“Leonard Cohen is a rare and great person, and I will always love and honor him. I am glad we met that day on the port of Hydra. He taught me so much about myself, something he saw in me while I was still ‘blind.'” Marianne Ihlen – April 23, 2016

lc0ma-axMarianne Ihlen writing to Dominique Boile – April 23, 2016

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“When I got to Greece I felt warm for the first time in my life…” Leonard Cohen

When I got to Greece I felt warm for the first time in my life. I remember I was lying in the sun for a couple of weeks – on a rock, doing nothing, feeling all the ice that had built into my bones over many cold Canadian winters melt.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From Leonard Cohen El Arte Del Susurro by Diego A. Manrique. Rockdelux: April 1985. [Google Translate]

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Photo: Leonard Cohen With Marianne’s Son, Axel, On Hydra – 1962


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Leonard Cohen on the Greek island of Hydra in 1962 along with his stepson Axel and his mother Marianne. Cohen wrote love song So Long Marianne to the Norwegian woman he was dating for 10 years.

Video: Leonard Cohen, George Johnston, Charmian Clift & Marianne On Hydra


Leonard Cohen & Marianne – Hydra

Australian Encounters: George Johnston and Leonard Cohen 1960

George Johnston and Leonard Cohen 19601 tells the story of Leonard Cohen moving to Hydra where he met Australian writers George Johnston and Charmian Clift – and, of course, Marianne. According to the Australian Encounters web site,

Presented with humour and verve, Australian Encounters celebrates ten historic encounters, each between a renowned Australian and an international mover and shaker.

In the backroom bar of the Katsikas brothers’ grocery store, amid tins of olive oil and sacks of flour, a young unknown Canadian poet met an Australian expatriate named George Johnston.

Leonard Cohen – Australian Encounters

More About Leonard Cohen & George Johnston


A succinct account of the connection between Cohen & Johnston by the same author and illustrator responsible for the Australian Encounters series can be found at George Johnston & Leonard Cohen by Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz (The Monthly: November 2005, No. 7)

A more extensive account, along with many photos, can be accessed at  Leonard Cohen, George Johnston, Charmian Clift  On Hydra.

For more information about the Australian Encounters show, see the Australian Encounters web site and the Australian Encounters Facebook Page

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  1. George Johnston and Leonard Cohen 1960 – Series 1: Episode 7 of Australian Encounters – originally aired Oct 8, 2013 on ABC1. []

Leonard Cohen Unfolds, Sings "My Gypsy Wife"


Leonard Cohen On The Heart Of “The Gypsy’s Wife”

This excerpt from the Harry Rasky documentary, The Song of Leonard Cohen,1 contains an especially explicit discussion by Cohen of the portion of his life that is captured in the song.

Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Elrod

In 1969, Cohen and Suzanne Elrod, a photographer and artist, began a relationship that resulted in the birth of two children, Adam in 1972 and Lorca in 1974, both of whom are pictured in the video clip and in the screenshot below.


The relationship between Cohen and Elrod ended by 1979, when the documentary was filmed. That final disruption is the focus of “The Gypsy’s Wife.”

The Video Of Leonard Cohen’s “The Gypsy’s Wife”

In addition to the explication and a solid performance of the song, Cohen also reads his poem, “Slowly I Married Her.”

Leonard Cohen – The Gypsy’s Wife

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  1. For those interested in learning more about The Song of Leonard Cohen, I recommend the concise, well written Review by Dick Straub. []