Marianne Talks About First Meeting Leonard Cohen

When It Was “Hello Marianne” By Leonard Cohen

The story of Marianne’s first meeting with Leonard Cohen, reported here in Marianne’s own words from an interview with  Kari Hesthamar (Norway, 2005), is simple, touching, and intoxicating.1

… I went home [Norway], had my baby. By then Axel had published a new novel, and couldn’t stay in Norway very long at a time because he would then have to pay taxes to Norway. So I didn’t come down with my baby before … Little Axel was just over 4 months, 4 ½ months. And by then Axel was way over the hills again. In the meantime he had found yet another woman. And in the middle of all this commotion Leonard Cohen shows up.

I was standing in the shop with my basket waiting to pick up bottled water and milk. And he is standing in the door way with the sun behind him. And then you don’t see the face, you just see the contours. And so I hear his voice, saying: ”Would you like to join us, we’re sitting outside?”

And I reply thank you, and I finish my shopping. Then I go outside. And I sit down at this table where there were 3-4 people sitting, who lived in Hydra at the time. 

… He was wearing khaki trousers, which were a shade more green. And also he had his beloved… what we in the old days called tennis shoes. And he also always  wore shirts with rolled up sleeves. In addition he had a beautiful little sixpence cap.

What I didn’t know when I met him was that he knew everything about what had happened before I returned. Because after all he had been there, and realised what was going on. So I think that already when he saw me he had enormous compassion for me and my child. But I remember well that when my eyes met his eyes I felt it throughout my body. You know what that is.  [Drums her fingers.]  It is utterly incredible.

So then I was on my way up Kala Pegadia, to my little house. And the last hump is very, very steep, so you are completely drenched in sweat when you reach the house. And the basket was very heavy. And there she was, that sweet little Eveganina, who had been with Axel and played with him. And so she left. And then I was very… I was almost a bit intoxicated. Right away I put on some music, I remember. Danced around a bit, and thought it all of a sudden was such fun to be with my son and… felt it was simple and fine and… And even if he wasn’t put to bed at once it was  all right. A lightness had come over me.

Credit Due Department:  The transcript of  the interview was found at LeonardCohenFiles.

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  1. Note: the photos have been added only as illustrations. They are not directly referenced in the Marianne Ihlen-Kari Hesthamar interview and are from other sources. []

Take A Look Inside Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home


Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home – Photo by Mel Joss

Great photos of the interior of Leonard Cohen’s home on Hydra can be found at

Also see


The video promotions for Adam Cohen’s “We Go Home” and “Like A Man” albums each offer images of his father’s homes in Montreal and on Hydra.

Adam Cohen – We Go Home Promotional Video

Adam Cohen – Like A Man Promotional Video

Leonard Cohen’s “Permit To Stay In Greece” – As Identified By Marianne Ihlen


This is one of those There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in things.

When I originally posted the document, I misidentified it. That would be the crack.

I then received the following correction (spoiler alert – this is the light getting in part):

From Marianne Ihlen

Dear Allan

This card is his “permit to stay in Greece” we all had this card and I think it lasted for about 3 month at the time. No cars on Hydra as you probably know.

All good things from Marianne (So Long—)

OK, I admit to some ambivalence. While I dislike posting anything in error, receiving a gracious correction from Marianne Ihlen is, I discover, not an altogether unpleasant experience.

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Video: “Greece is a good place to look at the moon, isn’t it” – Leonard Cohen Recites Days Of Kindness

terrxace Leonard Cohen Recites Days Of Kindness

Days Of Kindness
By Leonard Cohen

Greece is a good place
to look at the moon, isn’t it
You can read by moonlight
You can read on the terrace
You can see a face
as you saw it when you were young
There was good light then
oil lamps and candles
and those little flames
that floated on a cork in olive oil
What I loved in my old life
I haven’t forgotten
It lives in my spine
Marianne and the child
The days of kindness
It rises in my spine
and it manifests as tears
I pray that loving memory
exists for them too
the precious ones I overthrew
for an education in the world

Hydra, 1985

3 Photos: Leonard Cohen In Hydra, 1960s – With Typewriter & Necklace, Without Shirt


The location is the home Leonard Cohen shared with Marianne in Hydra, the typewriter is Leonard Cohen’s Olivetti Lettera 22,  the necklace – well, I don’t know much about this particular bit of bling, but we’ll soon see it again, albeit worn over a shirt rather than Leonard’s naked chest.



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