Noteworthy Photos: 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca Concert

These compelling shots were taken at the July 9, 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca concert by Ciarán Dorr. Worthy of special note are the photos of

  • Leonard Cohen on guitar (atop this post). Most recent concert photos of Cohen on guitar suffer from the severe stage lighting; this one is impeccable.
  • Hattie Webb’s visage captured with unusual delicacy
  • Neil Larsen in action on accordion
  • Backup singers Charley & Hattie Webb and Sharon Robinson (final photo) looking like the confident, competent women they are

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Fascinating Photos: Sept 2, 2012 Leonard Cohen Helsinki Concert

These shots from the September 2, 2012 Leonard Cohen Helsinki Show are striking not only because of their superior technical qualities and their compositional aesthetics but also because they capture meaningful moments of the performance that are often missed in the press coverage of these concerts.

These photos are the work of Aarno Sundgren, Finland (fi.), who has more photos of Leonard Cohen and others on display at that link.

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Photos Of The Extraordinary 2013 Leonard Cohen Paris Concert

Photos of the “fin, élégant, racé, notre légende vivante, Leonard Cohen” by eMmA the collagist

These photos of the June 18, 2013 Leonard Cohen Paris concert capture the excitement and sheer joyfulness of attending an outstanding set of performances by the Canadian singer-songwriter – or a eMmA describes him, “fin, élégant, racé, notre légende vivante, Leonard Cohen” [Google Translate: “fine, elegant, racy, our living legend, Leonard Cohen”]. These images were originally posted as part of  Leonard Cohen, 18 juin 2013 P.O.P. B, Amen! on June 18,2013  at Les Collages d’eMmA. The accompanying text is a delightful read, even in the awkward machine translation.

Worthy of special mention are the shots of a couple in the audience dancing, the usually invisible Neil Larsen, and a smiling Leonard Cohen waving at the crowd as he leaves the stage.

DrHGuy extends a special thanks from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to eMmA the collagist in Paris for taking these photos and graciously allowing them to be posted here.

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“Just Drink It Up” Leonard Cohen Performs The Darkness – Hanging Rock 2010

Featuring Bob Metzger On Guitar, Dino Soldo On Sax, & Neil Larsen On Organ

Leonard Cohen – The Darkness
Hanging Rock (Victoria, Australia): Nov 20, 2010
Video by brendanobrien69

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2012 Leonard Cohen Lisbon Concert Photos – Neil Larsen’s Accordion Hands Close-up, Alex Bublitchi’s Tie Inspection, & More

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of shots showing Leonard Cohen in concert standing erect, kneeling, crouching, etc. And, it’s easy to find images of classic scenes – e.g., Javier Mas performing his dramatic solo at the beginning of “Who By Fire” or Sharon Robinson powerfully singing “Alexandra Leaving.” But only on Cohencentric can one count on finding these and other popular photos alongside such rarely published but endearing images as a closeup of Neil Larsen’s hands playing the accordion on “The Partisan,” Alex Bublitchi, the intense violinist, who appears to be either carefully examining his necktie or performing the magic pencil illusion with his bow, and some wonderful looks at Roscoe Beck and Mitch Watkins in action. All of these photos, both the conventional and wonderfully idiosyncratic poses, were taken by Martine Nevens.

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Photo: Confirmed Sighting Of Neil Larsen & His Keyboards At 2012 Leonard Cohen Madrid Concert

OK, there are a few other folks in this photo (click on image to enlarge) as well as Neil Larsen. And, rumor has it that Neil Larsen has performed at every Leonard Cohen concert since the 2008 Tour. Still, an unobstructed view of  him at work surrounded by his keyboards, such as in the photo of  the Oct 5, 2012 Madrid show displayed above, is a noteworthy rarity, as can be inferred from the titles of the two Cohencentric posts offering an overview of his career, Neil Larsen – The Impeccable & Nearly Invisible Leonard Cohen World Tour Keyboardist, Part 1 and Neil Larsen, BC (Before Cohen), Part 2.

The high quality photo, which would have been blog-worthy even had Neil been camouflaged into obscurity as usual and is stellar with him in the picture, is by Sergio Perea at Sergio Perea Photography. Originally posted Apr 26, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Video: Leonard Cohen’s Moving Performance Of Bird On The Wire – Amsterdam 2012

Featuring Mitch Watkins & Neil Larsen

I have tried in my way to be free

Leonard Cohen – Bird On The Wire
Amsterdam: Aug 22, 2012
Video by

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