Video: Leonard Cohen’s Delightful Performance Of “I’m Your Man” – San Jose 2009

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
San Jose: Nov 13, 2009
Video from arlenedick15

While the visual elements of this video are suboptimal because of the angle, this is an outstanding Leonard Cohen performance of one of his standards, and the audience’s reactions alone would justify a viewing as would Roscoe Beck’s echoing Cohen’s “Please” with his perfectly elongated and inflected “Puleeeze.”

It’s a treat.

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Dominique Issermann’s Exes Featured In Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man Lyrics

If you want a boxer
I will step into the ring for you
And if you want a doctor
I’ll examine every inch of you

From I’m Your Man
By Leonard Cohen

It turns out that not only is Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man album dedicated to Dominique Issermann but the title song is also populated by men from Dominique’s life.

Don’t tell me that saying ‘I’m Your Man’ is a complicated thing, but who said it before and like [Leonard Cohen]? I can tell an anecdote that will make him laugh if he reads it. In this song, all the men who are mentioned are friends of mine, maybe exes more or less… ‘If I wanna be a boxer:’ I had a boyfriend boxer; ‘If I wanna be a doctor:’ another was a doctor… We laughed a lot at that.quotedown2

Dominique Issermann

From Ma vie avec Leonard Cohen : “Je l’ai entendu travailler deux ans sur ‘Hallelujah'” par François Armanet et Bernard Loupias (L’Obs: Nov 11, 2016). Interview originally published in “Le Nouvel Observateur” of January 26, 2012. Thanks to Coco Éclair for the French to English translation.

Thanks go to Cohencentric viewer, Uli, who, accompanied by her Swiss sidekick, attended the 2009 Leonard Cohen Colmar Concert where she shot the stellar photo of Leonard Cohen wearing boxing gloves and a stethoscope that were flung onto the stage during his performance of I’m Your Man.

Video: Best Of 2010 Leonard Cohen Tour – The “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Performance Of I’m Your Man At Hanging Rock

Leonard Cohen’s 2010 Hanging Rock show was both one of the great but overlooked Cohen concerts and a contender for the Leonard Cohen Performance With The Most Adverse Environment.

This rendition of “I’m Your Man” features the Webb Sisters bundled up against the cold to the point of nonrecognition (Sharon Robinson was absent because of illness) and an animated Leonard Cohen, who appears to be pounding down a few loose boards on the stage with his feet.

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
Hanging Rock (Victoria, Australia): Nov 20, 2010
Video from brendanobrien69

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Leonard Cohen Traces Process From “Waiting For The Miracle” To “I’ve Cried Enough for You” To “I’m Your Man”

I’m Your Man, that started off as a song about ‘waiting for the miracle.’ It had some funny lines in it like waiting for the miracle, there’s nothing left to do / I haven’t been this happy since the end of World War II. But I couldn’t sing it. I wasn’t waiting for the miracle, or maybe I was and I didn’t like the victimized position. Then it became a song called I’ve Cried Enough for You, where I was talking to myself, you know, I’ve never seen the sky so blue the grass so green the day so new / I can’t believe it but it must be true / I’ve cried enough for you. And that didn’t work. ‘Cause what I was really trying to say was, ‘I’ll do anything for you.’ But it took two or three more writings and recordings of the song to get to I’m Your Man, which is just a perfect little song. It was hard to get to those truths.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen’s Nervous Breakthrough by Mark Rowland, Musician, July 1988

Video Of Note: The “That’s Right” Version Of I’m Your Man From The 2013 Leonard Cohen Oslo Concert

The video automatically starts with the final chorus, which ends with Leonard affirming the audience’s completion of his lyrics.

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
Oslo: August 20, 2013
Video by TheMusikkdude

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“If you want a fighter in the hangar/If you want to strike me dead in anger” Leonard Cohen’s Handwritten Notes For I’m Your Man

I’ll Write Like A Doctor For You

The above graphic (click to enlarge) is an image of Leonard Cohen’s handwritten notes for an early version of I’m Your Man.

If you want a heart
xxxxthat beats for you
If you want a fighter in the hangar
If you want to strike me dead in anger
xxxxHere I stand
xxxxI’m your man

I’m Your Man
Leonard Cohen

Note: The second full line was initially interpreted as “If you want a fighter in the bargain,” but after reviewing email responses, I agree with the consensus  that  but the line is correctly read as “If you want a fighter in the hangar.”

Credit Due Department: The image by James Cassimus was an illustration for Leonard Cohen’s Nervous Breakthrough by Mark Rowland (Musician, July 1988). Contributed by Dominique BOILE. Originally posted Dec 29, 2011 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Video: Leonard Cohen Has Got The Moves – Nashville 2009


The title of this video, Fancy Footwork, says it all, but just in case, I’ll explain:

This is the most fun you are going to get from
a 25 second video spotlighting feet without
meeting criteria for a DSM-5 fetish diagnosis.

The video excerpt is, of course, the basis for the Leonard Cohen Animation atop this post, but the original recording, which includes the audio deleted in the gif, is particularly admirable.

Leonard Cohen, Nashville – Fancy Footwork
Video of “I’m Your Man” excerpt  from alkmrt, aka Linda Straub

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