Video: 45 Seconds Of 2008 Leonard Cohen Soundcheck Fun

A Leonard Cohen Teaser

This brief video shows Leonard Cohen and his musicians rehearsing “Ain’t No Cure For Love” on a sweltering July day in 2008. The location and exact date are not given, but based on the month and year provided (July 2008) and that stage platform with the white markings, I suspect this rehearsal took place before the July 1, 2008 Leonard Cohen concert in Oslo.

Seeing Leonard and company in civilian clothes, The Webb Sisters & Sharon Robinson moving to the music, and Leonard rehearsing kneeling before Javier Mas is a treat.

Note: The first 27 seconds of the video is a 2007 Lou Reed soundcheck. The video player should automatically begin 27 seconds into the film with Leonard Cohen rehearsing; if not, simply advance the video to that mark or enjoy Lou Reed.

Video by monod erika

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Photos: Aug 12, 2012 Ghent Leonard Cohen Soundcheck

These scenes from the soundcheck preceding the August 12, 2012 Leonard Cohen Ghent concert and the behind the scenes shots are rarely seen because these soundchecks and backstage areas are routinely closed to civilians. A special thanks is thereby extended to Jarkko & Eija Arjatsalo, who have graciously shared their photos. Jarkko is, of course, webmaster of LeonardCohenFiles.

Especially noteworthy is the photo atop this post of Leonard Cohen on his knees at soundcheck (perfectionists rehearse everything) with Javier Mas in background.

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Video: More Delights From The July 9, 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck

Remember “The Pitch,” the 43rd episode of Seinfeld, in which George Costanza promotes the idea that “Jerry,:” the show he and Jerry Seinfeld are pitching to NBC, would be “a show about nothing” (i.e., no plot, no stories)? Well, this is the “Leonard Cohen soundcheck video about nothing.” And, it’s delightful.

Index Of Video Scenes

  • Leonard Cohen plays last part of Tower Of Song
  • Leonard Cohen performs flawless thumbs-up gesture (0:18)
  • After multiple sightings of that guy who carries Leonard Cohen’s guitar, at 0:35, we finally see the guy who carries Leonard Cohen’s keyboard

  • Leonard guitar commences guitar pickin’ (1:10), providing soundtrack for our panoramic viewing of the venue
  • Roscoe Beck gets wired
  • Charley (Webb) chats
  • Leonard Cohen masterfully swigs from a water bottle
  • Demonstrating this feat was no fluke, Leonard Cohen performs an encore sip
  • Javier Mas wanders by

Note: For more of the 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck, see

July 9, 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck
Video by 30gallina72 (Szilvia Szanto)

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Delightful Video: 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck Version Of Dance Me To The End Of Love

Nuances Of Note

None of these items, one could argue, is important; that is, I would counter, why they are fun.

  • Hattie Webb’s hat
  • Leonard Cohen sans suit but equipped with fedora
  • Leonard Cohen absolutely focused, singing about dancing to a “burning violin” while kneeling at the feet of Alex Bublitchi, undeterred by the violinist attending to his instrument or the crew member hustling across the stage
  • A possible kneeling version of the Bercy Back-Flap at 2:00, followed by an OK signal at 2:20
  • The toothpick expertly wielded by Rafael Bernardo Gayol
  • A whispered remark to Mr Cohen at 3:42 evoking broad smiles
  • The song ending, atypically for a soundcheck, with applause to which the Canadian singer-songwriter responds with a bow, another smile, and a wave

Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love
Lucca Soundcheck: July 9, 2013
Video by 30gallina72

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Leonard Cohen On Keyboard Photographed From Paramount Theatre Backstage – Oakland Soundcheck 2013

Photos taken from backstage, especially the backstage of a glamorous venue like Oakland’s Paramount Theatre, offer a sometimes fascinating perspective from the performer’s point of view of the seating arrangement, the lighting, the electronics, and even that clock on the floor visible from the microphone but hidden to the audience.

This intriguing photo is from Sharon Robinson’s Facebook page

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Photos From Leonard Cohen July 9, 2013 Lucca Soundcheck + (Possibly) Explanatory Captions

Leonard Cohen smiles in anticipation of Javier Mas performing backflips to one up the Webb Sisters’ acrobatics

2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck Photos

Photos by Szilvia Szanto. The captions, especially those pertaining to the backflips performed by Javier Mas, are entirely my own fault.

Leonard Cohen’s keyboard practicing going by itself

Javier Mas visualizing his impending backflips

Hattie Webb responds to Sharon Robinson switching to her Thrash metal playlist while Roscoe Beck belts out karaoke version of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline

Leonard Cohen hypnotizes Mitch Watkins

Charlie & Hattie (with the stylish hat) Webb, blissfully unaware that Javier will be raising the acrobatic bar.

Rafael Gayol rehearses looking casually handsome

Leonard Cohen, backup singers, and band watch enraptured as Javier Mas performs six consecutive backflips

Bedazzled by Javier Mas’s backflips, Alex Bublitchi momentarily forgets how to hold a violin

Joey Carenza gives instructions to guy carrying Leonard Cohen’s guitar

Guy eager to carry Leonard Cohen’s guitar

Guy taking Leonard Cohen’s guitar for a walk

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Video: The Pleasure Of Leonard Cohen’s Company At The 2013 Lucca Soundcheck

49 Seconds Of Felicity

Less than a minute long, Szilvia Szanto’s video of the end of the 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca soundcheck includes

  • That great shot (atop this post) of a smiling music icon
  • Leonard Cohen telling the soundcheck viewers “Thanks for coming” and voicing  his hope that  he will see  them at the concert that night while a smiling Mitch Watkins watches on
  • A confirmed sighting of the guy who carries Leonard Cohen’s guitar for the guy who carries Leonard Cohen’s guitar

  • A brief leave-taking between Leonard Cohen & Roscoe Beck
  • Sharon Robinson (heard, not seen) beginning Alexandra Leaving, creating a downright eerie moment starting at 0:30 when she sings “God of love preparing to depart” as Leonard, well, prepares to depart.

“God of love preparing to depart”

What’s not to like?

July 9, 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Soundcheck
Video by 30gallina72 (Szilvia Szanto)

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Leonard Cohen Doffs His Hat, Sharon Robinson Waves: 2008 Lucca Soundcheck Video

lsoundcThere is nothing extraordinary about this video of Leonard Cohen’s soundcheck before the 2008 Lucca show, but I always enjoy seeing the backup singers and the band in mufti (OK, I guess that technically, Leonard is in civilian clothes as well , but how do you tell his concert costume from his everyday outfit?), and I am taken by Leonard responding, in the midst of solving some issue with the sound system, to fans applauding the abruptly ended song by doffing his hat and smiling at the crowd — an event followed a moment later by Sharon flashing her own winsome smile and waving.  Consider my cockles warmed.

Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love
Lucca Soundcheck: July 27, 2008
Video by Todd Rongstad