Leonard Cohen’s 2013 Brisbane Banter: Endorsement Of Therapeutic Tunnel

“The tunnel is filled with a comforting message, a beautiful knowledge of unity.”

From Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen

Tunnel Of Therapy

Leonard Cohen’s stage banter often includes a recognizable local reference, such as poets who lived or worked in the area, site-specific customs  (e.g., locking a padlock on Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne), foods (e.g., bagels), sports (e.g., Helsinki hockey) … In Victoria, the allusion was to a bird – one on a windowsill rather than a wire. In Brisbane, the Canadian singer-songwriter referred to the M7 Clem Jones Tunnel, a toll road under the Brisbane River.

Bev aka B4real, who attended the Nov 30, 2013 Brisbane concert, reports Cohen telling the audience

Thanks for coming tonight, for getting into cars and driving, even into that wonderful tunnel which is one of the best tunnels I’ve ever been in. It has, it has therapeutic qualities. I’m serious, I’ve been in a lot of tunnels in my days, in fact most of my days were spent in tunnels! But this one has [indecipherable] therapeutic qualities. I wasn’t feeling so great at the beginning but I was feeling great at the end

DrHGuy Note: Hmm. A testimonial for a tunnel with therapeutic qualities from a 79 year old singer-songwriter-icon who runs onto the stage to begin 3-4 hour concerts. I’m thinking entrepreneurial opportunity…

Leonard Still “Doesn’t Have The Cojones”

For those readers wondering, “cojones” again replaced “freedom” in the line from Going Home, ‘He just doesn’t have the cojones to refuse‘ at the Nov 30, 2013 Leonard Cohen Brisbane Concert. (See Leonard Cohen, Cairns, & Cojones)

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“Leonard Cohen just … covered Jeff Buckley’s hallelujah” – Uh Oh, Someone’s gonna get coal in his stocking

Leonard Cohen just blew my mind, destroyed my soul and covered Jeff buckley’s hallelujah… Amazing show. What a band, what a man!

Posted Dec 14, 2013 by Tim Crafternoon ‏@crafternoon via Twitter

Note: Originally posted December 14, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric