Leonard Cohen Sighting: Leonard & Kezban Özcan Buying Movie Tickets – Landmark Theater, L.A. Sept. 7, 2014

In response to Share Your Home’s Leonard Cohen Display, David Small forwards photos of Leonard Cohen mementos on exhibit in his home, including his shot of his personal Leonard Cohen sighting – Leonard and Kezban Özcan, his personal assistant, buying movie tickets at the Landmark Theater in Los Angeles –  Sept. 7, 2014.

Photo: Dimitra Bumps Into Leonard Cohen At Toronto Drug Store

“Highlight Of My Life” Professional Skateboarder Dustin Dollin Meets Leonard Cohen – June 1, 2014

This Instagram post was republished soon after Leonard’s death. It was first posted on Instagram June 1, 2014 with the caption: “Highlight of my life”

Dustin Dollin is an Australian professional skateboarder known for – well, here’s a description from the website of Vans, one of his sponsors:

When the skate world first laid eyes on the Australian child-terror, Dustin Dollin, he was quickly dubbed the Hell Spawn. More than a decade of professional skating later, Dollin has maintained his fire and progressed into The Man from Hell. With six knee surgeries (more than anyone other active professional skateboarder), he is lucky just to be walking — but don’t tell him that. After each medical procedure, Dustin has returned with a fury, skating even harder than before. As part of Baker skateboards, one of the most influential skate crews in history, Dustin became known around the globe as a small beast capable of shutting spots down. Recently, he has taken to wreaking havoc on the Internet, courtesy of homemade, random footage edits called 7 Day Weekend. As with his Baker Bootleg, Baker 2G, Baker 3 and Volcom video projects, his throwaway footage is gnarlier than most other skaters’ best work. This should come as no surprise given the way that Dustin skates. The freakish bit, however, is that he is even gnarlier off his skateboard, and shows no signs of slowing down…ever.

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“I met Mr. Leonard Cohen at Tim Hortons and it was one of the most exciting days of my life!” Leonard Cohen Sighting: Halifax April 12, 2013

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Leonard Cohen Sighting – With Gary Baseman: Dec 10, 2014

This photo was originally posted by Al Reig Dec 10, 2014 via Instagram

Gary Baseman’s Wikipedia entry begins

Gary Baseman (born September 27, 1960) is a contemporary artist who works in illustration, fine art, toy design, and animation. He is the creator of the ABC/Disney cartoon series, Teacher’s Pet, and the artistic designer of Cranium, a popular board game. Baseman’s aesthetic combines pop art images, pre- and post-war vintage motifs, cross-cultural mythology and literary and psychological archetypes.

Leonard Cohen Sighting: Leonard & The Wellington Waterfront Busker – Jan 16, 2009

Leonard Cohen & The Wellington Waterfront Busker

Leonard Cohen’s 2009 Pacific Tour began with a January 20, 2009 show in Wellington, New Zealand. Photographer Des Pitfield at CVC Studios took these shots of the singer-songwriter taking in the Wellington, New Zealand waterfront on January 16, 2009 and described what he saw:

I watched as Leonard wandered along the Wellington waterfront that day. He was in New Zealand for a concert tour.. There was a busker [seen at the top right quadrant of the 2nd photo] playing guitar and mouth organ using a small amp. Leonard put some money into his guitar case and I said to my friend I bet that guy has no idea who just gave him a dollar.. he nodded a thank you but kept playing …

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