Leonard Cohen Identifies Himself As “One Of The First Punks,” Tells Bovine Sex Joke, Talks About Roshi, Nick Cave, Jennifer Warnes, Dominique Issermann, & More – 1988 Video Interview

Topics Covered In Interview With Christian Eckert (Munich 1988):

  • Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man album
  • Post-Modernist Disco
  • Leonard as one of earliest Punk Rockers
  • His young bull/old bull joke
  • Book of Mercy
  • “I don’t have time to think about politics”
  • How Jennifer Warnes’ Famous Blue Raincoat rehabilitated him
  • Leonard’s attitude covers of his work
  • Nick Cave rescuing his song “to let it fall apart again”
  • His computer
  • Living in a Portuguese section of Montreal\
  • Roshi
  • Gap between public and private life
  • Critics being on trial
  • Concerns about next tour
  • Dominique Issermann’s direction of First We Take Manhattan video

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Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man Album On MiniDisc – Austria

Leonard Cohen’s music, increasingly relevant to our time, has been stored on and delivered by several once-modern media technologies no longer in common use. The popularity of recent posts on Leonard Cohen albums in Reel-To-Reel format has prompted a consideration of other obsolete media.

Note: For the record (chortle), my personal favorite obsolete media for Leonard’s songs is the flexi-disc: The Leonard Cohen Flexi-Disc: It’s A Record, It’s A Postcard, It’s Two Obsolete Technologies In One

Today, Dominique BOILE offers these images of the “I’m Your Man” album on MiniDisc. (Columbia: Manufactured in Austria)

Not sure what a MiniDisc is? See MiniDisc:1992-2013

Five Cohen albums were issued on MiniDisc:

  1. Leonard Cohen’s Greatest Hits (also issued as Best Of Leonard Cohen)
  2. I’m Your Man
  3. Cohen Live
  4. The Future
  5. More Best Of Leonard Cohen

Other posted Leonard Cohen MiniDisc albums are collected at MiniDisc

Note: Originally posted Feb 3, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

“I assumed it was a mashup of Synclavier-era Frank Zappa with Leonard Cohen singing on top” Artists Talk About Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man Album

Leonard Cohen’s ‘I’m Your Man’ Album Turns 30: Artists Reflect on the ‘Dark,’ ‘Cheesy’ Masterpiece by Ron Hart (Billboard: Feb 2, 2018). I’ve excerpted one sample below, but the entire article is a worthwhile read and is available at the link.

Eric Slick, Dr. Dog

My friend Dave Dreiwitz (Ween) played I’m Your Man for me on a long drive through New Hope, PA. I thought it sounded wild. I had never heard his earlier acoustic stuff so I just assumed he was making songs like that all along. I recently heard “Jazz Police” at a thrift store and I assumed it was a mashup of Synclavier-era Frank Zappa with Leonard Cohen singing on top. I guess I forgot what “Jazz Police” really sounded like. I chortled for the entirety of that song. What a great tune. I think Leonard Cohen is kind of like Captain Beefheart or Laurie Anderson. As artists we almost look to them to ask, “Is it okay to make a record that sounds like this?” They’re the trailblazers, they pave the way. They allow the lesser artists to potentially make safer, albeit more financially successful records. Those lesser records carry the influence and help popularize the germ of the idea. I also have a low singing voice, so Leonard gives me hope that maybe one day somebody will write a thinkpiece about how low singing is under-appreciated. I look through Leonard’s work all the time and try to pay attention to the annotated Genius lyrics. It’s good to get into the rhythm of other people’s lyrics when you’re writing. I’ve also been thinking about I’m Your Man lately, and how i’m gonna steal a lot of those cheesy production techniques for my next record. I’m also a painfully slow writer, as was Leonard. I’m also Jewish. There’s so much we have in common, except he’s a brilliant poet, and I’m some doofus writing about how much I admire him as a fanatic. Can someone tell me where he was buying his suits, though? That’s the real burning question.

“All These Songs Are For You, D.I.” Leonard Cohen Dedicates I’m Your Man Album To Dominique Issermann


Yes, I was the woman from I’m Your Man, which I would have never thought to mention publicly if some biographies weren’t out. I learned that he [Leonard Cohen] was very depressed when we met on Hydra. I wasn’t at all aware of it, we laughed so much. [Interviewer: How does the story end?] In one fell swoop. Like water flowing from a basin.1quotedown2

Dominique Issermann

The Dancing Couple Dedication image was contributed by Dominique BOILE, who also took the photo of Dominique Issermann in Paris on January 16, 2012


  1. from Champ Libre by Anne Diatkine (Le Temps, 25 June 2012). The French to English translation was made possible by Coco Éclair. []

The Multiple (And Confusing) Recording Formats & Promotions Of Leonard Cohen’s 1988 I’m Your Man

Leonard Cohen Ad Reflects Competing Recording Formats & Diffuse Promotion Strategy

When I couldn’t determine the product that was being promoted by the advertisement from New Musical Express (January 30, 1988) shown below, I asked Dominique BOILE, who had contributed the ad. What I learned comprises today’s post.

My confusion arose from the mix of recordings listed on the ad: “First We Take Manhattan,” “Bird On The Wire,” “Sisters Of Mercy,” and “Suzanne.” The only commonality I could see was that all those were tracks on the Best of Leonard Cohen album, but that came out in 1975 so New Musical Express wouldn’t be carrying an ad for that in 1988. And I had no clue about the multiplicity of formats listed.

In his response, Dominique directed me to two reference numbers, one of either side of “CBS” at the bottom of the ad:651352 7 and 65132 6 (note: this second number is a misprint on the original ad; the correct reference number is 651352 6).

Then, he explained that the ad was promoting Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” album that would be released in February 1988 by pushing CBS 651352 7, aka the 7″ vinyl version of “First We Take Manhattan” taken from the forthcoming LP / Cassette / CD  “I’m Your Man.”

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