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Background information at The Flame – Leonard Cohen’s Final Book

“And even today / I stop every scottie / to claim you back” Final Lines of To Tinkie from The Flame by Leonard Cohen

To Tinkie is a passage from The Notebooks section of The Flame by Leonard Cohen (background information at The Flame – Leonard Cohen’s Final Book). Tinkie was the Scottish Terrier Leonard called “the closest being to me during my childhood.”

The following excerpt is from Leonard Cohen’s 2001 interview with Stina Lundberg, The above photo of Tinkie, Esther Cohen (Leonard’s sister), & Leonard Cohen was contributed by Maarten Massa.

SL: Did you have a dog when you were little?

LC: Yes, I had a Scottie, Scottish terrier. His name was, my mother named him, Tovarich, “comrad”. We called him Tinkie.  And yes, a very – I guess the closest being to me during my childhood. The dog would sleep under my bed and follow me to school, and wait for me. So that was a great sense of companionship.

SL: Because you sometimes write about the dog.

LC: Well I have his picture on my dresser in Los Angeles. We loved that dog. My sister gave me his picture framed as a present.

SL: And what happened when he died?

LC: He died when he was about 13 years old, which is quite old for a dog. And he just asked to go out one night – you know how a dog will just go and stand beside the door? – so we opened the door, it was a winter night, and he walked out, and we never saw him again. And it was very distressing. I put ads in the newspaper, and people would say, “Yes, we have found a Scottie,” and you’d drive 50 miles and it wouldn’t be your Scottie. And we only found him in the springtime when the snow melted, and the smell came from under the neighbour’s porch. He’d just gone outside, and gone under the neighbour’s porch to die. It was some kind of charity to his owners.

We Have A Winner: Alice Germanetti To Receive Free Advance Copy Of The Flame By Leonard Cohen

I heard from Alice Germanetti yesterday:

Allan, thanks to YOUR BLOG I entered and won a copy of The Flame.

Indeed, responding to the July 28, 2018 Cohencentric, Win Advance Copy Of Leonard Cohen’s The Flame, Alice Germanetti entered the contest and has now received the following notification:

Congratulations Alice!

You are one of our Giveaways lucky winners! You will soon receive a free copy of The Flame: Poems Notebooks Lyrics Drawings in the mail.

Yep, occasionally, good things happen to good people – and it’s great to be part of such an occasion.

Photo of Alice and Leonard Cohen taken 1/2/15 contributed by Alice Germanetti

Spanish Broadcast: Alberto Manzano Talks About His New Book & His Translation Of Leonard Cohen’s The Flame, Recites Cohen Poem “I Implore Valour”

The Spanish broadcast can be found here. The recital of the final poem in the book comes at 26:40.

Thanks to Chema of Barcelona & Maria Viana, who alerted me to this broadcast.

The following transcript of the poem comes from Chema of Barcelona:

Imploro valor
Ahora que soy viejo
Para saludar al frío y la enfermedad.
Imploro valor
En la noche
Para llevar la carga y hacerla más ligera.
Imploro valor
En el tiempo
Cuando llega el sufrimiento y empieza a subir.
Imploro valor
Al final
Para llegar a la muerte
Como uno amiga

Google Translate

I implore valour
Now that I’m old
To greet the cold and the illness.
I implore valour
At night
To carry the load and make it lighter.
I implore valour
In the time
When the suffering comes and begins to rise.
I implore valour
At the end
To get to death
As a friend