Photos From Leonard Cohen July 9, 2013 Lucca Soundcheck + (Possibly) Explanatory Captions

Leonard Cohen smiles in anticipation of Javier Mas performing backflips to one up the Webb Sisters’ acrobatics

2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck Photos

Photos by Szilvia Szanto. The captions, especially those pertaining to the backflips performed by Javier Mas, are entirely my own fault.

Leonard Cohen’s keyboard practicing going by itself

Javier Mas visualizing his impending backflips

Hattie Webb responds to Sharon Robinson switching to her Thrash metal playlist while Roscoe Beck belts out karaoke version of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline

Leonard Cohen hypnotizes Mitch Watkins

Charlie & Hattie (with the stylish hat) Webb, blissfully unaware that Javier will be raising the acrobatic bar.

Rafael Gayol rehearses looking casually handsome

Leonard Cohen, backup singers, and band watch enraptured as Javier Mas performs six consecutive backflips

Bedazzled by Javier Mas’s backflips, Alex Bublitchi momentarily forgets how to hold a violin

Joey Carenza gives instructions to guy carrying Leonard Cohen’s guitar

Guy eager to carry Leonard Cohen’s guitar

Guy taking Leonard Cohen’s guitar for a walk

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Photo: Leonard Cohen With Joseph Carenza & Roscoe Beck – Munich 2008

In this screen shot from a 2008 video of an incipiently bearded Leonard Cohen in Munich, Joseph Carenza, the Tour Road Manager, is on Leonard’s right while Roscoe Beck, the Music Director for this and other Cohen tours, is to Leonard’s left. Originally posted Feb 18, 2011 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Photos: LA Rehearsals Begin For 2013 Leonard Cohen Tour


First note of 2013 and we’re back in business here at Camp Cohen . (at S.I.R. Studios LA)

Photo & caption posted Feb 24, 2013 by J.S. Carenza III

Excerpt from Feb 24: LA, Rehearsal by Leif Bodnarchuk at No Ideas:

At 10am the rest of the crew arrived and I had completed my repairs. Band members began filtering in from around 1pm … The rehearsal started proper at 4pm … At 7pm, Leonard called it a day and the first rehearsal was officially done. He seemed pleased with the session and left in good spirits.


Guitar tech’s view of the first 2013 rehearsal. Photo by Leif Bodnarchuk.

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In Situ Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Madrid 2012


Joey Carenza, Road Manager for the 2012 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour, has ventured into what appears to be the part of town my mother warned me about to capture photos of this poster (and the company it keeps) promoting the Oct 5, 2012 Leonard Cohen concert in Madrid.


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Backstage Photos: Leonard Cohen At Montreux 2013


2013 Leonard Cohen Montreux Concert – Photo by J.S. Carenza III

Photos of Leonard Cohen concerts taken from backstage are a special treat available at  Notes From The Road by Joseph Carenza III (World Tour Road Manager) and No Ideas by Leif Bodnarchuk (Tour Guitar Technician).  The images below are selected shots of he 2013 Montreux shows posted at these blogs, which offer photos from many other concerts as well.

Photos by Joseph Carenza III at Notes From The Road


Photos by Leif Bodnarchuk at No Ideas

Where In The World Were Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson, & Rafael Gayol On Nov 4, 2010?


On a tiny Australian island in the South Pacific Ocean, of course – Norfolk Island

En route to Brisbane, Australia for the November 6, 2010 concert, Leonard Cohen (gray scarf), Sharon Robinson (coat, hat, two scarves), and the camera-slinging Rafael Gayol pose for a photo during their stopover at the Norfolk Island Airport on Norfolk Island, an external territory of Australia. Located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, the airport is often used as a stepping stone to and from the Australian mainland.

Photo posted at Notes From The Road on Nov 4, 2010 by J.S. Carenza III


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