Victorious In Victoria – Leonard Cohen’s 2010 Triumphant Return To Canada

Some Events Apparently Are A Victory March

Leonard Cohen opened the final North American leg of his World Tour in Victoria last night (Nov 30, 2010). It was – yawn – another five star performance. Documentation of that rating and other impressions of  the concert can be found in the local paper of record, the Victoria Times Colonist, under the rather lengthy but informative title, Leonard Cohen performed for Victoria Tuesday night at Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre. Reviewer Mike Devlin gave the show five stars (out of five) [Update: Title has since been changed to the more concise “Full Leonard Cohen review: He sings to serve”]. The first lines are representative:

Where does it come from? Where does Leonard Cohen get his vigor, stamina, discipline and élan vital? Leonard Cohen literally bounded on stage Tuesday night, looking for more agile — and sounding considerably younger — than your average 76-year-old.

He would prove to be to be even more impressive, in all manner of areas, as the night progressed. Over the course of his truly awe-inspiring three-hour concert, Cohen could do no wrong. In any way, shape or form.

He was met with a standing ovation after stepping on stage at the Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre, which he readily accepted. Forget that the gesture has probably been expressed at nearly every one of his 240 comeback concerts during the past two-and-a-half years. Cohen was genuinely gracious in accepting such a gift.

“Looking … agile,” “sounding considerably younger,” “impressive,” “awe-inspiring,” … you’ve heard it all before.

Early reports from fans are even more rapturous. No videos have yet surfaced – which leads to a brief commentary about video recordings taken by audience members.

Update: Videos from the Victoria show did turn up later:

YouTube Video Is The Leonard Cohen World Tour’s Friend – And Maybe Its BFF

While videotaping  performances such as Leonard Cohen concerts from the audience has been criticized as distracting to others attending the show and the final products damned as inferior in quality as well as potential violations of copyright, one can make an impressive case that, aside from being present for the concert itself, nothing that rivals the excitement and gratification of viewing a competently recorded video within hours of  the live performance, which may have taken place thousands of miles away from the viewer.1

In fact, many of those who have attended a Leonard Cohen concert admit to eagerly logging  in the next morning in hopes of again watching a performance they saw live the night before.

Further, I would contend that, lacking a hyper-detailed first hand account, there is little to rival a video’s capacity to individualize a performance. The eight still photos from the Victoria Times Colonist article [Update: Only two photos now remain], for example are of professional quality, well framed, well lit, distortion free, … and, unless one has an encyclopedic knowledge of stage curtains and overhead lights, indistinguishable from photos of Cohen’s performances in Moscow, Chicago, and 90% of the Tour’s other indoor venues.

One can, indeed, make the argument that nothing, other than the shift in the economics of the music system, has had more impact on pop concerts than widely and easily accessible videos of the shows.

Credit Due Department: Photos by J.S. Carenza III.

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  1. One headline format that reliably draws large numbers of viewers to this site is “First Video From ____ Leonard Cohen Concert Now Online.” []

Video: Best Of 2010 Leonard Cohen Tour – The “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Performance Of I’m Your Man At Hanging Rock

Leonard Cohen’s 2010 Hanging Rock show was both one of the great but overlooked Cohen concerts and a contender for the Leonard Cohen Performance With The Most Adverse Environment.

This rendition of “I’m Your Man” features the Webb Sisters bundled up against the cold to the point of nonrecognition (Sharon Robinson was absent because of illness) and an animated Leonard Cohen, who appears to be pounding down a few loose boards on the stage with his feet.

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
Hanging Rock (Victoria, Australia): Nov 20, 2010
Video from brendanobrien69

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Video: Hear Sydney Salute Leonard Cohen & Leonard Cohen Sing So Long, Marianne – 2010

Leonard Cohen Uses Break In Applause By Sydney Audience To Sing So Long, Marianne

The sequence of events in this video follows:

  • Sydney audience applauds following end of a song
  • Cohen & company take their bows
  • Sydney audience continues to applaud
  • Cohen et al depart stage
  • Sydney audience continues to applaud
  • Leonard Cohen and his musicians are off stage for a bit, perhaps to enjoy a light snack or email the folks back home
  • Sydney audience continues to applaud
  • Cohen and crew reappear on stage
  • Sydney audience continues to applaud

Oh, and then Leonard Cohen and the Unified Heart Touring Company perform “So Long, Marianne.”

