Video: Leonard Cohen’s Delightful Performance Of “I’m Your Man” – San Jose 2009

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
San Jose: Nov 13, 2009
Video from arlenedick15

While the visual elements of this video are suboptimal because of the angle, this is an outstanding Leonard Cohen performance of one of his standards, and the audience’s reactions alone would justify a viewing as would Roscoe Beck’s echoing Cohen’s “Please” with his perfectly elongated and inflected “Puleeeze.”

It’s a treat.

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“You make me forget so very much” Leonard Cohen’s WTF Version Of So Long, Marianne – Wiesbaden 2010

Roscoe Beck To The Rescue – Reminds Leonard Cohen Of Leonard Cohen’s lyrics

From The Leonard Cohen Blooper Reel: One line into “So Long, Marianne,” Leonard Cohen blanks on the lyrics, uttering the classic “What the … .” He turns to Roscoe Beck (on bass) who whispers the words to him, but Cohen still doesn’t go on. With a smile on his face, he walks back to Beck, who sings the first lines to him. Cohen opts to omit the first verse, going directly into the chorus with the audience joyously joining in. He and the crowd seem equally taken by the words of the next verse:

Well you know that I love to live with you,
but you make me forget so very much.
I forget to pray for the angels
and then the angels forget to pray for us. [emphasis mine]

Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne
Wiesbaden: Sept 3, 2010

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