March 2012 MOJO: Great Leonard Cohen Interview By Sylvie Simmons + Some Pretty Darn Good Art Via DrHGuy


A couple of days ago, when I received a copy of the March 2012 edition of MOJO in return for some assistance I was able to render for that issue’s Leonard Cohen feature, (see Exclusive 1st Look – Leonard Cohen MOJO Cover) the first item to which I turned was – well, the very first item I checked was whether I was mentioned in the credits (more, inevitably, about that later) – but the very next page I sought and located was the beginning of  Sylvie Simmons’ interview with Leonard Cohen. The article is not available online so I have excerpted the opening paragraph below. (Click on excerpt to enlarge)

The ensuing eight pages of text1 cover a multitude of points such as Leonard Cohen’s current day to day life, the 2008-2010 World Tour, songs that made it on the recently released Old Ideas album, songs  that didn’t,  and songs that are planned for next new album, Cohen’s grandchildren, Cassius and Viva, his recording studio that is atop what once was his garage, Roshi, the music Cohen heard his parents sing during his childhood, the issues involved with growing old, and much more, including fudgesicles and the identity of the secret ingredient in Cohen’s homemade salad dressing.2

Anyone with even a passing interest in Leonard Cohen or, for that matter, in pop music journalism will be enriched by reading “Bringing It All Back Home” by Sylvie Simmons, whose biography of the Canadian singer-songwriter is due to be published this fall.

The Art

And the art in the Leonard Cohen ain’t bad.  The following is part of a page from the interview (click on image to enlarge) containing six images, each of which was suggested by me and each of which first appeared on the Heck Of A Guy or the DrHGuy sites. One of them, “End Of The Word Tour” graphic, is an original DrHGuy construction.3

And  those chaps at MOJO were as good as their word, crediting my efforts, albeit in an appropriately inconspicuous manner. The print encased in red below is shown enlarged in the following image.

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  1. It’s actually “eight pages more or less”, depending upon one’s criteria for a page of text []
  2. Still, there are inexplicable lacunae in this Cohen salmagundi Ms Simmons presents to us. Somehow, for example, a report of the long discussion I am certain they had about me is absent. []
  3. Yes, I am pretty pleased with my own contribution – you gotta problem with that? []

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 2008 London O2 Arena Concert Billboard

Prior to the 2008 Leonard Cohen concerts at  the London O2 Arena, the billboard outside the O2 dome advertised the show. The legend reads

13 November 2008
Tickets on sale now at the box office

This photo was shot and shared by dorsetbays. Originally posted February 24, 2011 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Video: 45 Seconds Of 2008 Leonard Cohen Soundcheck Fun

A Leonard Cohen Teaser

This brief video shows Leonard Cohen and his musicians rehearsing “Ain’t No Cure For Love” on a sweltering July day in 2008. The location and exact date are not given, but based on the month and year provided (July 2008) and that stage platform with the white markings, I suspect this rehearsal took place before the July 1, 2008 Leonard Cohen concert in Oslo.

Seeing Leonard and company in civilian clothes, The Webb Sisters & Sharon Robinson moving to the music, and Leonard rehearsing kneeling before Javier Mas is a treat.

Note: The first 27 seconds of the video is a 2007 Lou Reed soundcheck. The video player should automatically begin 27 seconds into the film with Leonard Cohen rehearsing; if not, simply advance the video to that mark or enjoy Lou Reed.

Video by monod erika

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