Photos Of The Extraordinary 2013 Leonard Cohen Paris Concert

Photos of the “fin, élégant, racé, notre légende vivante, Leonard Cohen” by eMmA the collagist

These photos of the June 18, 2013 Leonard Cohen Paris concert capture the excitement and sheer joyfulness of attending an outstanding set of performances by the Canadian singer-songwriter – or a eMmA describes him, “fin, élégant, racé, notre légende vivante, Leonard Cohen” [Google Translate: “fine, elegant, racy, our living legend, Leonard Cohen”]. These images were originally posted as part of  Leonard Cohen, 18 juin 2013 P.O.P. B, Amen! on June 18,2013  at Les Collages d’eMmA. The accompanying text is a delightful read, even in the awkward machine translation.

Worthy of special mention are the shots of a couple in the audience dancing, the usually invisible Neil Larsen, and a smiling Leonard Cohen waving at the crowd as he leaves the stage.

DrHGuy extends a special thanks from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to eMmA the collagist in Paris for taking these photos and graciously allowing them to be posted here.

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Photos: End Of 2013 Leonard Cohen North American Tour Celebration – St. John’s, NL

From Leonard Cohen Facebook page

End of North American tour celebration, St. John’s, NL. L to R. front: Hattie, Charley, Nikki, Sharon, Kezban; back: Paul and Ryan. Photo & caption from Sharon Robinson Facebook page

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Striking Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Hallelujah – Halifax 2013

HalifaxThis video of Hallelujah, although filmed from a balcony at a severely acute angle, is of superior quality and offers an atypical, intriguing view of the performance.

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah
Visual Quality: Good-High; Audio Quality: Good-High
Halifax: April 13, 2013
Video by joeshrubbery

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