Relive 2015 Hydra Leonard Cohen Tribute: Soundcheck Video – Lydia Mentink & Lennard Torbijn “Who By Fire”


Roman Gavrilin (aka Hermitage Prisoner) shot footage of the soundcheck for last week’s Hydra Tribute to Leonard Cohen. While the song, Who By Fire, was only in rehearsal, the scenes of Hydra and the Cohenites captured on the video make interesting viewing, even for those of us who only participated virtually.




Lydia Mentink & Lennard Torbijn – Who by Fire

Hydra Soundcheck: June 13, 2015
Video by Roman Gavrilin

Hydra Photos: Leonard Cohen’s Home & A Bird On The Wire


Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home

Photos of Hydra shot and shared by Marie-louise Guillard (2014)


Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home

Locating Leonard Cohen’s Home: In the photo directly below, the yellow arrow points to Leonard Cohen’s home.  The next photo is identical except the arrow is absent.


Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home marked by yellow arrow



A Bird On The Wire On Hydra

Leonard Cohen Hydra Stealth Bench – Report #3


Leonard Cohen Hydra Stealth Bench Disappears

Leonard Cohen Hydra Stealth Bench Story

In celebration of Leonard Cohen’s 80th birthday (Sept 21, 2014), admirers of the Canadian singer-songwriter contributed funding for a commemorative bench to be erected on Hydra, the Greek island where Cohen has spent much of the 1960s.  Although the project was approved  by the appropriate authorities, it was placed on hold when a local homeowner raised objects and threatened legal action.

This past weekend, however, when Cohenites gathered on Hydra, a stealth bench appeared as well. Exotic materials and sophisticated cloaking technology created the illusion to the naked eye and in photographs that the massive facility was little more than a board and a couple of stones, (For more information and photos, see Leonard Cohen Hydra Stealth Bench – Report #1 and Leonard Cohen Hydra Stealth Bench – Report #2)


Leonard Cohen Hydra Stealth Bench as it appears to naked eye & in photographs


Actual Leonard Cohen Hydra Bench with Stealth technology deactivated

Now, Cohenite agent Joy Ezekiel reports:

Reuters: Narrowly avoiding a European meltdown, David Cameron moved quickly to remove a small piece of wood and 2 supports today on a Greek Island. Only hours before Greek diplomats turned up, the scene was returned to normal by a crack team of SAS who came in over night, wore LC t shirts as disguise, mingled at the Roloi bar, and then moved in under the cover of daylight to remove the objects. Euro crisis not expected and Greece may remain part of EU.

Credit Due Department: Photo atop this post by Roman Gavrilin aka Hermitage Prisoner. Second photo by Marie Nolan