Envisioning Concert Performances Of Those Songs Leonard Cohen Never Sang Live: Almost Like The Blues

Because Popular Problems and You Want It Darker were released after Leonard Cohen’s last tour, he never performed those songs (except Born in Chains) live. I’ve been thinking about which of the tracks on those albums I would have most anticipated hearing Leonard sing onstage.

OK, I can’t think of any songs from the Popular Problems and You Want It Darker albums that I wouldn’t want to hear in concert, but some – such as Almost Like The Blues – are especially appealing, at least in my imagination.

Leonard Cohen – Almost Like The Blues

Leonard Cohen’s spoken word rendition of Almost Like The Blues is found at Listen To Leonard Cohen’s Spoken Word Recitation Of “Almost Like The Blues” At New Yorker

The graphic atop this post is “Almost Like The Blues,” a lithograph by Leonard Cohen

Video: Leonard Cohen’s Almost Like The Blues, Chords Of Salvation For People Everywhere

oana3Note: This video was originally posted September 2, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric, as the third in a trilogy of videos celebrating the 80th birthday of Leonard Cohen. The preceding videos were

  1. Video: Chelsea Hotel, Cohenesque Reminiscence By Oana And Stefan Cajal
  2. Video: “So Long Marianne, Invocation Of The Muse” – Prelude 2 To Leonard Cohen’s 80th Birthday Celebration


Leonard Cohen’s 80th Birthday Trilogy – Part 3

Oana and Stefan Cajal, whose evocative, Leonard Cohen-themed videos have been cherished features at Cohencentric write

We listened to ALMOST LIKE THE BLUES, the new LC’s incantatory illumination of our deeply wounded humanity and couldn’t resist making Him one early 80th birthday offering.

In fact, this work of ours is intended to be more like a COHENESQUE 80th BIRTHDAY LOOT BAG, to be given to people everywhere to take to their homes, to their hearts, souls and minds.

OUR “ALMOST LIKE THE BLUES, Chords of Salvation for People Everywhere”, Existentialist Pictovideo, is a tribute to Leonard Cohen, our Great Professor of Love, Art and Empathy. To our Great Professor of Vital Alchemy meant to transform Pain into Joy, and Desperation into a Song, a Poem, a Memory. Almost like the blues…

We are convinced that our visual rendition of LC’s quintessential message will find its way to people’s hearts everywhere.

We also strongly believe that the one predestined to completely decipher its graphic symbolism, is Leonard Cohen himself.

Happy early 80th Birthday, LC!

With translucent reverence ,

Oana and Stefan Cajal aka Hat Productions, aka planetary wonderers

Leonard Cohen Almost Like The Blues Chords Of Salvation For People Everywhere
Leonard Cohen’s 80th Birthday Trilogy – Part 3
Video by oana maria cajal