Leonard Cohen Photo Featuring “Eyes To Die For”

In preparing this closeup, taken by Mandy McLeod at the September 15, 2013 London Concert, for posting, I found myself focusing on Cohen’s eyes. Not being an expert in rating men’s eyes, I asked The Duchess for an assessment. Turns out she is quite taken with the Canadian singer-songwriter’s eyes, describing them as “sultry, perhaps smoky.” I showed the photo to another female fan (who asked not to be named); her full reply follows:

Eyes to die for

Note: Originally posted Nov 26, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen Classic Comic Video: Tower Of Song Keyboard Glissando & Monologue – Antwerp 2013

Leonard Cohen – Keyboard Glissando & Monologue from Tower of Song
Antwerp: June 23, 2013
Video by MaartenLC (Maarten Massa)
Video begins after Mr Cohen’s one finger keyboard solo


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Outstanding Photos: 2013 Leonard Cohen Perth Concert

These photos were taken by Adrian Thomson at the November 13, 2013 Leonard Cohen Perth concert. Among the many outstanding photos, the shot of the Webb Sisters exchanging confidences is especially fetching.

Update: More photos from this show can be found at Photos: November 13, 2013 Leonard Cohen Perth Concert.