Sights & Sounds Of The 2010 Leonard Cohen Ghent Concerts

Leonard Cohen Gets Together With Friends In Ghent, Belgium – August 2010

The 2010 Leonard Cohen Ghent concerts blessed us with a deluge of superior videos. Simultaneously,  outstanding photos of the venue (and the nifty 2008 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees jacket displayed in the middle of this post) by Hans Kloss surfaced to serve as the perfect complement to the videos.

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time
Ghent: Aug 22, 2010
Video from albertnoonan

Leonard Cohen – Boogie Street
Ghent: Aug 22, 2010
Video from albertnoonan

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life
Ghent: Aug 21, 2010
Video from bridgebud

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Photo: Leonard Cohen’s Color-coordinated Shirt & Car


In My Secret Life Official Video Wardrobe & Props

Until watching shots of the filming of the official In My Secret Life video, I hadn’t realized Mr Cohen’s shirt and car are color-coordinated. Now, as far as I can determine, there’s no special significance to the automobile-shirt color patterns (in fact, in the actual In My Secret Life video the scenes featuring Leonard Cohen and the car are are color-depleted to the point that the shirt colors are not identifiable): it’s just one of those How About That? items that amuse me and, one hopes, the occasional reader.

A second How About That? tidbit is that the building seen in this video is Montreal’s Habitat 67 (see Official Video For Leonard Cohen’s “In My Secret Life” Set In Montreal’s Habitat 67)

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life Official Video

The image atop this post is a screen capture from Leonard Cohen – Ten New Songs – Promo. This appears to be part of the filming of the video for In My Secret Life.(Update: this promo is no longer online). Note: Originally posted at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen’s “In My Secret Life” Official Video Set In Montreal’s Habitat 67

5939b264d3171007a5793726ea2bc158Excerpted from MTV Architecture: Famous Buildings In Music Videos by James Bartolacci (Architizer: June 13, 2013)

Habitat 67
Leonard Cohen – “In My Secret Life”

Moshe Safdie’s experimental housing complex, which was conceived as his master’s thesis at McGill University, acts as a visual metaphor for Leonard Cohen’s mysterious subconscious in the likewise experimental music video for “In My Secret Life.” Apparently Cohen’s secret life is filled with the routine domesticity of an egg-headed family depicting some kind of existential crisis. We’re not really sure.


Video: Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life
Official Video


Leonard Cohen’s Montreal

The best articles about Leonard Cohen’s Montreal homes and haunts as well as videos and a list of pertinent landmarks: Resources: Leonard Cohen’s Montreal

Credit Due Department: Photo of Habitat 67 by Wladyslaw; found at Wikipedia Commons

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The Five Funniest Leonard Cohen Music Videos: 3. In My Secret Life Official Video


The Five Funniest Leonard Cohen Music Videos

The humor of these videos starring Leonard Cohen, aka Poet Laureate Of Pessimism, aka High Priest Of Pathos, aka Master Of Erotic Despair, aka Gloom Merchant, …1 is, one hopes, self-evident so only minimal annotations have been added. Today’s post features the #3 video; all posts in this series can be found at

The Criteria:

  1. The videos must feature Leonard Cohen in a professionally staged and directed performance intended to be viewed in the video medium.
  2. Videos of live performances, such as concerts, are ineligible.
  3. Home-brewed cut and paste videos, Leonard Cohen impersonations, and parodies are ineligible.
  4. “Funniest” includes funny-ha ha, funny-weird, and combinations of both.

3. In My Secret Life (Official Video)

Before viewers start looking up the correct spelling of “philistine” for that angry email, I should point out that I do know that this video, directed by Floria Sigismondi, has been lauded at film festivals and is beloved by fans.


On the other hand, c’mon – it’s pretty funny-odd.

Leonard Cohen On The Truth Vis-à-vis “In My Secret Life”

We all have a sense of a truth. The truth can be the most intimate conversation with one’s heart about its desire and appetite. And when this conversation appears, it comes very close to the truth and a feeling of authenticity. But I don’t imagine to have a metaphysic system without contradictions, and I don’t think this is the poet’s nor the songwriter’s duty. In one of the songs I start by saying: ‘I smile when I’m angry. / I cheat and I lie. / I do what I have to do / to get by. / But I know what is wrong. / And I know what is right. / And I’d die for the truth.’ To be understood in the way that you can deceive everybody but yourself. This is the truth viewed in a simple, pragmatic and ordinary way, but it isn’t the great truth of our existence. I can’t control that.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen Gave Me 200 Franc by Martin Oestergaard (Euroman, Denmark September 2001). Originally posted October 15, 2010 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric