Video: Leonard Cohen’s Electrifying Performance Of First We Take Manhattan – Auckland 2013

Linda Sturgess writes about this performance:

Electric – Roscoe’s is “wired” from the kickoff to the end- J And Henry captures at 4:18 – Roscoe’s turns his bass into a percussive instrument.    And Sharon – she is always fully and totally into this song …

Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan
Auckland: Dec 21, 2013
Video by Henry Tengelsen (aka Wirebirds)

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Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Sydney’s Peripatetic Poster 2013

This sign promoting the Nov 16, 2013 Leonard Cohen Sydney concert and the Nov 23, 2013 Hill Winery show was originally spotted at the Sydney Entertainment Centre but later, according to the photographer (Bev aka B4real),  it “found its way across the street onto the one just outside my hotel window.”  While the explanation of this phenomenon is a matter of speculation, the primary hypotheses follow:

  1. The sign was laid off at the end of the Cohen concert and was reduced to hanging out on street corners
  2. The sign was stalking Bev
  3. It’s another one of those pesky time-space warps
  4. That’s just the kind of weirdness that happens every day in Oz

Note: Originally posted November 19, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric