“Isn’t that wonderful when all the pieces fit?” Leonard Cohen Talks About The Impact Of Songs That Resonate

It’s just how they [songs] resonate. You know they resonate with a truth that is hard to locate but which is operating with some force in your life. I often feel that about a Dylan song or a song even with Edith Piaf…the words are going too fast for me to really understand them in French but you feel that they are talking about something that is true, that you can’t locate by yourself and someone has located it for you and you just feel like you’ve put in the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle for that moment. That a moment has been clarified. The moment that you’re in at the moment that you’re listening to it. Yeah, the pieces fit…Isn’t that wonderful when all the pieces fit?quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen’s response to the comment by Lian Lunson, director of the I’m Your Man documentary (2005), that The Traitor was one of her favorite songs but “I can’t get my hands around what it’s about.” From Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen: Interviews and Encounters by Jeff Burger, (Chicago Review Press, Apr 1, 2014). Photo by Dominique BOILE.

2016 Skopje City Cinema Film Festival To Feature Lian Lunson’s Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man Documentary


Nenad Georgievski, the Artistic Director of the Skopje City Cinema Film Festival to be held Oct 1-4, 2016 in Skopje, Macedonia alerts us that the second iteration of the Festival will open with a review / tribute to Leonard Cohen and Lian Lunson’s documentary “Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man.”

From Второто издание на Скопје Синема Сити via Google Translate:

Skopje City Cinema is a film festival for music documentaries founded in 2014. It is a multimedia platform that unites all the theme music – from documentaries, exhibitions, to the promotion of books and lectures.

This year the festival is organized in collaboration with the Cinematheque of Macedonia. During the 4 days of the festival, guests will be present at numerous music films from different genres and productions … The festival is also collaborating with the BBC will show a number of films from their production. The program will find and movies from domestic production.

Watch The Leonard Cohen Documentary “I’m Your Man” – Complete, Free, & Online


“I’m Your Man” Is Back Online

The 2006 Leonard Cohen documentary, “I’m Your Man,” by Lian Lunson (for information about the film, see Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man – The Joys and Frustrations Of A Tribute Concert-Documentary) has been intermittently available online.  I’ve discovered that Hulu currently offers the film.

The Bad News:  The movie is interrupted by commercials. The frequency and length  of the commercials seem reasonable to me, and seem a  but commercials are the price one pays for this version of the documentary.

Update: In the “Bad News” category, this video is blocked in some countries (e.g., Belgium & France)

The Good News: The presentation by Hulu is high quality,1 even when the picture is expanded to the full screen view.2


  1. The quality of ones internet connection directly impacts the quality of the video []
  2. Expand the size of the viewing area by clicking on the double-headed arrow at the lower right of the screen. []