Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 2013 Tour Promotional Video Features Old Ideas – And Old Footage


The Recycled Old Ideas Tour Video Ad

This 16 second video from AEGLive promotes the 2013 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas Tour using clips from concerts that took place during the 2008-2012 Tour, when Dino Soldo and Bob Metzger last appeared in the band (see circled figures in screenshot below).


Equally awkward is the final scene (see screenshot below) advising viewers that the Old Ideas album is “Available Now,” a term connoting the recent availability of a given item or service. While the Old Ideas album is indeed “available now,” it would have been equally accurate to note that it has been “available for over a year now.”


The 2013 Tour promotional video, in fact, differs little from the 2012 Tour video other than updates such “Spring 2013” replacing “Fall 2012.”

The misapplication of “Available Now” and the anachronistic appearance of Dino Soldo and Bob Metzger thus seem the result of casual production, and long-term Cohen fans could be forgiven if they are concerned lest this signal a return to the benign neglect marketing mode historically employed by Leonard Cohen’s record label until the more aggressive campaign that accompanied the release of Old Ideas in 2012. (See Leonard Cohen In Our Hearts – Old Ideas On The Charts)

Leonard Cohen 2013 Old Ideas Tour Promotional Video

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March 2012 MOJO: Great Leonard Cohen Interview By Sylvie Simmons + Some Pretty Darn Good Art Via DrHGuy


A couple of days ago, when I received a copy of the March 2012 edition of MOJO in return for some assistance I was able to render for that issue’s Leonard Cohen feature, (see Exclusive 1st Look – Leonard Cohen MOJO Cover) the first item to which I turned was – well, the very first item I checked was whether I was mentioned in the credits (more, inevitably, about that later) – but the very next page I sought and located was the beginning of  Sylvie Simmons’ interview with Leonard Cohen. The article is not available online so I have excerpted the opening paragraph below. (Click on excerpt to enlarge)

The ensuing eight pages of text1 cover a multitude of points such as Leonard Cohen’s current day to day life, the 2008-2010 World Tour, songs that made it on the recently released Old Ideas album, songs  that didn’t,  and songs that are planned for next new album, Cohen’s grandchildren, Cassius and Viva, his recording studio that is atop what once was his garage, Roshi, the music Cohen heard his parents sing during his childhood, the issues involved with growing old, and much more, including fudgesicles and the identity of the secret ingredient in Cohen’s homemade salad dressing.2

Anyone with even a passing interest in Leonard Cohen or, for that matter, in pop music journalism will be enriched by reading “Bringing It All Back Home” by Sylvie Simmons, whose biography of the Canadian singer-songwriter is due to be published this fall.

The Art

And the art in the Leonard Cohen ain’t bad.  The following is part of a page from the interview (click on image to enlarge) containing six images, each of which was suggested by me and each of which first appeared on the Heck Of A Guy or the DrHGuy sites. One of them, “End Of The Word Tour” graphic, is an original DrHGuy construction.3

And  those chaps at MOJO were as good as their word, crediting my efforts, albeit in an appropriately inconspicuous manner. The print encased in red below is shown enlarged in the following image.

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  1. It’s actually “eight pages more or less”, depending upon one’s criteria for a page of text []
  2. Still, there are inexplicable lacunae in this Cohen salmagundi Ms Simmons presents to us. Somehow, for example, a report of the long discussion I am certain they had about me is absent. []
  3. Yes, I am pretty pleased with my own contribution – you gotta problem with that? []

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Old Ideas Album & 2012 Ghent Concerts Street Posters

When Dominique BOILE wasn’t attending the Leonard Cohen show with his wife Annie (those tickets at the bottom of this post belong to the Boiles) or photographing Sharon Robinson or the Webb Sisters in Ghent, he was taking these shots of concert & album posters on the streets of that city. (I may have mentioned that I am taken with the look of posters actually displayed as posters on the street rather than graphics on a web site.)

En route to the venue

A Storefront on Nederkouter Street

And just to show Leonard plays well with others

2012 Ghent Concert Tickets

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“I won’t say anything about my relation to the stage and the audience. I never talk publicly about my intimate relationships.” Elegant Photos & Words From 2012 Paris Leonard Cohen Old Ideas Press Conference

Leonard Cohen Presents

The perpetually dapper and debonair Leonard Cohen was in his element at the Jan 16, 2012 Old Ideas press conference held at the elite, elegant Hôtel de Crillon in Paris.

