Restarts Song Twice In Concert So It’s “Sung Right” – Glasgow 1972 & Louisville 2013

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Photos: Leonard Cohen, The Long Stemmed Rose, The Monkey & More – Amsterdam 2013

Worthy of special note in this impressive group of photos taken by Ad van Bever at the Sept 20, 2013 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert are the images of Cohen holding a long stem rose and the shot of him cradling the monkey, which arrived on cue with the lines “And I thank you for those items that you sent me / The monkey and the plywood violin.”  There are more Amsterdam concert photos at Ad van Bever’s Facebook Page

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I’m Your (Traveling) Man: Leonard Cohen – Hamburg 2013

As they say in rock and roll, they don’t pay you to sing, they pay you to travel.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

Photo by Sharon Robinson via Twitter. Quotation if from Leonard Cohen interview with Hans Pfitzinger in Paris,1988. Originally posted July 12, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Photos & Firsthand Report: July 4, 2013 Leonard Cohen Montreux Concert

“It is very hot here” Leonard Cohen

Uwe Schrade, who, along with Susanne Mohler, took the photos displayed below, writes:

It was a very special, intimate Concert… the band was in a very good shape, it seems that Leonard had a good time.

But as I said: it was a small place, and the Montreux Jazz Festival people saved some energy, but surely at the wrong place – they didn’t start the air conditioning. [In his No Ideas post, Leif Bodnarchuk explained, “the Stravinski Auditorium feels like a fairly modern building, but its air conditioning is somewhat classical. We were told that once climate control is turned on, it may take some time for the air to feel noticeably different; this is because classical instruments do not like radical swings in temperature and the designers of our environment allowed for such an inanimate opinion.”]

So it was very, very, very hot. Even Leonard himself said, that “it is very hot here”…. And when the Man himself said something like this, you can imagine, how it was!

You can “cut the air in pieces”… and the smell from the French fries… The oil must be the same since Leonard Cohen was here in 2008

Another Thing: in Montreux, they have their own lightening equipment and staff. Sometimes it was very unusual with this lightening management: it was way too bright too often… Also, there was no “Leonard Cohen Unified Heart curtain” on the stage.

But the saddest thing: we was so far away from the stage (balcony, about 70 meters away) …

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Video: The Pleasure Of Leonard Cohen’s Company At The 2013 Lucca Soundcheck

49 Seconds Of Felicity

Less than a minute long, Szilvia Szanto’s video of the end of the 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca soundcheck includes

  • That great shot (atop this post) of a smiling music icon
  • Leonard Cohen telling the soundcheck viewers “Thanks for coming” and voicing  his hope that  he will see  them at the concert that night while a smiling Mitch Watkins watches on
  • A confirmed sighting of the guy who carries Leonard Cohen’s guitar for the guy who carries Leonard Cohen’s guitar

  • A brief leave-taking between Leonard Cohen & Roscoe Beck
  • Sharon Robinson (heard, not seen) beginning Alexandra Leaving, creating a downright eerie moment starting at 0:30 when she sings “God of love preparing to depart” as Leonard, well, prepares to depart.

“God of love preparing to depart”

What’s not to like?

July 9, 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck
Video by 30gallina72 (Szilvia Szanto)

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“Photos That Capture Moments And Subtle Gestures” 2013 Leonard Cohen Antwerp Concert

June 23, 2013 Leonard Cohen Antwerp Concert

When I first heard from Pete Purnell in 2012, he wrote that his goal was to take concert photos that would “capture moments and subtle gestures” of the sort that are rarely caught in the shots favored by sources, such as newspapers and magazines, serving large populations. These photos from the 2013 Leonard Cohen Antwerp Concert are evidence that he remains committed to this mission.

Leonard Cohen In Concert 1974-1993: Photos By Pete Purnell comprises five photo sets of Leonard Cohen concerts between 1974 and 1993.

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