Leonard Cohen responds to “You wrote once that a man never gets over the first sight of a naked woman”

I think that’s true, and certainly western art confirms that. And I love doing nudes also, drawings, and I marvel at the insistence of that mechanism that is placed in us, because it never disappears, and one is always shocked, stunned, surprised, delighted by that apparition of “the other”, especially at the height of her reproductive capacities, that youth, that promise, that vitality – that is the great sustaining energy in the human situation. So no, we’re designed not to grow tired. We don’t get a chance to see it that often as we get older, but when we do – and of course the culture completely understands that, so it’s continually presenting us with pictures, whether they actually occur in the flesh in our lives it’s really not important anymore, because there’s so many opportunities to see beauty, to see beautiful people. They’re on the screen, they’re on the billboards, they’re everywhere, and that – I don’t see that as some sort of indication of the degeneration of our civilisation, I see it as the affirmation of that mechanism that is in all of us.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

From Stina Lundberg’s 2001 interview with Leonard Cohen