Chef Naz – Leonard Cohen’s Caribbean Connection In Fredericton, New Brunswick

“Leonard Cohen, most humble soul I’ve ever met.” Chef Naz of Caribbean Flavas – Fredericton

On May 11, 2008, Leonard Cohen inaugurated his 2008-2010 World Tour (although no one knew it would be a three year tour, let alone be followed by tours in 2012 and 2013 then) at The Playhouse in Fredericton, NB, a venue that seated about 700.

During that trip, he was so impressed with a local restaurant, Caribbean Flavas, that he signed up owner, Chef Naz, to join the Unified Heart Touring Company on the road. As Chef Naz recounts it:

“He’s like, ‘okay I like this lunch … what are you doing for the rest of the week?”

It turns out that Chef Naz, who has catered to a number of music industry stars, was impressed with Leonard Cohen as well:

“He would sit with us, with us! The working folks…And eat, chat, make jokes. I’ve never seen that before.”

The full story can be found at Leonard Cohen’s return to the stage started with a flavourful stop in Fredericton by Jeremy Keefe. Global News Canada: Nov 11, 2016.

“I came away from the Dylan show just glad to have seen a legend …. I came away from the Cohen show with a huge smile … chattering happily about how it was the best show we’ve ever seen.”

I came away from the Dylan show just glad to have seen a legend, but wondering if maybe he could have done more to win me over. That’s what a performer is. I came away from the Cohen show with a huge smile on my face, my wife and I chattering happily about how it was the best show we’ve ever seen.

Literary Pursuits: One For the Money, Two For the Show : posted May 27, 2008 by Gerard Collins at Literary Pursuits. This is a thoughtful, intelligent, careful, and respectful comparison of the 2008 Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen concerts in St. John’s that rings true. Just outstanding. Photo by Eugene McLaughlin.

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“[Leonard Cohen] was in fantastic form, his voice still golden gravel” – Chicago 2009

Both the caption, “[Leonard Cohen] was in fantastic form, his voice still golden gravel,” and the outstanding photo of the Chicago Theatre marquee announcing “An Evening With Leonard Cohen” on May 5, 2009 are the work of natesmobile. Originally posted Feb 11, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Photo: Leonard Cohen Biting – Oct 31 2009; Asheville, NC

Pictured above with Leonard is Michelle Grimaldi, Production Assistant on the 2009 tour. She writes:

Asheville, NC. We had a couple days off before the gig so we had a Halloween party! It was a great night. Great tour. Great friendship. Great memories. Gutted. Oct 31 2009

Thanks to Greta Bertella, who alerted me to this photo

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: The Magnificent Minneapolis Marquee 2009

The May 3, 2009 Leonard Cohen Concert At The Minneapolis Orpheum Theatre

Any ongoing reader who has been paying attention knows of my fondness for marquees. And this specimen on the Minneapolis Orpheum Theatre is beautiful; it’s unrepentantly gaudy, vertigo-inducing, and so outsized that the theatre’s primarily architectural function appears to be serving as a base for this spectacular signage.

This set of three pristine photos by vwvortexer (please do not repost without photographer’s permission) advertising the May 3, 2009 Leonard Cohen show is not only impressive in quality but also includes a rarely seen perspective of the entire theater facade in the third photo

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Leonard Cohen Beefcake Video: The Ladies’ Man Keeps His Hat On

Warning: Leonard Cohen Veneration At Dangerous Level

The 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour concerts have repeatedly been associated with acclamations of religious experiences, cosmic significance, and mystic ecstasy.  In short, Leonard Cohen has (deservedly) been immersed in respectful adoration and is now treated with a degree of genuine reverence unmatched by any living pop music artist.

Ongoing readers know what that means.

Yep, it’s once again time for Cohencentric to rescue Leonard Cohen from his self-inflicted veneration overdose.

The Ladies’ Man Video Project

Now, DrHGuy does not go for the cheap laugh at the expense of others — unless it’s really, really funny.

In any case, the intent of this video is not ridicule; rather, the  goal is furnishing a valid alternative to the current tsunami of hyper-reverence. After arduous and prolonged seconds of deliberation, the path became evident.  Consequently, Cohencentric offers – as an antidote to all those recent reviews and videos portraying Leonard Cohen as a musical deity – a video presentation of Leonard Cohen As A Hunk1 (DrHGuy has been advised by usually reliable sources that many women consider Mr Cohen somewhat attractive).

The Ladies’ Man Keeps His Hat On
Soundtrack: You Can Leave Your Hat On by Randy Newman, performed by Etta James
Video by Allan Showalter

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  1. Admittedly, this aspect of Leonard Cohen may hold disproportionate interest to the ladies.  But, that seems fair – one can’t very well be a Ladies’ Man without the participation of the ladies. []