Las Vegas, Dec 11, 2010: Final Concert Of 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen Tour Video

“God bless us everyone”

Leonard Cohen closes final 2009-2010 Tour concert

It’s Closing Time – Video Montage

The 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour ended with concerts in Las Vegas on December 10 and 11, 2010. This video features images associated with those Las Vegas shows set to the music of “Closing Time” as performed at the final December 11, 2010 concert.

Credit Due Department: Photo atop this post by J.S. Carenza III. The opening music is from zenon5ish’s video recording of “Passing Through” being sung by audience members at the intermission of the final concert. The “Closing Time” music and video sequence is from albertnoonan’s recording of that song’s performance at the final show. While the sources of the images are too numerous to mention, it would be remiss not to mention that the majority of these photos were shot and shared by Maarten Massa.

Video: Leonard Cohen’s Animated Performance Of Everybody Knows – Adelaide 2010

Featuring a musical conversation between Leonard Cohen and Javier Mas

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Adelaide  Nov 18, 2010
Video by alanm5049

For Comparison – The 2008 Newfoundland Version

As indicated by the screenshots, much of the introduction of Everybody Knows has become an extended musical conversation between Leonard Cohen and Javier Mas. This observation about the evolution of the performance and the impending end of the World Tour led to the posting of the 2008 version of the same song for comparison and contrast.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
St. John’s: May 27, 2008
Video from colinyetman

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Leonard Cohen Gives $50,000 To Cambodian Pagoda After Cancellation Of 2010 Phom Penh Show

Leonard Cohen Donates $50,000 To Cambodian Pagoda For The Construction Of A School And Sports Courts

According to the  media release from The Mekong Sessions:

Leonard Cohen donates US$50,000 to Cambodian Pagoda for the construction of a school and sports courts.

Media Release: Phnom Penh, Wednesday 9 February 2011

Leonard Cohen donates US$50,000 to Cambodian Pagoda for the construction of a school and sports courts.

Leonard Cohen and his manager Robert Kory announced today their intention to donate US$50,000 to be used to support a Cambodian Buddhist Pagoda in provincial Cambodia. The substantial donation generously provided following the postponement of Cohen’s 2010 Phnom Penh is to be coordinated by the CNVLD and the Global Giving project.

The $50,000 donation will be utilized to benefit:

Prek Ksay Pagoda, Neak Leaung District, Svay Rieng Province including:

1. Construction of a state of the art environmentally friendly primary school to provide education for local children and monks which will be named after ‘Pich Om’ the Matriach of the Prek Ksay Pagoda, the CNVLD and of Phnom Penh-based band Krom;

2. The provision of educational material and equipment to the Prek Ksay Pagoda school;

3. Construction of a Sports court at Prek Ksay Pagoda for the establishment of a CNVLD disability sports program in Neak Leung in line with the CNVLD stated aim of achieving full localisation and a presence in every Cambodian province within 5 years;

4. The establishment of sister school relationships between the Prek Ksay Pagoda school and schools in Australia, Canada and the USA.

The Mekong Sessions and the CNVLD wishes to extend its deepest gratitude to Leonard Cohen and Robert Kory for their generous donation and their continued support for the aspirations of disadvantaged Cambodians.

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“The Legend Plays Lissadell” – 2010 Leonard Cohen Sligo Concert On Cover

lisadell…. and shares billing with Westlife.

The front page of the Sligo Weekender’s Lissadell Festival supplement promotes the July 31 and Aug 1, 2010 Leonard Cohen Sligo concerts. Originally posted October 8, 2010 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric