“I met Mr. Leonard Cohen at Tim Hortons and it was one of the most exciting days of my life!” Leonard Cohen Sighting: Halifax April 12, 2013

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Leonard Cohen Sighting – With Gary Baseman: Dec 10, 2014

This photo was originally posted by Al Reig Dec 10, 2014 via Instagram

Gary Baseman’s Wikipedia entry begins

Gary Baseman (born September 27, 1960) is a contemporary artist who works in illustration, fine art, toy design, and animation. He is the creator of the ABC/Disney cartoon series, Teacher’s Pet, and the artistic designer of Cranium, a popular board game. Baseman’s aesthetic combines pop art images, pre- and post-war vintage motifs, cross-cultural mythology and literary and psychological archetypes.

Leonard Cohen Sighting: “Just me and Leonard Cohen, no big deal” Oct 2014

This photo was first posted on Instagram Oct 13. 2014 with the caption “Just me and Leonard Cohen, no big deal.” It was reposted Nov 10, 2016 with a new caption.

Note: Originally posted Oct 14, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Video: Leonard Cohen 2013 Birthday Serenade (aka Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen – OMG!)


While it lacks the grandeur of, say, the Amsterdam concert audience singing Happy Birthday to Leonard Cohen, Marc Altheim’s five second video of his spontaneous natal day serenade to the Canadian singer-songwriter (Altheim’s stunning sequel to his still life, Leonard Cohen & Me – OMG)  does convey a certain charm.

The auteur’s description follows:

After the [2013 Amsterdam] show we waited in the lobby to see if he would return. Waited 30 minutes. No Leonard. Went to get a waffle. Came back to lobby. Within 5 minutes he arrives! Me, Hope and three women (Ingrid, Margarite and one other) who are Cohen groupies see him and sing Happy B day to him in lobby of hotel He is tired but gracious and thankful for the birthday wishes and he is now 79. He comes over to us. I shake his hand chat for 30 seconds. The women give him gifts and then he goes to his room! What a gentleman.

Thereafter I meet the Webb sisters. How nice are they! And so pretty. The whole LC crew is so nice and polite and talented!

How wild is that? Nuts!

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“Ummm Leonard Cohen!!!!!!!!!” Sighting: La Brea Bakery – May 22, 2010


Asdeguia forwarded a link to a photo that was “in my mail this morning … the subject was ‘L.C. with cigarettes and cell phone.'”  The link led to the above photo and the caption, “Ummm Leonard Cohen!!!!!!!!!,” but there was no explanatory information other than “This photo was taken on May 22, 2010 using an Apple iPhone.”

My curiosity piqued, I contacted the owner of the Flickr account hosting the photo. On reviewing the responses to my questions, I decided to post her narrative along with the photo because

  1. Her story is interesting
  2. Fans might be interested in how Leonard Cohen was spending his time while recuperating from his tour-delaying back injury
  3. I figure folks headed to LA can always use a restaurant recommendation

The Making Of Ummm Leonard Cohen!!!!!!!!!

On a bright,clear,  sunshine-filled Saturday this past May, Amanda Kobritz, a Leonard Cohen fan, met with her friend, Darren Rademaker, member of the LA based  band The Tyde,  a huge (or, more precisely, a HUGE) Leonard Cohen fan, and, not incidentally, the photographer of today’s snapshot of the Canadian singer-songwriter,  for a late morning nosh at La Brea Bakery.

It turns out some dude dressed in a dark suit and fedora1 also had a hankering for a bite to eat at La Brea.  As Amanda notes,

We were just stunned and totally in awe.  I begged Darren to inconspicuously take my photo… and voila!  I looked like absolutely crap, but who cares, it’s Leonard Cohen!

DrHGuy:  Did you talk to him?

No, I was too shy to talk to him.  I just gawked at him and overheard other fans approach him and say, Oh this is my girlfriend, I took her to see you for the first time and it was magical… blah blah blah.

DrHGuy: Can you provide any details – e.g., what he was reading, what he was drinking/eating, … ?   And, is that a pack of cigarettes  beneath perhaps a notebook on his table?

I don’t recall what he was reading. But he was with a younger guy, a companion of some kind.  I was just so impressed with how regal he was: his posture, his swagger, his deep voice.  Lots of power in that man and he’s not very big in stature, but oh so big in presence.

And I know that his companion was smoking. I think that’s a phone.

I think he was drinking an Arnold Palmer.2  🙂 La Brea Bakery has the best and free refills too. 😉

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  1. Thank goodness for the fedora. Otherwise, we would be obligated to distinguish between Leonard Cohen and Horatio Caine (David Caruso), the CSI: Miami character also known to favor dark suits and shirts in blazing sunshine.

    OK, without the fedora, Caruso’s red hair might be a clue.  That,  and the fact that Cohen rarely carries a handgun. []

  2. A drink comprising half iced tea and half lemonade and named for golfer Arnold Palmer. (I am unsure if footnotes are properly positioned before or after smiley icons.) []