Then, the crowd applauds.

Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne
Sydney: Nov 8, 2010
Video from mcgettrick26

Credit Due Department: The photo atop this post  is by J.S. Carenza III

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First We Take Manhattan, Then We Go Vegas – The 2009 Leonard Cohen Girls! Girls! Girls! Las Vegas Revue


Leonard Cohen World Tour – Playing The Odds In Las Vegas

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed

From “Everybody Knows”
By Leonard Cohen1

A mid-level manager at a regional advertising agency, whose child has now been returned to him safe and sound, has revealed the special marketing campaign submitted for the 2009 Leonard Cohen Las Vegas concert.

Webb Sisters Sublime In Latex

The theme, touted in the marketing memos as “classic, classy cabaret,” is apparent in the alterations made in the portion of the show featuring “The Sublime Webb Sisters” – who will be presented at the Las Vegas gig as “The Sublime Webb Mistresses.” The tentative script for Leonard’s introduction of them begins, “Confuse them with the Sisters Of Mercy at your own risk … ”

Their customized for Vegas version of “If It Be Your Will” – renamed for the occasion “That’s ‘If It Be Our Will,’ Biatch” – will be the first performance of that song to feature handcuffs, a variety of leather implements, battery cables, and a volunteer from the audience.2

Leonard Cohen Las Vegas Concert TV Ad

Even more thematically indicative, however, is this rough cut of the TV ad being produced to promote the World Tour Las Vegas concert.

Leonard Cohen – Las Vegas Concert Ad


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  1. The most Las-Vegasy of Leonard Cohen’s songs []
  2. Hattie’s harp is apparently still part of the act but, according to a stagehand who has witnessed one of the secret rehearsals, “It isn’t the harp getting plucked, if you know what I mean.” []

Video: Around The Leonard Cohen World Tour In 60 Seconds

Time For Leonard Cohen

Even the casual Leonard Cohen fan1 is aware that the Canadian poet-novelist-singer-songwriter-icon is an incredibly effective but not a fast-paced entertainer. He sings long sets of long songs.

That creates a problem for those who wish to relive the glories of the 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour: who has the time to indulge in a retrospective of a three year accumulation of four-hour concerts?

As readers know, DrHGuy is no Lenny-come-lately to this battle against time. His PowerPoint versions of First We Take Manhattan and Take This Waltz, for example, cut the time needed to experience either song from over six minutes to less than two minutes.

Now, Cohencentric Studios has crunched the entire 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour, including the triggering events, into one 60-second video. a presentation even the busiest CEO, the most harassed flunky, the most put-upon house spouse, and the ADHD-est youngster can enjoy and appreciate.

The Ne Plus Ultra Condensed 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour Video

As one might expect, given the reformatting of the fundamental elements of time and space necessary in creating this piece, viewing this video is not without its risks. Those with a history of heavy hallucinogen use or anyone who spent more than 30 consecutive days in San Francisco during the 1960s may experience flashbacks. Those vulnerable to vertigo or motion-induced nausea should contact their physicians before viewing the presentation and may find a prophylactic dose of Dramamine helpful.

Further, rigorous focus is required. Blinking is discouraged. Be alert.

Around The Leonard Cohen World Tour In 60 Seconds

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  1. The “casual Leonard Cohen fan” is, of course, a hypothetical if not totally fictional figure, not unlike the unicorn, which perhaps could exist but has yet to be verifiably sighted. In practice, those who admire Leonard Cohen can be divided into two groups, the hard core Cohenites and the ABTKA (All But The Kool-Aid) Cohen fans. (And, yes, I know Leonard doesn’t like to call his followers “fans,” but he doesn’t have to post on a blog every day, does he? If I only had to write a handful of songs every decade or so, I could avoid using the word “fans” too.) []