Cohen’s responses to the queries at the press conference were, as one would expect, predominantly based on his classical forms.

He opened, for example, with a reflex genuflection to the country of the venue (for the record, Leonard Cohen has also presented his credentials for a special relationship with Canada, Ireland,  Spain, and several other countries.). Asked if he had a special relationship with France, Cohen responded

I always believed that the tradition in which I speak, the song was particularly well understood here in France.1

Similarly, he again attributed the remission of his many years of depression to the notion that with old age, one loses a certain kind of brain cells responsible for causing anxiety,  he once more  explained the difference between clinical depression and ordinary disappointment, and revealed, for the 30th time, his passion for flamenco.

Dominique Issermann

There was, however, a bit of new material.

The album is called Old Ideas. These are just eternal themes that I have always been treated and that affect us all. Ordinary, everyday questions, nothing more.2

Probably the most significant new expression from the press conference has to do with the inclusion of blues songs on the album:

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  1. Nouvel album de Leonard Cohen: un très bon cru by Olivier Nuc. Le Figaro. Jan 17, 2012 []
  2. Les bonnes vieilles idées de Leonard Cohen by Hugo Cassavetti (Telerama: Jan 16, 2012) via Google Translate. []

Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas Hits “Best Album Of 2012” Lists

First, Old Ideas Hits the Charts

Leonard Cohen found himself in unfamiliar territory when his Old Ideas album quickly and decisively garnered high rankings on the sales charts in countries around the world.1 The chart below, for example, show the Feb 2, 2012 iTunes Store Top 10 albums by country.

iTunes Top Albums By Country – Feb 2, 2012

Now, Old Ideas Hits The Best Of 2012 Lists

Now it’s the time of year when music journals and other institutions announce their choices for the best album of the year.  Here’s how Old Ideas is doing so far.

Old Ideas By Leonard Cohen – Uncut’s Album of the Year 2012

Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas Is #5 On Spinner’s 50 Best Albums Of 2012

Posted Dec 7, 2012 at Spinner’s 50 Best Albums Of 2012. Spinner had also listed Old Ideas in its July 9, 2012 post, The Best Albums of 2012 So Far — And How to Enjoy Them!:

Leonard Cohen, Old Ideas: The 77-year-old legend’s voice has deepened so richly over the years that it would be a pity not to listen to this album by sipping a finely aged scotch and contemplating life.

Spinner’s Top 5 Albums for 2012 follow:

1. Fiona Apple, The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
2. Frank Ocean, Channel Orange
3. Japandroids, Celebration Rock
4. Kendrick Lamar, good kid, m.A.A. d city
5. Leonard Cohen, Old Ideas

Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas Is #4 On American Songwriter’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012

From American Songwriter’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012 (American Songwriter December 4th, 2012):

4. Leonard Cohen: Old Ideas

The album title is Leonard Cohen’s little joke, implying that his latest album will have more of the same explorations of love, sex, faith, death, and all the other weighty topics he has assayed over his long recording career. Old Ideas is far from derivative of past glories though. Cohen’s self-deprecating humor perfectly balances out the philosophical stuff. Take “Going Home,” in which the singer imagines himself as God and describes his servant Leonard as “a lazy bastard living in a suit.” As usual, the instrumentation is pretty spare, allowing Cohen’s fathoms-deep voice to take center stage. That instrument is still surprisingly potent, especially when it shows its vulnerability on the questing “Show Me The Place.” Leonard may feel that God has a harsh opinion of him, but we mortals can’t help but be swayed by these Old Ideas.

Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas #4 On MOJO’s Best LPs of 2012

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  1. See Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas Hits The Charts – And Why That Matters (Maybe) []

“I think this particular record invites one to be swept along with it, even if you happen to have written it yourself.” Leonard Cohen Old Ideas Album Released Jan 31, 2012

The Old Ideas album was released Jan 31, 2012, more than seven years after Leonard Cohen’s previous studio album. It was enthusiastically received by critics (see Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas Hits “Best Album Of 2012” Lists) and by music lovers, whose purchases made Old Ideas #1 on the charts across the world (see Leonard Cohen’s Old Ideas Hits The Charts – And Why That Matters (Maybe))

Old Ideas Billboard – Times Square NYC

Leonard Cohen – Show Me The Place

The first Old Ideas track pre-released was Show Me The Place.

Titular quote is from The Wisdom Of Leonard Cohen by Kevin Perry. GQ: Jan 19, 2012. Billboard photo by Kezban Özcan. Originally posted Aug 7, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric