Photo: Leonard Cohen’s Home In Montreal

lc-house-montreal-scaled1000This impressively clear and detailed photo of Leonard Cohen’s home in Montreal (click on image to enlarge) was taken by and posted with the permission of Lilian Graziani.

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14 Photos Of Leonard Cohen’s Montreal Neighborhoods + His Guitar Carrier

The above photographs and captions (with some adaptations) by Ros Pan, shown below with the guy who totes Leonard Cohen’s guitar (this photo taken by Mike Scoble).

The best articles about Leonard Cohen’s Montreal homes and haunts as well as videos and a list of pertinent landmarks can be found at Resources: Leonard Cohen’s Montreal.


Note: Originally posted January 4, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard (& Adam) Cohen And The Bagel – Montreal

Leonard Cohen was and always will be a great friend of the Bagel, but unfortunately Leonard doesn’t hang out in Montreal anymore. When he was here, you’d always find Leonard sitting at the bar having his allongé. The nicest, sweetest guy, and again, part of the family. He never wanted to talk about himself. He would want to talk about you: ‘How are you my friend?’ Adam [Cohen, Leonard’s son] also comes in when he’s in town, with his band. He hangs out, is very quiet, but if you ask him for a little favour, an autograph, he’s always happy to oblige as Leonard is 

[What does Leonard Cohen get for breakfast?] Leonard is a very simple man. A couple of eggs, some bacon, a bagel, an allongé. But usually just his coffee, a couple of coffees he likes. Very sweet man, very cool. We don’t make a big, deal, he doesn’t make a big deal. Again, it’s a variety of people who come in here.. quotedown2

Bagel Etc in Montreal, Saturday at 11:30 a.m. by Heather Vandenengel (Montreal Eater: Feb 17, 2016)

Leonard Cohen Online Directory Adds Travel Section: Leonard Cohen’s Montreal, Hydra, & L.A.-Mt Baldy

la-montreal-hydra900Leonard Cohen has lived for significant periods in his hometown of Montreal, the Greek island of Hydra, and Los Angeles (and the Zen monastery on nearby Mount Baldy). Because of the interest in these places, the Leonard Cohen Online Directory has now added sections featuring descriptions, photos, and maps of these areas:


  1. Currently limited to Mt Baldy Zen Center []