Photos: Soundcheck & Venue For 2010 Leonard Cohen Concert In Moscow

An especially rigorous preparation has proven necessary for the Oct 7, 2010 Leonard Cohen concert at Moscow’s State Kremlin Palace. J.S. Carenza III, who shot these photos, writes

After very strict security checks, the band has cleared the check points and is into the venue.

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Best Of 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen Tour: Avalanche & Suzanne – Hannover 2010

Gripping Black And White Video Of “Avalanche” And “Suzanne” From 2010 Hannover Concert

Those two songs alone would make this video significant. “Suzanne” is arguably the most representative work in Leonard Cohen’s repertoire, dating back to the beginning of his career as a singer-songwriter, and “Avalanche” is a favorite of many fans, especially those who have admired Cohen over the years, but was rarely played during the World Tour until the 2010 leg of the Tour.

The stark clarity of the black and white recording fits seamlessly with the tone, lyrical content, lighting,1 and the staging which revolves around on Cohen alone, accompanying himself on guitar.

From my perspective, the black and white videography significantly enhances the focus of and emotional impact on the viewer.

Leonard Cohen – Suzanne and Avalanche
Hannover; Sept 27, 2010
Video from anniesnake

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  1. The lighting for the Cohen Concerts is an often overlooked aspect of the presentation. In this context, it is particularly notable because the same dramatic effects that are most compelling for the live audience can prove insurmountable obstacles to still photographers and videographers. []

Best Of 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen Tour: Bird On A Wire – Lisbon 2010

The September 10, 2010 Lisbon concert proved to be an extraordinarily impressive demonstration of musical skills and showmanship, a phenomenon asdeguia, a correspondent who was in attendance at that show, convincingly attributes to the intense complicity between the band and the audience.

As evidence of the quality of the performances, Cohencentric offers the video of “Bird On A Wire,” perhaps the song from the Leonard Cohen World Tour repertoire most sensitive to musicological nuances (for example, timing, tone, phrasing, …) and least forgiving of flaws. The presentation of “Bird On A Wire” at Lisbon is a lapidary masterpiece.

Leonard Cohen – Bird On A Wire
Lisbon: Sept 10, 2010
Video from Actresspt

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