An Impressive Cover Of Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche By Manuela Hofer

Leonard Cohen by Manuela Hofer

Manuela Hofer writes,

I have been immensely inspired by Leonard’s music and poetry for many many years. The first time I heard this particular song, as i went through Leonard’s song catalogue I actually got goose bumps, and I really loved and could relate to the song. I also like that is multi-faceted and touches on several themes, open for suggestion, and interpretation, and I had been through a rough time personally as well, a while ago, so that gave the song even a deeper meaning..I think it’s a song I think many of us can relate to, in terms of challenging periods in life. This is one of the reasons I wanted to do this song because it may help to shed light on some of these topics. I have since long wanted do do a cover of several of his songs, and I may do others as well in the future. I wanted to add something to the song – do it a bit different – and I hope that I have done it justice.

The producer of the song is Peter Larsen. I have worked with him before, and I chose him specifically, as I love his sound. He understands my musical vision

Avalanche – Manuela Hofer (Leonard Cohen cover)

Credit Due Department: The graphic atop this post is by Manuela Hofer

3 Live Leonard Cohen Videos Online For First Time: The Future, Tower Of Song, Avalanche – Munich 1993

munichtowerThe audience recording of the 1993 Leonard Cohen Munich Concert from which these videos were excerpted is not pristine. The camera is a shaky and not quite in focus. And the sound is imperfect. Nonetheless, the vitality of the performance and the enthusiasm of the audience is readily apparent. This is, in short, a Good Enough Video.1

Leonard Cohen – The Future
Circus Krone, Munich: May 28, 1993
Video from SighsNorth (aka Linda Sturgess)
YouTube Description: Leonard Cohen at Circus Krone, Munich, Germany – May 28, 1993. Leonard recites before he sings – “Give me back the Berlin Wall, give me Stalin and Saint Paul, give me Christ or give me Hiroshima. Give me back the Ozone layer with that little hole we can’t repair. I’ve seen the future, baby, it is murder.”

Leonard Cohen – Tower Of Song
Circus Krone, Munich: May 28, 1993
Video from SighsNorth (aka Linda Sturgess)

Leonard Cohen – Avalanche
Circus Krone, Munich: May 28, 1993
Video from SighsNorth (aka Linda Sturgess)


  1. The Good Enough Video is a notion that I, of course, derived from Donald Winicott’s Good Enough Mother. Just as Winicott used Good Enough Mother to indicate “the ordinary and devoted mother who provides an adequate and good enough environment for the growth of the infant’s ego to be able to express its true self,” (Source: Psychological Dictionary) I employ Good Enough Video to describe videos that are less than immaculate but are of sufficient caliber to convey the quality of the performance to the viewer. []