“We just have to understand that we don’t control anything” Leonard Cohen talks about Love Itself

Interviewer: Is this a divine apparition that you evoke in Love Itself?

Leonard Cohen: Yes, that’s correct.

Interviewer: Have you lived this experience?

Leonard Cohen: Yes, I’m delighted that you interpret it this way because generally people simply experience it as a love song about an ending. This experience is like a consciousness [a knowing] that you are granted occasionally; it’s not something which one can lay claim to, and that one can grasp. God or the sun, the universe, fate, the life force. We just have to understand that we don’t control anything.

Je Ne Suis Qu’un Poete Mineur [I’m Just A Minor Poet] by Gilles Medioni, L’Express (France): October 4, 2001. Translated by Coco Éclair. Found at Leonard Cohen French Web Site.