“What a groove!” Leonard Cohen On Be For Real


“I don’t give a damn about the truth
Except the naked truth”

‘What a groove!’ Cohen shouts over the booming bass and soaring backing vocals. Is that real brass? ‘Fuckin’ right it is!’ He slaps his legs as the ad-libbed couplet ‘I don’t give a damn about the truth/Except the naked truth’ is declared to be perilously close to Barry White territory. ‘Thank you!’ he calls back above the swelling chorus. ‘Sincerely!’

From Leonard Cohen: Porridge? Lozenge? Syringe? by Adrian Deevoy. Q, 1991.

Also see Leonard Cohen Delivers Frederick Knight’s Be For Real “with a very proper sense of how to treat such material: i.e. with the utmost respect”

Credit Due Department: Be For Real cover atop this post contributed by Dominique BOILE.