Outstanding Video: Leonard Cohen Recites A Thousand Kisses Deep – Brussels 2013

This video is simply a prolonged closeup of Leonard Cohen reciting A Thousand Kisses Deep.

Just perfect.

Leonard Cohen – A Thousand Kisses Deep
Brussels: June 30, 2013
Video by MaartenLC (Maarten Massa)

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Video: Antwerp Goes Country – Leonard Cohen’s Heart With No Companion 2013

Leonard Cohen – Heart With No Companion
Antwerp: June 23, 2013
Visuals: Good to High Quality: Audio: Very Good.
Video by Wirebirds (Henry Tengelsen)

Originally posted June 26, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Evocative Photos: Leonard Cohen & Musicians – Antwerp 2013

Photos By Betty Vercauteren

While this entire gallery of photos by Betty Vercauteren taken at the June 23, 2013 Leonard Cohen concert in Antwerp is impressive, the images in the section directly below, featuring a happily smiling Leonard Cohen, a radiant Sharon Robinson, and especially fetching views of Charley & Hattie Webb, are …

Worthy Of Special Note



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